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Little Bluebell...
Little Bluebell...
Little Bluebell?
- Eun Nim? - Little Bluebell...
Wake up. Do you recognize me?
Eun Nim, are you okay?
It's me, Baek Kang Ho.
Eun Nim, what's wrong? Why?
Eun Nim, don't be like this. Get a hold of yourself!
It's me, Baek Kang Ho. Do you recognize who I am?
It's okay, it's okay. Cry however much you want to.
I'll be right beside you.
My heart is still going on overdrive.
What reason does she have to chase me?
Idiotic fool of a girl.
She should pretend to forget and start a new life.
Where should I go today?
Why are there no movies or dramas worth watching lately?
The dramas I write are still the best, right?
Oh, I don't know. I suddenly don't know how to answer.
Mom! Mom, turn it off.
- Why? - Why?
- Mom. - Yeah?
What're you doing?
Mom, I have something to tell you, but you can't yell at me, okay?
If it's something you deserve to be yelled at for, then just don't tell me.
But it's your own son's words. You should listen.
Unni, it's better than knowing it earlier than getting surprised later.
- Isn't it? - Yes.
Then, tell me.
I'm now top in this area's takeout delivery service.
The Chinese restaurant I'm working at,
after I showed up their sales tripled so all these other places are trying to recruit me now!
Mom, even my pay's tripled.
How did this happen?
Chul, did you spread honey all over your metal delivery box?
I don't know. It's all about my popularity.
Anyway, once I deliver to any ladies in the neighborhood, our shop gets so much business!
Chul, now stop being a delivery boy and go into your brother-in-law's company.
Didn't your sister say that she'd make a place for you there one way or another?
Mom, I can't be chained to a desk for the rest of my life.
And this, it isn't a waste of time.
I'm really starting to want to become the best in this delivery service circle.
Mom, you trust me, right?
So, during the day I'll continue working at this Chinese food shop,
and at night I'll start working at this new chicken shop.
Oh, So Weol, what can we do with this boy?
Unni, he's making money, not spending it!
Oh, I don't know. Do what you want with your life!
Even taking care of myself is difficult.
Mom, thank you!
Oh, disgusting! Get away.
What, who's that at this time of night?
It's Geum Ja!
She's still in Seoul?
Eun Nim, what's making you sick?
What is happening to you?
Please, tell me.
I'd take it all and hold you.
Oh, right! I should contact Eun Nim's family...
#1 is Dad.
[#2. Calling... Grandmother]
[#3. Calling... Mom]
Eun Nim really doesn't have a boyfriend.
But #2 isn't Mom but Grandmother...
Wait, no.
Eun Nim's father doesn't know me. If I call him, he may be even more shocked.
Oh, it's Eun Nim.
It's me.
But who is this?
Oh, yes!
I'm using that water holder well, thank you.
But why are you calling from Eun Nim's phone?
Yes? What did you say?
What happened to my Eun Nim?
Eun Nim, my Eun Nim.
My Eun Nim.
- You're here. - Yes.
Oh, my Eun Nim.
Why is Eun Nim like this?
Grandmother, please don't worry too much.
She's asleep right now, because of the medication.
I see.
Oh my word, what's happened here.
Thank you. If you hadn't been there when Eun Nim fainted, what would've happened?
You were very surprised that I called, yes? But I thought you should know...
Oh, of course you should have called. What are you saying?
Thank you very much for saving our Eun Nim.
Nonsense, it was only proper.
But Grandmother, who's Little Bluebell?
Even when she was unconscious she was asking for Little Bluebell.
Well, it's the first I've heard of it.
Since she fainted, she probably saw and said nonsense. It's nothing.
I see.
What happened that you fainted in the middle of the street?
Eun Nim, do you recognize your grandmother?
- Grandmother. - Lie down, lie down.
How did you get here?
I contacted her.
I'll go get a taxi.
So, what're you going to do? Go home or back with me?
I want to go to Grandmother's house. I don't want to worry Mom and Dad.
I think that's right, too.
Please get in.
Thank you for today. How will we repay you...
