Apple sues HTC for patent infringement

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Apple sues for patent infringement: Google backs HTC
Smartphones and tablet PCs have become
the two major battlegrounds in the tech industry.
Whoever grabs the key opportunities
will be able to dominate the market.
So manufacturers are suing each other patent infringement
as a means to delay the development of their rivals.
After the release of Apple's iPhone and iPad,
the world bought them like crazy.
Apple became the king
of consumer electronic devices.
Taiwan's HTC started off as a humble OEM.
Its growth has been remarkable,
and HTC is now a brand name around the world.
Who would have thought that HTC Android phones
would become so popular in North America.
The rise of HTC
threatens Apple's dominance.
Apple took HTC to the US International Trade Commission,
accusing HTC of patent infringement.
On Saturday a judge with the commission
ruled against HTC in an initial determination.
If HTC loses the case it will probably
be out of the North American cell phone market.
Meanwhile, Google's Android platform is now the king.
And Google is offering its assistance to HTC in its fight with Apple.
HTC said on Saturday it was confident about its ownership of patents
and was appealing against the ruling.
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