Я шагаю по Москве / I Walk Around Moscow

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You leaving or just arrived?
Me? Meeting someone.
- Who? - My husband.
- Oh, yeah?! - Yeah, really.
Must be nice to be met!
Get married and you will be!
- You feel good? - Really good!
- No, that canít be! - Yes, it can be!
Yes, it can be!
Lift it up!
Starring: Nikita Mikhalkov Aleksei Loktev
Galina Polskikh Yevgeny Steblov
Donít push!
Take it easy!
Whatíre you looking at?
Which station do I need for Stroitelny Lane?
- Iím just visiting. - Which lane?
Itís in Cheryomushki.
Cheryomushki? No, itís not out there.
Listen... Go to Paveletskaya,
up the escalator
to the left to the shoe repair - youíll find your way.
Thatís not it at all, even you donít know.
Get off at Kirovskaya, go 3 blocks turn right and there you are.
How would you know?
I know Moscow like the back of my hand!
And you like helping others?
I was born here.
I could tell you a thing or two about Moscow.
- Clever, are you? - Very.
- Think youíre clever? - I do.
Watch out someone doesnít crack you one!
Teach you to be clever!
Itís a draw.
- Clear Ponds? - Yes.
Once called Dirty Ponds,
but Peter I had them cleaned and renamed.
- Visiting? - Yeah, from Kachemsk.
- Whereís that? - Siberia!
- On business? - Passing through...
- Viktor? - Hi.
- Viktor. - Ermakov.
Why didnít you come by? Mother was disappointed.
I couldnít, a meeting. Anya didnít tell you?
- She wasnít there either. - Where was she then?
- She doesnít tell me anything. - Where else would she go?
Maybe she came after 11, thatís when I went to work.
No, she was home by then.
- See you. - Good-bye.
- Brother? - Cousin.
- Married? - No.
Me neither.
Thanks, mister.
- Friend of children. - It was nothing.
- Asta! Asta! - Got bitten.
Youíve just earned 40 shots.
- Think itís rabid? - Look at that drool.
Disgraceful! Get your dog out of here!
Whose dog?
- Your dog? - They gave it to me to look after.
- Who? - Some lady.
- Whereís she now? - In church.
- Come on, show me. - I wonít go in.
- Why? - An atheist.
I wonít make you pray. Show me.
Youíll recognize her, sheís got on a cotton kerchief.
Forgive as you are forgiven...
Sorry, is it your dog outside?
Excuse me!
Is it your dog outside?
Is that your dog outside?
- Did you leave the dog outside? - Did it run away?
Your dog? Letís go outside...
- Yours? - Yes, ours.
- Iím off then. - Go on!
Show her.
While you pray your bulldog bites people.
- Forgive me! - Thatís Godís job!
- Healthy? - Got sick once...
Iím not asking about cholera!
- Is she rabid or not? - How would I know...
Probably not.
- What about the drool? - Maybe sheís hungry?
We feed her a ton, and sheís still hungry!
Hungry, Godís servant!
Should get shots in case.
- Are you selling the dog? - No.
- ID? - Sheís got tags.
- That means nothing. - No, it bit me, thatís all.
I see:
you - to the hospital,
the dog - to the slaughterhouse,
the owner - to court!
Itís the landladyís dog!
I studied this language so long and understand nothing.
This is me! Take the first lane on the right.
- Thanks! - Good-bye!
Itís bad to read while you eat!
- Take off that record! - What?
Take off the record! I canít sleep!
- Play it more quietly, canít you? - I canít,
or Iíll get distracted!
Donít get distracted!
Long time, no see!
No oneís home.
Seems theyíve left.
Can I leave my things with you?
- Donít want to carry them all day. - Címon up!
- Something to eat? - No, thank you...
Do you have needle and thread? Trousers got torn.
Katya, get a needle and thread.
Just who needs it?
Me! Hello!
A dog bit him. Sew his trousers, Katya!
You go get Vanya from kindergarten and Iíll sew your friendís trousers!