Please get in. I'll see you to your home.
Oh, no. You've already done too much today. We can't impose on you further.
Kang Ho, it's already very late and it will be more comfortable to go alone.
I'm okay.
Thank you for today. Go well.
Get in.
It really is okay. I would've felt better taking you all the way home.
I'm dead beat. I'm dead beat.
Mom, did you fall asleep watching TV?
I don't know why I'm acting like an old woman, falling asleep in front of the TV.
Mom, Eun Nim isn't home yet.
Really? What time is it that she isn't home yet?
What? Eun Nim isn't home yet?
Yes, it seems so.
And there's been no call?
Yes, Dad.
What've you been doing? If someone hasn't come home you should've been calling them.
Wait, I'll answer it.
Oh, yes, Mother-in-law?
Ah, Eun Nim is there with you.
Yes, I just came home and was about to call when I heard she wasn't back yet.
But what is Eun Nim doing that you are calling?
Eun Nim is sleeping. I think she was very tired.
Well, it's good to know that she's there.
But if she wants to go to work in the morning, she'll want new clothes.
I'll wake her up early tomorrow and send her home.
I understand. Then, sleep well.
She's at her grandmother's? Why does she keep going over there?
Are you sure Eun Nim doesn't have a boyfriend? She keeps getting calls from a man.
Honey, is that it?
What nonsense. What does that have to do with her being over at her grandmother's?
Mom, is Dad being naïve or ignorant?
Why must the two be unrelated?
No kidding.
Eun Nim,
take a sip of honey water before you sleep.
Up you go.
When you're not feeling well, hot honey water can help.
Good, good.
Now, tell me. Did something happen?
Yes, what is it?
Fate, what is it?
Little Bluebell and me...
what was our relationship in our past lives that we must be separated so painfully?
I don't know if he's dead or alive, sick or healthy.
What are you saying?
Why are you bringing up Little Bluebell baby?
Today, I found the woman that ran off with Little Bluebell.
But that woman doesn't know either, where my Little Bluebell is.
Are you in your right mind?
Why would you track down that woman?
My Little Bluebell, how can I help wanting to see my Little Bluebell.
Can you meet everyone you want to see?
I told you to forget.
Why didn't you listen to me? Why?
Grandmother, even if you yell at me I can't meet him.
Even if I want to, I can't meet him.
I can't meet him until death.
Good, now that you know you can't meet him.
It must be because I have done too many wrongs.
That's it, isn't it, Grandmother?
No, no. What've you done wrong?
Oh, Lord. Please forgive our Eun Nim. This pitiful thing, please let her stop hurting.
If there is still punishment to dole out, send it to this old woman. I'll take it all.
Give it to me.
Oh, he's eating so well.
Our Yoo Bin is eating so well.
But, since Kang Ho's entered the company he's so busy we hardly see his face!
Always eating dinner out before coming home.
Is that department so busy?
I don't think it's because of work.
The marketing department doesn't have anything particular going on right now.
I'm home.
Kang Ho, come sit next to Grandma.
Kang Ho, would you like some tea?
I'm okay.
Why are you home late all the time?
Grandmother is worried.
I meet with people... and Father, don't yell at Go Eun Nim tomorrow.
What do you mean?
Actually, I just came back from the hospital with Eun Nim.
What do you mean you just went to the hospital with Ms. Go? Why?
Earlier when we were leaving work, Eun Nim fainted on the side of the road.
I'm just coming back from taking her to the emergency room.
Then, is Eun Nim okay?
Yes, I saw her go home before I left.
So that happened. Well done.
What would Ms. Go have done without you there?
If she's sick, she should say something. That must've been why she left the office earlier.
Because she's new, she must have found it hard to say.
But, don't let her know that I told you.
How long are you going to hide it?
It doesn't matter if they know. They'll know eventually anyway.
I like it the way it is now, Hyung. No one treats me differently.
Once they know I'm the President's son, it will be uncomfortable.
After we've gotten more friendly, I'll take care of it.
Until then, help me out.
