Dress For Success: Fashion Do's and Don'ts In a Business-Casual World

Uploaded by TempleUniversity on 20.02.2012

>> Brown It's so important on an interview to be looking at your best. We are at the
Spring 2012 kick-off event for Career Week. It's a Dress For Success Fashion Show. We
have Temple students that are modeling clothes that are donated by Macy's for both business
professional and business casual wear. You'll see on the runway both what to do and what
to avoid, particularly in this job market and in any job market when you're new to a
career field. You want to just bring your A game all of the time. Looking sharp, feeling
confident, being prepared with a great resume and that's the way this whole Career Week
is designed; really getting students prepared for every aspect of going on a job interview
to an internship interview and making the best impression that they can. We so encourage
every Temple student, undergraduate and grad student, to attend at least one event, if
not multiple events. There is truly something for everyone and you won't regret it.
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