I can do it myself.
- This is my sister, the beauty. - Idiot.
Give them to me, I wonít look.
Take them off while you can!
Come on, hurry, Iím late as it is!
- Some tea? - No.
Have a seat.
OK, you get Vanya from kindergarten,
and get your grandmother whatever she needs, sheís not well.
And do the dishes!
Donít talk back, for once in your life.
Iím not, Iím just tired...
We all work.
A man works all night and everyone nags him, right?
- Iíll do the dishes, if youíd like. - We would.
That does it...
- You here for long? - I leave this evening.
Too bad.
Iím off.
- Good-bye! - All the best!
Pushkin once lived in that building.
- Who lives there now? - Relatives.
His great-grandson plays wing for "Torpedo."
- What díya want? - Howís the leg?
- Whatíd the doctors say? - They suspect itís the knee cap.
- A resemblance! - Maybe...
- Hello! - Hello!
Your children?
- Yes. - A lot!
This is Misha,
Kolyaís father,
Sanechka, Lyosha, Vitya.
They all died in the war -
and I live.
Címon, grandmother!
All boys.
Iíd make shirt for Sanechka,
then Vityaíd wear it,
then Misha,
and never complained.
But he had big feet...
...and got the boots after Sanechka.
Turn off the music!
Donít you understand Russian!
- Come with me to the draft board! - What for?
Weíll ask them for a deferral!
- But they gave you a deferral. - No they didnít,
I got scared when I got to the door.
I feel awkward asking myself,
and already told Sveta they did.
Sasha, I slept 43 minutes.
Shatalov, Alexander Industrieich.
Due here the 5th.
- So? - Heís getting married today.
- So? - Heíd like a deferral.
Had no time to marry before?
Seen a fiance put it off like that,
Angelina Petrovna?
How old are you?
I'm not getting married, another is.
Expecting a child?
Hey, what happens if you lose your draft card?
Donít know.
Go on in...
Theyíre asking for you.
- Permission to enter! - Enter!
- This is the fiance. - How old is he?
- 19. - Too young to marry.
At his age I was at the battle of Kursk.
- Sit down, Alexander Industrievich. - Thank you, Iíll stand.
Whyíd you send you lawyer instead of coming yourself?
- Heís shy, Comrade Mayor. - I see.
- You expecting a son or a daughter? - In what sense?
Thatís not the reason, Comrade Major.
Got a request? Let me see it...
Alexander Industrieich!
With your permission!?
Svetlana Mikhailovna, please!
Itís me,
we got a month. Happy?
You donít sound happy!
Itís awkward to talk? Something I did?
- Kolya says hi. - With all my heart.
The suit? Weíre going to buy it now.
Iíll take Kolya with me.
- Ok. - No, I canít go, I need to sleep.
Heíll go.
Sveta, donít you love me?
- Or yeah-no? - Letís go, people are waiting!
Kisses, Sveta!
Sasha, donít you love me?
- What? - Yeah-yes? Or yeah-no?
This way,
from here...
to over here...
Excuse me, please, are you looking for buried treasure?
Who are you? Whatís it to you?
Címon, letís go!
Itís just the 4th time youíve been digging here.
Weíre digging ëcos we got to!
- Got it? - Got it!
- You guys speak foreign languages? - Which?
I donít know. Been driving 2 hours,
keep asking him where to go, and he just waves left, right...
6 rubles on the meter and here we are.
- I see. - I say pay up and get out!
He doesnít know a word of Russian!
Whatís he talking about?
Heís in raptures about our amazing capital...
I think he needs to go to the Tretyakov Gallery.
To the Tretyakov Gallery?
Not this way,
theyíre building the Novy Arbat, New Arbat,
- you see... - Tell him about the money...
Tell him about the money.
I can understand but I canít speak.
Listen, come with me?
Iíll drop you off anywhere you want free.
Should I get e 3-piece?
I donít know. If I were you I wouldnít buy one.
Youíve already got one, and when you get out thereíll be a new style.
Itís grey-I need a black one.