Okay, we'll leave it to you.
Honey, are you asleep?
Then you should change and wash.
Honey, what'd you do with the other necklace?
Actually, the night you were out on a business trip,
I went with Yoo Bin to your office with lunch and saw the necklace.
There were two, but you didn't give them to me or your mother. Who did you give them to?
Oh, those. I gave them as a present to our investor's wives.
What investors?
There's an investment company, Angel Investment. I gave it to the representative's wife.
I see. I was so curious who you gave them to...
because I actually liked that design better.
I'll find you an even better one later.
What's wrong?
No manners. I can talk to them tomorrow.
What if it's important?
It's not important.
The number you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message after the beep.
Eun Nim, let's eat.
Why carry something so heavy?
It's not heavy at all. Don't worry and relax.
That way you can go to the office and work.
Grandmother, I'm sorry... for upsetting you, instead of comforting you.
Don't say such things.
And from now on, don't think about others and live for yourself.
Doing what you want to do, okay?
Grandmother, eat too.
All right. Let's eat.
Oh, and that Kang Ho. We've really imposed on him.
Ask him if he has any time this weekend and bring him here.
I can't do much, but I can make him a warm dinner.
Grandmother, that's not necessary.
That's not how it's done.
If a person can take, they should know how to give.
Mother-in-law? Eun Nim?
It's your father's voice.
What're you doing here at this hour?
I brought some clothes for Eun Nim to change into for work.
I was just about to go home to change.
I wasn't sure what to bring. I picked out a few things, but I don't know if it's right.
Is something going on lately?
You're so pale.
It's nothing.
I'm so sad.
I think something's going on but you won't tell me and go to your grandmother instead.
No, nothing's going on.
Of course.
Then, okay.
If something does come up, come to me first, okay?
No matter what the world throws at you, I'll protect you.
No matter what the mistake is. Okay?
That's right.
Let's go.
Eun Nim!
Are you doing all right?
Yes, I'm okay now.
Thank you for yesterday. My grandmother said...
to extend her thanks.
For what?
I'm just glad you're okay. I couldn't sleep a wink last night worrying about you.
So... I mean...
Eun Nim, let's get on.
Come in.
President, I apologize for yesterday.
I heard that you were so ill that you fainted. Are you okay now?
If you're sick, you should say so. I'm not such a strict person.
In the future if there's a problem, confer with Mr. Oh and make a schedule.
Yes, I understand.
Did the President yell at you?
No. Did you tell the President that I was ill and fainted?
What? Secretary Go, did you faint yesterday?
Yes? You didn't say anything?
One second.
Yes, Madam. I understand.
Then how did the President know?
Thankfully, Angel's finances don't look bad.
Yes, sir.
There's a rumor that they will merge with a company in Japan. This should be a good fit.
Yes, sir.
I will contact their representative. Good work.
And America's Prime Consulting development director will be coming to Korea next week.
Then, make sure to prepare their lodging and agenda well.
Yes, sir.
Ah, I left it at home.
Are you going out?
Yoo Bin's father left a document at home. So we're delivering it to him.
Okay, that's good. Go visit the English kindergarten I told you about.
I made a call to the principal to make your appointment today.
I'm not making you send him. Just go in for a meeting. What's wrong with that?
It's good to hear what the educator's have to say.
Yes, I'll see.
Make sure you go. I'll let them know you're coming.
Yoo Bin, say goodbye.
See you later.
Let's go.
The person you have called is not available. Please leave a message after the beep.
I'll be going out for a while.
Have you been well?
Yes, have you been well?
I heard you were unwell. Are you okay?
Yes, but how did you know?
Hi, Yoo Bin.
Yoo Bin doesn't ever let go of the teddy bear you gave him.
Thank you, Yoo Bin, for liking it so much.
Yoo Bin, since aunt is sick. Give her an “Aunt, feel better!” kiss.
Oh, so good.
The Director is in, right?
Let's go to Dad.
Let's go to Dad.
Take Mommy's hand.
Take Mommy's hand.
Let's go.
Oh, hi.
