How To Save Documents To iCloud From Text Edit In Mountain Lion

Uploaded by FreeAppleTutorial on 26.07.2012

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion just came out. And Apple has packed a ton of updates
and new features into this new operating system. Today we're gonna be going over TextEdit.
Which is one of the simplest programs Apple has, but the've done some pretty cool stuff
with it for Mountain Lion. If we go ahead and go to Spotlight in the top right hand
corner and type in T E, it will give us TextEdit. \
\ This is the new TextEdit. It's pretty cool.
It has full iCloud integration. What this means is when you actually make a document
in TextEdit, it will save that document to the cloud for you. Meaning you can access
this on your iPad or on your iPhone, or even on your PC by logging into\
\ So let's go ahead and click on New Document.
And here we go, this the exact same screen your used to in Snow Leopard or Lion. And
let's type a test document here. This is a test. This is a test of TextEdit. Now what
we're gonna do is go up to File and hit Save. And as you can see under where you have iCloud.
So we can title this test doc and make sure we select iCloud. And select what ever format
you want to select. And hit Save. And thats it, we just saved a document into iCloud.
Which is pretty cool because now you'll be able to access it on your iPad or your iPhone.
If you guys have any other questions ask them in the comments below. Thanks for watching.}