MyCare: Ashley M. in Miami, FL

Uploaded by HealthCareGov on 17.09.2012

Ashley: The fact that I have, you know,
health care insurance under my parents’,
under the Affordable Care Act,
has made a huge difference in my life.
I am currently a third-year at Miami Law --
third year law student --
and, a typical day for me is incredibly hectic.
I wake up in the morning; I go to class.
Classes are always interesting.
I intern at the Miami Dade public defender’s office
and it is amazing.
You get an inside look into the criminal justice process.
Supervisor: Under Florida law, the issue is not...
I help my supervising attorney draft up deposition questions;
I help her draft up motions and memos.
So I do a lot of legal research;
a lot of legal writing.
I really like that.
You never know when you might need something
like health care insurance.
I never thought about it.
Then, my life changed forever because
I got into a horrible car accident.
So, I’m laying on the hospital bed;
my shoes are gone – my shoes were knocked off my feet;
my tooth is chipped and my knee is bleeding.
And, I thought about the fact that I had
just graduated from undergrad;
I had no health care insurance because
I wasn’t on my parents’ plan --
and this is right before the Affordable Care Act hit.
When I found out that I could stay on my parents’ insurance,
it was like a blessing.
The Affordable Care Act has meant stability to me,
and it’s meant peace of mind.
When my mother first told me to go to the doctor,
the first visit that I made was with my OB/GYN,
and she found a mass.
They said that the mass was not cancerous at all –
thank God – so I’m fine, but even if it leads to something in the future,
because of the Affordable Care Act,
I was able to go in and get that checked up.
This law allows us to have a little bit
of a platform to bounce off on,
in order to get ourselves started.
The health care law is about people like me – it’s Ashley-Care.