Oh, look! Yoo Bin came, too!
The document is here.
Ah, I'm jealous.
You just saw him this morning and you're still so happy together again?
Yoo Bin, you want to make Mommy more jealous by giving me a kiss?
Honey, it's almost lunch.
If you don't have an appointment, take us out. It's been a long time since we had lunch together.
Oh, what should we do? I actually have an appointment for lunch.
Then, it can't be helped.
Yoo Bin, let's go for today.
Go ahead out. We can leave together.
[Incoming call... Hong]
Honey, where do you have your lunch appointment?
Near Gwanhanmoo.
It would've been nice to have lunch together...
Next time, give me a call before coming out.
You delivered cake to our house a couple of days ago, didn't you? From Kyu Ke Dong?
The cake was so delicious.
Thank you.
But I went to your shop a few days ago and you weren't in.
I see.
What are you doing here?
I'm on my way out from delivering a cake.
Let's go.
We can call in an order for cakes, right?
Of course. Goodbye.
Have a good day.
That woman is wearing the same necklace you gave out as a present.
That necklace must be in fashion lately.
Why do you talk to random people? You don't even know her.
What's wrong with it?
I'll be ordering lots of cakes from her in the future. It's good to know who she is.
Careful driving.
Okay. Will you be late today? You'll be eating dinner at home today?
I don't know what'll happen. I'll call.
Meet me for a moment.
Are you insane? That place...
Yes, I am insane. I went all the way there because I've gone insane.
How much must I have wanted to see you that I went there?
I told you! We're over.
Says who?
If you decide it's over, is it all done?
I never ended it. It can never be over.
Don't ever come before me again.
Don't call. Okay?
Really? Are you telling the truth? It's a lie, isn't it.
I know, it's all a lie.
You wanted to see me, too! I know you did!
Sit down.
Where did Eun Nim go that you're eating alone?
Secretary Go must really be ill. She has no appetite so she didn't come down.
Did you eat well?
Yeah. You should go try to eat a little.
I'm okay.
[A message has arrived.]
Will you come to the roof for a moment? I have something to say...
Eun Nim!
Over here.
I was holding this, so it wouldn't cool...
Come sit down.
What's this?
Porridge. I heard you didn't eat lunch because you weren't feeling well.
Ah, good. It didn't cool.
Kang Ho...
Sit down.
You should eat it while it's hot.
Kang Ho, why are you being so good to me?
Well, we're colleagues and... we're friends!
Of course, I should be good to you.
Oh, really. It'll all get cold. Hurry and eat it.
I went all the way to the porridge shop and was so worried it'd get cold
that I held it inside my jacket the whole way here.
Thank you, Kang Ho. I'll eat it well.
I don't know what kind of difficult thing happened to you,
but you can't keep brooding on past events.
There is no one that doesn't have a past and difficult times to remember.
That's why there's even this kind of poem:
Even if life deceives you, don't get angry or disappointed.
What was after that...
Anyway, there's also another...
Even if the cock doesn't crow dawn will come.
Light and darkness follow each other.
After the night, morning comes. Forget all the difficult times.
Eun Nim, aja!
You laughed! Look, it's so much better when you laugh.
And then your food goes down well.
Going somewhere?
Yes. To look for work.
Unni, have a good day.
Unni, come in early so we can have dinner together.
We'll see.
Hey, how long is she going to stay here?
Unni, don't give her an attitude and let her be for a while.
She's pitiable. How bad must it have been for her to run off like that?
You really... and me too.
We are probably the only people who would take in a con artist.
She said she'll leave to find her daughter when the bruises on her face fade.
Let's just wait until then.
Hello? Is it Gyung Won? Yeah, it's me, Soon Kyung.
What? A class reunion?
A class reunion?
Oh, I don't know. I've been so busy lately I don't know if I'll be able to make it.
Really? Everyone's coming out?
I can't not go. If I don't, they'll just talk about me.
What should I wear...
How can I have nothing to wear.
Mom, what're you doing? What's all this?
Tomorrow's my class reunion and I don't have a single thing to wear.