- Going into the army? - Uh-huh!
- Why do you need a suit? - Heís getting married.
- Have fun while youíre young! Navy? - Infantry.
Heís been here already.
Peace, friendship!
Ask him if heís Chinese.
Excuse me... Are you Chinese?
No, Japanese.
No, Japanese.
Silks and furs
on sale for credit
on the first floor, first row.
Cameras, wristwatches,
pocket watches and clocks...
- What a crowd! - Your colleague-visitors.
- Bought it? - Like it?
- Itís all right. - I can wear it to work
and the theatre.
- I need something like this. - This is Sasha
- Sasha Shatalov. - Volodya Ermakov.
- When do you leave? -12.30.
Listen! Lend us your suit.
You can pick it up this evening. Heís getting married.
- Congratulations. - Thanks.
- No, Iíll buy one. - But heís giving it to you!
Iím not getting married in anotherís suit!
No one will know!
Why waste money? Better to buy your wife something.
- You think? - Of course!
- You want it now? - He has to be at the registry by 5.
Youíll have it by 5!
Heís been driving me out of my mind with this suit.
- Sasha! - What?
Letís buy a boat. 100 rubles!
- What for? - Weíll take a break...
and sail to the Black Sea.
Sail where? Iím going in the army.
- What about after the army? - Weíll buy one then.
Gimme 2 kopecks.
- So, youíre a writer. - No.
Donít lean!
- A fitter. - So whatís this?
It was for our local journal.
I had flu, nothing to do,
it got published here.
3 pages... And I canít write 3 sentences in a letter!
Howís life? I live, good weather, all I need.
Me too. Want it?
- Well, sure. - Seriously?
Let me have it!
Look, heís a writer!
Listen, she wants us to buy grapes.
- Thereís his photo. - And mayonnaise.
- Before weíll listen to some music. - Itíll be awhile.
Heís got a love-interest there.
"Barber of Seville," "Aida" and "Traviata"-9 rubles.
Wrap them up? You?
- Nothing. - Hello.
- We came to invite you to a wedding. - Please come.
Do you have Tchaikovskyís 1st piano concerto?
Neihaus, Richter, Cliburn?
- The one with the beard. - Ogden.
- Heís getting married today. - Nice to hear, congratulations.
Ruble fifty, please.
What do you think we should give his fiancee?
- We have no idea. - An apartment.
We have one.
Then buy Mendelssohnís Wedding March. Want to hear it?
- Yes. - Oginskyís Polonaise, 6 copies.
Miss, Oginskyís Polonaise, 6 copies.
Need any needles? 3.40, please.
- Agreed? - About what?
- Come with us to the wedding? - How can I be a guest to strangers?
- Got Robertino? - No.
- Why not? - Increased sales.
- You know him, at least. - Not very well.
- Howís that? - I see him a lot, thatís all.
Letís get acquainted Alyona,
Nikolai, Sasha, Vladimir Ermakov, Siberian writer.
- Hello. - A writer?
Donít believe me? Look.
Are you going to buy anything?
- Weíre listening. - Buying something.
To Nikolai, the first person to whom I give my first story.
- Thatís all? - No, not all.
Rakhmaninovís 2nd piano concerto, please, the composerís performance.
- Right away. - This too.
Looks like him. "Taiga."
- Miss, I havenít got all day. - Right away.
Volodya, give Alyona your story.
I havenít got one now, but I can stop by later!
So you work out in the taiga?
Lucky guy,
itís quiet there...
Move out there.
- And what would I do? - Sell records.
- In the forest? - Weíll build you a shop.
- So, you build shops? - No, itís a chemical plant.
And soon itíll be done by machine.
Thank God.
At least you wonít flirt with machines.
So, can someone with no advanced degrees
become a geologist?
Of course not a geologist,
but go on expeditions and study at the same time?
- Of course. - Why leave?
We need geologists in Moscow, too, for the Metro.
- Itís true. - Comrades, come on now!
Here, take your record and go, I donít need complaints.
