8 Mile (5/10) Movie CLIP - Cheddar Pulls a Gun (2002) HD

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What you doin', man? Rabbit!
- Oh, shit! - Don't you worry, Rabbit. I got your back.
Hey. Hey, what's up, "B"?
- You wanna fuck with us, bitch? - Shut your bitch-ass up.
- [Yelling] - Get off my man!
Yo, get off me, man!
Yeah! You wanna fuck with us? Huh?
- Fuck with us, yeah? - Cheddar, what the fuck are you doin'?
- Where did you get that shit? - It's my mom's.
Man, put that shit away, dawg, before you fuckin' kill somebody!
- Papa Doc had one! - Put it away!
- Man, put that down, man. - Come on, Cheddar.
- Okay. All right. - [Gunshot] - Fuck man!
- Oh, shit! - What the fuck?
- Shit. - Let's get out of here.
You all right, man? Oh, shit!
[All Yelling] We got to get him to a hospital, dawg.
Keys? Where are the keys? Get the fuckin'car!
[Yelling] I got to put pressure on it. I got to put pressure on it.
- Try not to think about it. - He shot his fuckin' dick off!
Did I? Man, shut the fuck up, man!
Future, take Gratiot to McDougall. I live here too.
I know how to get there. Then fuckin' get us there then!
Rabbit's gonna teach me how to write rhyme.
What the fuck were you doin' with a gun anyway, man?
What the fuck were you doin' with those motherfuckers?
- You know I had a show tomorrow night! - Calm the fuck down!
What are y'all trippin' about? M.C. Bob.
What? M.C. Bob.
Man, what are you talkin' about? Is that a good name?
What's wrong with Cheddar Bob? I like M.C. Bob.
Right? Yeah. M.C. Bob.
[Wink] I'm the one that got that fat man out offlippin'burgers.
Really? Yeah. Now Roy's gotta interview him down atJLB.
And I'm gonna be there. Oh, it's finna be on.
So the doctor said that he hit an artery, but he's gonna be okay.
Oh, yeah. That's good, man. Where you been?
Prayin'. Is he all right? Yeah. It's cool.
Let's go.