But what can you do? You've got to choose well among the things you have.
Hey, look in your wardrobe for a fall coat and things that are a bit big.
Then I can wear whatever with the coat on top.
Mom, be realistic. How can you fit into my clothes?
Just bring it, you wretched girl. I'll just wear light things under it!
If the clothes won't do, then I should at least have a decent ring or necklace to put on.
What have I done with my life...
Mom, this is the biggest out of all my jackets.
Give it here. Move.
Mom! If you force it, it'll rip! It's expensive...
Move, girl.
This is expensive.
What is this!
This is why I told you, it wouldn't work.
Oh, really.
At this age, I don't even have an outfit or a ring that I can wear with pride to a class reunion.
Why's my life so pitiful?
Even if the clothes are nothing special,
if you wear it with the right bag or ring it changes the whole outfit.
Bag or ring?
That's right.
Oh, right! Why didn't I think of that!
Oh, what's going on? You didn't even call.
The kimchi was perfectly ripe and the weather was so nice that I wanted to visit you.
Thinking about an old lady like me, thank you.
- Come sit down over here. - Yes.
It must be because I wore such a light jacket. Coming here, I was a bit chilly.
The wind has been pretty cold lately. Let's go into my room then.
Come sit up here. The heated bed should feel good.
Wow. It's so nice.
As you get older, you have to stay warm.
That's right.
Did you eat lunch before you came?
How are your hands so pretty?
Pretty? Now that I'm old they're all wrinkled.
No, no. They're prettier than mine.
Why didn't your son put pretty rings on a hand like this?
No, my son gave me quite a few pretty rings.
Really? Can I take a look at them?
Take a look.
Oh, wow. All these are yours?
Some are from my late husband and some are from my son.
Oh, wow. You are really blessed.
I have to go to a class reunion tomorrow
and I don't even have a decent ring to put on my finger.
What's that about, not having a ring to wear to your class reunion?
Would you like to borrow one of mine?
Sure, sure.
Is there another ring so pretty in the whole world!?
I'll be back.
Let's go.
I must be an idiot! I should have told Mom to figure out who Kang Ho oppa likes.
Anyone here?
Why does he keep coming here?
What's this?
It's chicken. I've started delivering chicken, too.
If you ever want any, just give me a call.
Okay. I'll eat it well.
Then, I'll be on my way.
Yes? What is it?
Have you seen Kang Ho oppa lately?
Not lately, why?
Then, never mind.
Why? What do you want to know?
I heard that Kang Ho has found a girl. Do you know who it is?
Kang Ho hyung has found a girl?
I didn't know.
Then, can you find out who he likes?
That, of course.
But, do you like Kang Ho hyung?
Don't ask that. Are you going to find out or not?
Yes, I will.
Hello? Yes, Principal.
My child never came?
That's so strange. She said she would go.
Something must have come up.
I am so sorry. I will contact you again.
Oh, our Yoo Bin is home.
What are these balloons? Did you go somewhere fun?
Yes. We went to the office to drop of some documents for Yoo Bin's father
and then went to the store to pick up some coloring books.
Good, good.
You, do my words mean nothing to you?
Hey, what're you saying in front of the child?
Ahjumma, take Yoo Bin and go upstairs.
Yes, ma'am.
Yoo Bin, let's go upstairs.
Why didn't you go to the English kindergarten today?
I told you that I had made an appointment with the Principal!
I thought about going, Mother, but I think that this year is too soon for Yoo Bin.
What? So you knew from the beginning that you weren't going to do as I said.
If you're going to be like this, then take your hands out of Yoo Bin's education.
How can you talk like that?
Why are you interfering in Yoo Bin's education decisions?
Yoo Bin's mother is perfectly capable of taking care of her own son's education.
And even I think that it's too early for Yoo Bin to learn English.
If you don't know what you're talking about, then stay out of it, Mother.
What did you just say to me?
Did you just tell me to stay out of it?
Does this house have no understanding of respect!?