Good-bye. Iíll bring you a copy.
Here. So weíre agreed?
Iíll meet you after work downstairs and weíll go to the wedding.
And then you can go to the taiga.
- And you? - Have you got Robertino?
- No. - Why not?
Increased sales.
Look! Thereís your Anya!
- Hi, Kolya! - Hi...
Too bad we donít have a camera.
We could take a photo
and show it to your cousin, poor fool.
What a family!
In front of your eyes - donít get it.
Forget it, itís not your concern.
Iíd have killed him if I were you...
Youíll have time on your own.
Kill him when you get out of the army.
Whatíre you hinting at?
Youíll have your own reason for killing.
You saying that you donít trust Sveta?
Thatís not what I meant. Anythingís possible.
Repeat that! Say that again!
A soldier has a heavy fate
Unlike a friend who waits...
- Go on then! Hit me! - Calm down!
Enough, calm down!
- Fool! - Youíre the fool!
Look, it didnít break.
- She said theyíre all unbreakable. - Forget him.
Hey, you think sheíd really move to Siberia?
- Who? - Alyona.
Yeah, sheís already getting packed
to go spin records
"My dear friend the kind shepherd."
Kick my foot, or weíll fight.
Along with the Execution Block,
other ancient wonders
include the Cathedral of the Intercession,
otherwise known as St. Basilís,
built from 1555-1560
to commemorate the defeat of Kazan...
And to the left stands GUM,
built in the pseudo-Russian style
from the end of the 19th century.
- Get outta here! - OK.
The Cathedral is unique
in that it unifies 8 onion-domed chapels.
Listen how do you get to...
- Kirov Street? - Uh-huh.
You go straight to Childrenís World, at the 4th street go right.
- See you. - See you. Whereíre you going?
- Voronov lives there. - Who?
The writer.
Asked me over.
He read my story.
Hey wait...!
- Iíll go with you. - Where?
To Voronov! Well... to meet him.
- Itís kind of awkward. - Tell him Iím a novice poet.
Letís go!
Svetlana Mikhailovna, please.
Sveta, hi, itís me.
I just wanted to...
Why do you sound so unhappy?
It's ok.
Sveta? Hello?
- Can you make change? - Sorry.
- Can you make change? - Iíll have a look. Here.
Svetlana Mikhailovna, please!
Whyíd you hang up?
Itís not nice talking to me?
Is it?
You wonít have me around
much longer,
if thatís what you want!
Forget it!
...letís see if theyíre friends.
- Whoíd you need? - To see Comrade Voronov.
- Come in! - Hello.
Hello, wipe your feet!
I turn to my friends...
That way.
Make the steppe my bed
Covered in fog...
Are you Comrade Voronov?
Whatís on your mind?
They told me youíd read my story
and wanted to talk about it.
Iím Ermakov.
A beginner?
Sit down.
Whatís your story called?
-"Taiga," in YOUTH. - What díya know!
A writer.
Everyone is, these days.
this is a screen.
The jacks get stuck in the tubing,
these rings of reinforced concrete.
The screen can cut into the rock, you see...
Tell me later.
- Who are you? - A poet.
Works in the Metro.
Like Lev Tolstoy.
- What? - Nothing.
You heard the saying, if you canít write, donít?
I donít have to write.
Didnít you like it?
We like girls.
Literature is art.
Whatís it about?
- Itís about good people. - Not enough!
A writer should get to the core of life!
What do you do?
- Heís a fitter. - A fitter...
A writer is an engineer
of human souls.
Think your prose rings true?
Whereíd you get that idea?
Because literature has its rules!
If thereís a rifle on the wall, it has to be fired!
What rifle? Thereís no rifle...
- That was Chekhov, right? - Donít be funny!
Iím being figurative.
Each character must be true to life.
Yours arenít.
I donít know, maybe itís not the greatest,
and my rifle doesnít fire, but itís all true.
- Truth - with no essence. - What essence?
A fundamental essence.
People let this guy in the house...
...feed him, give him a drink, and donít ask for money.
