Труселя Ф____U [Pantz]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on 19.11.2012

Sup, I'm Stas Davidov!
It's a big holiday today!
27 years ago a cute multitasking baby was born.
Windows 1.01
And to celebrate i didn't shave today.
Ok, I'm kidding. I'm not shaving all month and you know that [no shave November]
And let's watch a vid that was sent by vladkazachenko95 about a guy jumping over the golf-cart.
Dance-dance-dance, gold-cart has his underpants.
And the guy was literally flying towards success.
Way to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, you bolt.
There you have it - quick and easy gender change.
And all those trannies are suffering, undertaking surgeries...
And it's so easy - go to a golf course, steal some balls and run away from the security with rifles.
Where did he get these undies? They held his ass tight after a jump like this..
And if he'd wear string bikini, on landing there would be 2 half-guys instead of one whole.
Weird thing - judging by the laughing he's surrounded by real friends.
And judging by how they went to help him instead of rofling - those two-faced faggots.
And this is ... Horosho!
And the second one is... wow!
About animal joy and wet pussy.
Ok, not about a pussy but a racoon. But who gets horny over a wet racoon?
It's a shot of summer happiness and warmth on this cold autumn.
Watching a racoon in the bucket i was thinking that he had more fun then me over the entire summer.
Let's take another shot of this antidepressant.
That's how a happy racoon jumps inside a bucket.
And then he attacked the kid and entangled himself in his guts ^_^
Because not all things are as happy as they seem.
Maybe racoon's jumping not because he's happy.
Or he first had a bath then went to roll around in sand, then in cement, then he froze.
Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm a depressive fuck. Won't happen again.
And this is Horosho!
And then we found this awesome vid of a robot drummer with 750.000 views in a few months.
General Grievous?
What sticks can't you handle you old naughty beast.
What, already imagined how a horde of these 4-armed masters are spanking slave-people?
Coz if now he's hitting drums.
And tomorrow he'll notice that it's not only drumsticks that he can hold.
And why do you even need a 4-armer drummer bot if 4 year old asians can drum better?
Instead they should've invented a toilet that doesn't splash when you take a dump.
Or a toster.
And this is *click* Horosho!
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