Christmas crafts: How to make an advent calendar

Uploaded by Tescolifestyle on 06.11.2012


Hello I'm Alison Cork and i'm going to show you how to make a really fun
and unusual advent calendar, made out of a popcorn pot.
Here is a piece of wrapping paper which i'm
securing around the pot, then just trim off the excess. Then fold it over the top. Then
we are ready to put the number on. I've cut a number out of a piece of card and will use
it as a template for the felt. Glue the fabric onto the pot.
Now we are going to fill it with the advent treat, fill it with whatever you want to put
into it. For a more glamorous effect you can use gold tissue instead.
Then it is ready to hang up. You just need
a bit of cord and a wooden clothes peg. And there it is!