Either they wanted to take money, or just pretended.
- Pretend to who? - The guy in the story.
Or themselves. What kind of good people are we?
So to you, people are selfish?
It wasnít for nothing the Greeks said...
...people are governed by 3 things:
love, hunger, fear of death-egoism!
I donít know about the Greeks,
but during the war an unknown woman
took me and my sister in,
fed us, raised us, which wasnít easy.
Or was she pretending?
And those who died for our homeland? Were also pretending?
And love?
Love is only egoism!
Listen, I had a love once.
A woman.
I broke my leg, didnít work a month, and she married another man.
Thereís a story!
- You think she loved me? - I doubt it.
Exactly! She was pretending!
- And now? - What now?
- Leg stopped hurting? - Itís all better.
last year I went to Orel...
So we had a bit to drink, and I went to the store...
...had a lie down on a bench, fell asleep, woke up...
...no watch, coat taken. Thatís a story!
The story?
A writer should really get to the essence of life.
Iím writing a novel.
- Good morning! - We said good morning this morning!
I was just having a chat till the floors dry.
Hello, boys. Iím Voronov.
I have a project for you.
We want to publish a collection of young Siberian writers.
You could help us,
you know your writers well.
I donít get it!
- Who was that? - Floor polisher.
- Heís really clever. - Iím afraid of him myself.
Aleksei Petrovich! I read your novel...
- And? - Talented,
- but not... - What?
Not true to life.
What do you want?
I donít want a deferral!
What deferral?
I donít need the extra month!
Ah, itís you, fiance? Didnít recognize you!
- Itís hot out! - Changed your mind?
- Yes, sir! - It happens.
- Youíll marry after the army. - Iíll never get married!
Wedding Registry
- A quick shine? - No.
- Thereís the fiancee. - And the fiance?
Sasha! He bought a suit.
With that haircut he looks like a common criminal!
Whereís apartment 92?
- Donít know. - Who do you need from 92?
- Alyona. - You mean Lena?
- Not here. - Where is she?
At a concert in the park.
- Pity! - Had plans to meet?
No I just had a question for her...
- What question? - Whatís it to you?
Iím her father!
I just wanted to know if she really wanted to come with us or not.
- With who? With you? - To Kachemsk.
- What Kachemsk? - To Siberia!
- Whatíd she forget in Kachemsk? - Nothing.
Maybe sheís bored of selling records.
What records? You can see itís immortal love, right?
- Why would she go to you? - Not to me... To no one!
- So you came to Moscow for her? - No!
- Then why? - A stopover.
- Got you! - Hereís another!
I got to GUM, they told me another postman asked for her address.
Knew it was you! Where is she?
At a concert, letís go!
Remember I introduced them, he took her away!
Whereíd they meet?
- At GUM today. - Her father.
Didnít have time to get acquainted and already want to get married.
Hello, Iím Nikolai.
- Which park? - Gorky Park.
- Whoís getting married? - Your friend!
- Taking her to Siberia! - Oh?...
No, canít be.
Wife, children,
- heís a writer. - Get lost, writers,
before I wring your necks!
- Damn, that wasnít too good. - Chatterbox!
- Me? - You!
Wind bag!
- Thatís how it is? - Thatís right.
- See you. - All the best.
Hey! Alyona!
Come here! Come on!
- What for? - Come here!
- What? - Hi!
- So, letís go? - Where?
The wedding! Theyíre waiting!
So, friends,
the first act is over.
Intermission 30 minutes.
So then he says
"Get out of here before I wring your necks!"
You deserved it. There he is!
So, writer,
- donít recognize us? - I do, good evening.
- Whatís wrong? - Donít want to bother you.
Donít be silly!
- Letís go? - Iím not going.
Then Iíll hypnotize you.
Look into my eyes.
Donít. I get hypnotized at work all day.
If thatís how you want it.
Iím telepathic: I order you to turn around! He will.
- Anytime soon? - Now!
Telepathy! Again!
- Whereíd he go? - Donít know.
