Injured From a Broken Sidewalk - Who is at Fault? New York Injury Attorney Raymond Silverman

Uploaded by parkerwaichman on 07.02.2012

You're walking down the sidewalk in your neighborhood.
The next thing you know you
trip, you fall, you're on the ground.
What you ended up tripping over was a piece of broken
sidewalk. Unfortunately, this is a circumstance and an occurrence
that we see all the time. In New York City, there are miles and
miles of sidewalk and quite often - as each of has seen as
we've walked around the city - we see large portions of that
sidewalk, that's cracked, broken with large holes. I'm here to
talk to you a little bit today about cases involving broken
sidewalks: who's responsible for those cases and what you should
do if you're involved in an accident. In New York City,
there can be a variety of different parties who may be
responsible for the condition of the sidewalk that's in front of
their property. It's important when something like this happens
to you that you contact a lawyer to determine who is ultimately
responsible for that condition of the sidewalk. In some
circumstances, there may some strict time deadlines depending
on who is responsible. So it's important to have that
investigated as soon as possible. In general, the law as
it relates to broken sidewalks, you have to show that the person
who is responsible for it was aware of that condition. Quite
often as we've seen, we see that these conditions sometimes last
for long periods of time, clearly just by the very nature
of the condition itself. But it's important that you hire an
experienced attorney that will be able to look into that for
you and determine who is ultimately responsible. These
situations happen all the time. You pursuing your rights if
you're injured in such an accident may prevent the next
person from being injured, as you may wake up the property
owner or the person responsible for that sidewalk and fix that
condition, so that the next person who comes along won't be
injured. Hi. I'm Raymond Silverman, one of trial
attorneys here at Parker Waichman. If you've had an
incident where you've tripped and fell on a broken sidewalk,
call us. We handle cases like this every single day. You have
questions; we can provide answers for you.
Thank you for listening.