I've had to patiently deal with everything going on in this house…
And now you're calling your mother-in-law a brainless scarecrow?
Why are you being like this, Mother!?
You, really!
What's going on here?
My son, I must have lived too long.
Son, I can't live in this house with that woman any longer.
Either she must go or I will...
Son, start looking for a nursing home.
Mother, why are you being so unreasonable?
What right do you have to say that here?
How did time fly so fast? Eun Nim must have already left.
Yes, Kang Ho.
I've already left.
Where are you?
In front of the bus stop.
How could you leave alone?
I'm sorry but the dinner I was going to buy today, can we do it next time?
Because I'm not feeling too well today...
I'm not asking you to buy me dinner. I just wanted to see you home.
Why would you want to do that?
Because you're not feeling well.
Just wait a moment. I'm almost there.
Eun Nim!
Kang Ho, I know that you're taking care of me because you're a good person,
but I'd like it if we could continue as good colleagues...
Good colleagues?
What's she mean by that?
Does she not like me?
Why's he like this?
Is he acting up again?
Why are you bringing that pillow in here?
I wanted to sleep next to Mom for the first time in a long time.
No, you can't. It's uncomfortable here.
Why not? I can just lie on the floor then.
It's so warm and nice.
Yes, it's good.
Shall I massage your shoulders?
Even if I yell at your wife at times,
you're not allowed to act like that. Think about Kang Ho.
Even if she makes ninety-nine mistakes and you don't like her,
think about how she welcomed and took care of Kang Ho when you brought him home.
You have to forgive her.
How is it? Feel good?
Not like it was before.
Maybe it's been too long. I'll massage you more often from now on.
What're you doing here and not sleeping?
And why aren't you sleeping, Mother?
I can't sleep. But why? Is work not going well?
Then why are you out here drinking? You're worrying me.
I know you'll do well, but I even had to beg your father to give you this project. Do it well.
Don't worry. It's late, go in.
I'll clean this up. Go on.
What happened?
Take a hot cup of tea to your mother-in-law as well.
The lower person must the one to bring up apologies so that the house is peaceful.
Mother, have some tea.
I am sorry for yesterday. I didn't mean to make you unhappy.
This year is a bit hard, but next year I'll do as you say.
So, please let go of your anger.
I didn't say anything. I understand, you can go.
Eun Nim.
Eun Nim. Are you well today?
Yes, thank you for asking.
What was that? She's acting completely professional.
It might even be that she's acting like that because she doesn't know how I feel.
Should I just tell her? That I like her.
Is tonight good? I also have something to tell you.
I'm sorry.
Tonight's a bit difficult, but next time.
I'll definitely treat you next time.
She's acting all professional again.
I was holding it, so it wouldn't cool.
Hurry and eat it while it's warm.
Yes, Grandmother?
I'm on the bus on the way home.
What? Kang Ho?
Grandmother, I think it needs more red pepper paste.
Then go ahead and put in a bit more.
Yes, Grandmother.
This amount?
Yes, that's good.
Didn't our Eun Nim say anything?
I asked her to see if you had time to come over for dinner this weekend.
I have time.
Taking Eun Nim to the hospital and all, we have a lot to thank you for.
It wasn't much, but if you invite me I'll go no matter what.
Kang Ho, what are you doing here?
Eun Nim.
Eun Nim?
Kang Ho, come with me.
Kang Ho,
what are you doing at my grandmother's stand?
Don't you think you're overstepping?
Eun Nim,
do you really not know why I'm doing this?
I'm not sure.
I don't know what your reasons are, but please don't do this from now on.
It's burdensome.
I love you, Eun Nim.
I really like you.
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Do you have a girlfriend? Who is she?
Let's go, I'll send you home.
It's ok.
Come closer. You're getting drenched by the rain.
Come out.
What for?
I'll stay out here in the rain.
I'll be here the whole night and I don't care if I die!
What are you doing? Why?
Do you want to see me go crazy?
Who do you think you are? Why do you keep coming to my grandmother's stall?
I've already told you clearly my reason for coming here.
I came here because I like you, because I love you.
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