- Thatís a watch! - My grandfatherís!
Let me see.
Not like that!
- Thanks! - No thanks.
Whatís going on?
Giving out prizes.
- What kind? - All kinds.
Iíll go look.
Are you here on business?
A stopover.
- I was on leave, in Minsk. - Visiting relatives?
No, a friendís parents.
He died last year,
hunting, fell under ice.
So we visit his parents every year.
- You made up your mind? - About what?
About moving.
Letís go have a look!
Comrades, we need two more people.
Donít be shy, comrades.
Women too!
Miss, come this way please.
Donít be shy.
Not you, thank you,
youíd better sit and watch.
We need one more...
Young man, this way please!
Now weíre going to play an interesting game.
Thereíll be two teams, and whoever draws
an original horse the fastest wins.
- You have 5 seconds. - Not enough!
And youíll count with me.
Letís practice all together now.
Letís go...
One, two, three...
That was good, quiet please.
You draw the body, you-the legs and tail, me-the head and ears.
- Ready? - Ready.
- Go! - One, two...
Thatís good!
So, this team got best time,
but the quality...
What does this horse remind you of?
Right! So, this team wins!
- Whatíre you doing? - Whatíd I do wrong?
- He was trying to steal! - I was not!
- Catch him, heís a thief! - Youíre the thief!
Grab him!
Citizens! Heís a bandit!
Hey, you didnít pay the bill!
Catch him!
Catch him!
Get him! No the other one!
Get him!
Tickets, please, tickets!
Whereíre you going?!
- What happened? - He was running away!
- Are there witnesses? - Wait, Iím a witness!
Iím the witness.
- Heís a thief! - What thief?
- Letís go! - You got it wrong!
I donít get it what exactly did he do?
Just as I wrote:
he was in a gang, or something like that,
they were following me to rob me!
- What gang? - Stay out of it!
Another gang member pretended to draw a horse on stage,
while he attempted to steal, and started a riot to get away...
I donít get it what horse?
Everythingís clearly written here,
but if you donít like it Iíll start over.
Start over.
Comrade Lieutenant,
- heís got it all wrong... - Write it down.
As a statement or in order?
- Write down what happened. - Exactly.
Can I have some paper?
May I?
- Citizen! - Hello!
- What happened? - Brought me in.
- You know each other? - Heís my friend.
I find the thief and they drag me in.
ID, please.
- Whereís Alyona? - I canít find it...
Comrade Lieutenant, let him go.
Heís a writer on a stopover
and leaves tonight.
Volodya, show him your ticket, please.
You can hold me if you like.
- Known each other long? - Since morning.
And what difference does it make?
Heís the one drawing the horse! Get him!
Why are you holding me? Tell them you drew the horse.
- I did. - He admits it!
You followed me in the park, chased me!
Quiet! No need to shout!
- He admits it! - What horse?
Heís confessed, you see!
- Did you chase him? - We were walking behind him.
What were you following him for?
We wanted to see what heíd do.
Hypnotizers! Put you in a trance then strip you!
Heís out of his mind!
- Think about what youíre saying! - Iíve got a concussion,
anything can happen and it wonít be my fault!
- Heís drunk! - He is!
- Comrade Lieutenant, heís drunk... - Lies! Barefaced lies!
He reeks of vodka. Sniff him,
Comrade Lieutenant, check his breath!
Youíve got me all mixed up with your hypnotic writers
and horses with concussions.
You, this way.
- Theyíve confused us all! - Take it easy...
Just one little mug of beer. Tiny!
Have a seat. There.
Now calmly write everything down so that we can understand it.
You two sit on that bench and wait.
- We canít, thereís... - Itís an outrage! Iíll complain.
Ah, go ahead!
Not very polite...
Then please do!
One ice cream!
Thereís a criminal over there!
Iíll distract him and you go get a cop.
Just give me time to go over.
- Comrade! - What?
I have a favor to ask...
Would you take a ride on the rocket with me?
You see, I want to make someone jealous.
