CGRundertow SONIC THE HEDGEHOG CD for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 24.12.2011

Ah, the magical ninties. It was a great time to be alive, especially if you loved games.
Nintendo and Sega were proving that a good rivalry benefits everyone, new and exciting
technologies were coming of age each and every day, and Congress were wailing and gnashing
their teeth over Mortal Kombat and Night Trap. It seemed like there was no end to the strange,
optional stuff you could bolt on to your consoles. A fully-outfitted Genesis could get to looking
like Tetsuo at the end of Akira - just stuff spilling out the top, sides, and a weird octagon
on the ground. But for all the mess, some awesome things were in fact created, using
a melange of new and old tech.
It continues to astound me that Sonic CD predates Sonic 3 by a year. Shows you what the massive
storage space of optical media can do for a game. And not to take anything away from
Sonic 3, I mean, it’s probably my favorite off the whole bleeding series... but it doesn’t
bring the CD-quality music, full-motion animation, or... wait. MODE SEVEN GRAPHICS? I thought
that was an SNES thing! Man, Mode 7 AND Blast Processing! Genesis Does, children. I guess
this is the final word on the 16 bit wars.
Okay, maybe not. But here’s the skinny. Dr. Ivo Julian Eggman Robotnik the Very Confusing,
imprisoner of all things cute and natural in favor of his robots, has laid claim to
a temporally unstable little planet called... the Little Planet. And due to said temporal
instability, his plan for world conquest has been advanced due to his ability to go back
into the past, build Robot Generator machines, and effectively “seed” time with evil.
Fortunately, when you get this Hedgehog up to 88 miles per hour, you’re gonna see some
serious achievement. Sonic can, after tagging a lamppost, burn rubber through time, though
if the Robot Generator in the past is allowed to continue production, the future is bleak
and loaded with hostiles.
It’s the kind of thing that can make you bleed from the ears if you think too hard
on it, so here’s the net result: Metal Sonic swoops down and abducts Amy Rose. I know,
kind of a non-sequiteur, especially given the fact that she’s just wandering around
a temporally unstable area like that, but she’s got a squeaky mallet so she’ll probably
be all right. If nothing else, she can sit back and listen to the awesome soundtrack.
For a series known for its iconic music, Sonic CD pushes the envelope into a little pocket
of time wherein it’s always been a gold standard, and that’s awesome. In an interesting
little quirk of international bifurcation, the original release of Sonic CD featured
different soundtracks for the US and Japan, both excellent, and both included in this
XBox Live Arcade release. That’s exactly what Sega needed. More P-Funk. Work that sucker
Regardless of how you felt about Sonic Generations, break that wallet open and lay down the five
bucks for Sonic CD. You’ll be glad you did. Or pick it up as part of the Sonic Gems Collection
or Sonic Mega Collection Plus for your favorite 6th Gen system, albeit with limited audio
options. Or, and here’s the extra credit option, simply go back in time and be there
when this world of optical media was new and exciting, so new and exciting that people
actually played games like Ground Zero Texas.