Sony Vegas Tutorial - Reflect Video or Images

Uploaded by attstrpure on 20.11.2009

This is attstrpure with a tutorial on how to reflect your video or image clips in Sony
You don't need Sony Vegas Pro to do this, but it will look slightly different if you
don't have it.
First off, let's start with one video track, and just get your video or image clip.
Now, give your video or image clip some room to do the reflection effect.
Now right click your track and select "Duplicate."
This will make another copy of the image or video.
Now right click it and select "Flip Vertical."
Then move the clip so the bottom edges are just touching, or a little bit apart.
What ever your preference is.
You may want to lower the opacity from around 50 to 70 percent.
Now this is an okay reflection, but we can add more to this.
To get the extra reflection effect, we want to blur the bottom edge of the clip a little
There are a few ways to do this, and if you don't have Sony Vegas Pro, you'll want to
go to your Video Effects and choose "Cookie Cutter."
Drag that onto the bottom clip.
You'll want to make the shape a rectangle or square, and move the clip upwards a bit.
Put the size up.
Now drag the feather slider, and you should see the bottom edge of the clip start to blur.
You can just mess around with that to get the effect you want.
Now if you have Sony Vegas Pro, you can go into the pan and crop interface and select
You'll be making a mask around the bottom edge of the clip, and try to make the line
fairly straight.
The rest doesn't matter.
Now go to Feather Type and choose "Out," and you can raise the feathering a bit.
Now this is a pretty good reflection effect, but you may want to move your video or image
around a bit.
But if you go into the pan and crop interface, you'll see that it only moves the top or bottom
So, to make both of them move the same amount, you'll want to click this "Make Composite
Child" button.
Now you can go to your Parent Motion and drag the clips around so they'll both go at the
same time.
If you don't want just a black background, you can go to your Media Generators and choose
Color Gradient, and choose one of the color backdrops.
Put it into a track below.
You can also move these colors and change them, however you want.
Now, if you don't have Sony Vegas Pro, this is pretty much all you can do besides moving
the clip around more.
But if you have Sony Vegas Pro, you can make sure the compositing mode is set to "3D Source
Alpha" and click the parent motion again.
You'll see this interface has changed, and you can mess around with the 3D settings.
You can just move these around and set it how you want, and just make a more interesting
effect for your photo or video.
If you play around with this, you can get a pretty good effect.
So once you're done, this is what it will look like.
I hope this tutorial helped you all, and please subscribe. Thanks for watching =)