- What? - What what?
Iíll give you 3 rubles.
-3.15. After! - Give it here!
Theyíre in that plane!
Excuse me, may I ask a favor?
Weíre on our way to a wedding, and our friend has strict parents.
She wants to call home from a friendís,
they'll say, put her on, and we don't have one!
- Whereís your friend? - Over there!
- Whatís your motherís name? - Maria Nikolaevna.
Hello, Maria Nikolaevna!
Whatís my name? This is Nadya.
- Whatís your name? - Alyona.
Alyonaís with me.
- What are we doing? - Nothing.
Nothing special, just reading a book aloud!
Good night.
- Thank you! - Not at all!
And you?
Whatís up?
What happened?
Itís bad to read when you eat! Whatís with him?
- Theyíve put off the wedding. - What do you mean?
Sveta found out he didnít want to.
- Wait, howís that? - He told "Iím not getting married!"
- Shut up! - Heís crazy.
Theyíll teach him discipline in the army.
- This true? - Yes!
- Youíve had the ceremony? - We did... now weíll get divorced!
- Right away! - Not right away.
Weíll go to court first.
Donít stand... Sit down! Enjoy yourselves!
Thanks, we have already.
Letís go.
Kolya, weíll be downstairs!
Kolya, does he need to give back the gifts?
Of course!
People gave them to make them happy,
not because they were getting married
- or not. - Get out of here!
Turn it on! People are dancing.
My day started with dancing.
Itís ending the same way.
You managed to dance this morning?
Not me. When I landed,
a girl was dancing, alone, no music,
just humming.
A ballerina.
She just felt good.
When people feel good, you can see it immediately.
Quite pretty.
Like todayís girls.
I asked,
"You feel good?"
- and she said... -...really good!
And I said
"That canít be!"
And she?
Yes, it can be...
Thank you!
Whereís your mom?
Went to Svetaís. Drink?
We argued on the telephone,
so I told the officer
I could start.
They we went to the registry,
then back to the officer to get another deferral.
Thatís how she found out. But now Iím a free man!
- Egoist. - What?
Itís easy to kick a man when heís down!
You didnít get dumped by your fiancee.
She loves you!
- A lot can change in 2 years. - How did my mother wait 5 years?
- And yours? - It was the war.
Itís not about war, itís about people!
You tore my shirt,
and I though you were my friend.
A guy feels bad and gets his shirt torn...
- You kept moving around! - So itís all my fault, isnít it!
Stop yelling.
I feel so bad right now...
that I donít feel like going on.
Iím a real jerk,
Not worth it. She wonít pick up.
Sveta! Sveta!
Sveta! Pick up the phone, itís me!
Pick it up!
Hi Sveta, itís Kolya.
- Howíre things? - Is she crying?
He says heís sorry for his mistake.
- Tell her Iím a jerk. - Heís asked me to tell you
he's an idiot.
- Not an idiot but a jerk! - Heíll tell you himself.
Sveta? Iím just... so nervous.
Get going, youíll be late.
Weíre going to Voronezh for a competition soon...
Good-bye, Kolya,
- thanks for everything. - You take care.
Iím sorry I canít see you home. I have to go to work.
- Good-bye. - Good-bye.
Sometimes you feel good
But donít know why
It was the summer rain
Or a familiar face
Happy eyes
Reflecting the Ring Road
Then the summer storm
And I walk around Moscow
One day Iíll cross...
Young man! Whyíre you yelling?
Iím singing.
Come here!
Get over here!
- Keep singing! - OK.
And so I walk around Moscow
One day Iíll cross
The salty Pacific
The tundra, the taiga
Iíll raise a white sail
But donít know with whom
If I start feeling homesick
Iíll find a violet in the snow
And remember Moscow
Written by: Gennady Shpalikov
Director: Georgy Daneliya
Director of Photography: Vadim Yusov
Art Director: A. Myagkov Set Director: M. Chernova
Composer: A. Petrov Conductor: E. Khachaturyan
Editor: L. Lysenkovaya