Jose Carreras "L'improvviso" Andrea Chenier (captioned)

Uploaded by mer930 on 29.05.2010

One day I gazed at the deep blue sky
and at the flower-filled meadows;
the sun rained showers of gold,
and the earth was a golden splendor.
The world seemed like an immense jewel
in the treasure chest of the firmament.
The earth breathed upon my face a lively caress...
a kiss!
Overcome by love, I cried:
"I love you,
you who kiss my face,
my divinely-beautiful homeland!"
And my love spurred me to prayer.
I passed a church where a priest gathered alms in the chapel.
His ears were deaf to the beggar
who held out his hands for bread!
I passed a hovel where a man cursed the taxes on his land.
He blamed God and man for the suffering of his children.
Confronted with such poverty, what does the nobility do?
In your eyes alone did I discern
an expression of human compassion,
so I looked upon you as upon an angel,
and thought:
"There is life's true beauty!"
But when I heard your words,
my heart reeled from yet another blow.
Oh beautiful young lady,
do not scorn the words of a poet!
Listen! You do not know love.
Love, a divine gift,
do not scoff at it.
The life and soul of the world is love!