Jennifer Lawrence El Hormiguero Show April 20 2012 Part 5 English Subbed

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Pablo: We don't know!
And here comes an amazing man
he is...the Man in Black!
Ant: Man in Black's teletext works correctly
Ant 2: The Man in Black can talk to Leticia Sabater (Spanish actress) looking at both eyes at the same time
Pablo: Well, we wanted to pay homage to the movie
Man in Black: Yes. I brought some art to pay homage to your character
because her character has a symbol which is the fire
we're going to do something with that but first I want to make a demonstration
Ant: Men in Black's mayonnaise doesn't fail to emulsify even though he's in his period!
Pablo: put this on
Ant 2: The Man in Black ate his son's placenta before he was born!
Ant: Man in Black knows Krabby Patty secret recipe!
Jennifer: Oh my God...
Man in Black: I need you to burn it up
Pablo: fire
Ant: Hold on, Man in Black!
Pablo: turn off the lights
Fire that comes and goes
Pablo: we should do it bigger!
Jennifer: But it looked cool, didn't it?
Man in Black: come in
Ant: and now we're going to burn Jennifer, yeah!
Ant 2: yay!
Man in Black: Your symbol is a bird with an arrow and fire
here we have a representation
Jennifer: Yes
Man in Black: and we're going to fill it with foam to see how it burns, alright?
Ant 2: This boy loves burning things
Man in Black: You wanna try?
Jennifer: Ok
Man in Black: You can start from there
Ant 2: The Man in Black is preparing the release of new 'New Rumasa' (Spanish business network)
Ant: The Man in Black in The Hunger Games eats enough
Ant: Look, Man in Black's followers
Ant 2: Curd is made of Man in Black's hair
Ant: The Man in Black only smokes inside hospitals
Man in Black: at the beginning, everything will burn
but little by little we see how the flames isolate themselves and start circulating
Ant 2: The Man in Black molested his school's priest
Ant: Pregnant women leave their bus places to the Man in Black
Pablo: Alright. Will the Man in Black make the fire walk?
Ant 2: Man in Black's urine is rough sea
Pablo: Turn off the lights!
Man in Black: From here, please. And keep yourself away
Ant 2: Amazing!
Pablo: Yes, folks. The Man in Black has made the fire walk
it's curious: if two flames combine the fire disappears because fire against fire...nothing
Man in Black: when two flames comibne, the fire goes out
but if there's a huge flame, it splits
Ant: is true
Pablo: With this consideration we can go to bed
Thank you, Man in Black!
Applause for him
Man in Black: Thank you