Iberostar Paraiso Resort Shuttle Tour

Uploaded by JCVdude on 01.12.2010

Hi, if you're checking out a resort for your next winter, or just anytime getaway,
& you happen to be looking at the Iberostar Paraiso Complex in the Riviera Maya
I've got to tell that from our experience in travel, I would rate this as one of the very best resorts we've stayed at.
It is not only a very clean & well laid out resort, it’s service is excellent, the accommodations & pools & beach . . .
every aspect of this resort is first class.
Along with the fact that as you can see, beautiful landscaping,
I’ve said this before in the videos, or I’ve written about it. This is resort just made me feel good.
If you go out & wander around the property, with the lush vegetation, the abundance of birds and other creatures;
coati mundis, squirrels, all sorts of different things
It is a very good ‘feel good resort’
But still, some people have said it’s a big resort.
And if you haven’t travelled much, it might seem that way.
Or if you don’t take the time to get to know the resort, it could seem that way.
Because it is made up of 5 separate sections.
But if you’re staying there & you notice all the little maps they have around on the property
You get to know where the little side connecting pathways are & it’s really easy to get around walking.
Very easy. Even going from the Lindo to the Maya
Or to the Del Mar section
We were in the Lindo & it was so central. It was really a breeze to walk through to any area.
And I have to again add, that it was a pleasure because it is such a beautiful, lush resort, colorful
Staff are friendly so this rates as one of the best resorts in the Caribbean that we have stayed at.
Even though it’s on the larger size.
So stay tuned & watch this tour as we travel around by one of the resort shuttles. Thank you.
(Sounds of shuttle and guests chatting to end)