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PD: SM and YS rematch. [SM and YS who are tied for last place after just catching one, has a rematch.]
SM: Then would i have to lower my hands like this too?
PD: It doesn't matter if it's above your head or down; You'll just have to catch them. [Will approve ones just caught!]
JH: we'll start now! [YS attempts with bare hands]
[Got hit by the waterballoon directly]
[Oh~ saves one!]
[doing angry kicks for no reason]
[YS got hit in important place many times]
DM: It exploded together! [Momentairly help his body and retries]
[Looks like skills of a person who played peegoo back in the days] (Note: peegoo is korean styled dodgeball)
[YS: caught 1] JH: Total of four. (note: they seemed to have 2nd round of rematch b/c the clips are cut here. YS caught 2 in first reround match and 1 in 2nd reround match)
[Last attempt to finalize who is round 3's dropout]
[Caught 1 easily]
[Catch one more and YS is dropped out!]
[Sungmin caught 2!] JH: It's over~! (x2) Game over! (x2)
[His movements become arrogant again]
[Sungmin win!]
JH: i said it's game over!
[Picks up the balloon on the ground and...]
[Tries to get revenge on the staffs]
[The staffs caught it too easily]
[The revenge balloon flew back to JH]
[Why kick it and then freak out about the pain?]
DM: people going up to round 4 has been decided
JH: Round 4 contestants, let's do a fighting! [Survivors do a fighting]
JH: would you please GTFO of here? (Note: GTFO - get the fuck out)
[Dropout's humiliating exit]
[JH, DH, DM, SM - move up to round 4!]
DM: now we're at round 4. We are at the dreamed for round four! Coming to just round 4 is the honor to the family.
SM: Round 4...
JH: please explain the rules
DM: this round is very simple. In this locked up space, you have to be the quickest... quickest at releasing gas three times.
DH: how can a human fart whenver they feel like it...?
Narrator: Contaminate the locked up room with smell of fart!
[Round 4: farting. The first two to use the provided food, yoga instructions, etc to fart three times in the locked up room moves up]
Narrator: ultimately, who will be the unbelievable outing's farting king?
DM: how it works is that our dropout, yesung, would have to approve the fart
JH: it's a plant that lives off of farts. It's depressed right now because of lack of fart.
DM: but we have to smell the fart and die or whatever? Look. If anyone sees this, people would think we are at military training.
PD: sit please. You have to hurry up and fart.
JH: i am known for my farts. I'm noticed within the gagmen society.
YS: sungmin is also SJ's farter. And for donghae, he is the ultimate farter in SJ
[Donghae who looks like he'll never fart ...]
YS: he always sings "the orchird road outside donggu~" before farting
JH: ah a warning DM: A warning.
[When SJ members hear donghae's fart warning song, they all tense up]
SM: so his nickname was donggu. (Note: Dong- Donghae. Gu- Fart (Banggu))
DM: really?
[Donghae banggu]
[foods that makes fart come out easier]
JH: what i think is the egg.
SM: i think the sweet potato.
JH: look. positions that helps you fart.
[everyone focus to positions that help you fart]
[kind staffs]
[sick person position?]
DM: cat cat
JH: it's hemorrhoid patient position
[Tries the positions that helps to fart]
DH: this position is comfortable for me too
JH: you always fart in such cool position?
[Gradually, DM is getting signal (for fart)]
[It'd be good if atleast one fart came out]
[Fart signal is not coming to anyone]
[20 minutes passed (since start of game)]
JH: we're filming this for three days.
[The body owner is dissapointed at the fart who doesnt understand the owner's mind]
SM: i think it's not coming out becasue we're thinking a lot about it.
JH: yes yes
[fart that comes out very well normally refuses to come out when they need it to]
[30 minutes passed (since start of game)]
[then at this moment, Junho...]
[Junho recieved the (fart) signal]
[pook!] (sound of fart)
[(fart that) fits the farting king title]
JH: it came out
JH: how's the fart?
[what's the sound of junho's fart that came out in 30minutes?]
[Win- strong desire for winning?]
[Junho 1 shot success!]
[And follows is JH's bragging about his fart.]
JH: if you replay, you'll hear "pongg~ poong~". I had a finish.
YS: it smelled bad
[JH's philosophy- endings are important in farting]
JH: a man's fart! 'Brrru bong~!'
[Purrrrur pong~!]
DM: yesterday, i slept at JH's house. At around 4 o'clock in the morning, we were sleeping on the same bed and we went, 'peeeeek'
[JH and DM slept together in the same bed yesterday night]
DM: like we were sleeping next to each other and i felt him like tense up and so i said 'what are you doing?' and JH went 'Peeeek~'
DM: because he's old, he doesnt have the strength to fart loudly.
JH: in my 10's, i went "pak!" and 35 yrs old now, farts 'peek~'
[45 minutes passed]
[Then DM...]
[DM suddenly got the signal]
[farts loudly]
[and doesnt stop here]
[puts his butt near YS's face]
[The pain from the smell comes late]
[His nose almost rottened]
JH: a plant came to life!
[ The plant recovered energy with just one strong fart]
[Embarrased Embarrased]
[The poisonous gas starts to spread gradually]
[The fart calls for prackchi]
[warnings against approaching DM has been issued]
YS: because the fart's sound was small, i judge that it's an old fart
YS: i was not paying attention, and i breathed in once and.. It smells realllyy bad and i felt like i ate it.