Photoshop Backlit Text : Photoshop Backlit Text: Adjust Brightness

Uploaded by expertvillage on 28.09.2008

Okay, let's continue on with what we got here. As you can see here, our shadows are not quite
as bright as we'd like them, so let's do an adjustment layer. Let's click here, and let's
go down to levels. I think levels will help us out a bit. If we bring this up like so,
we'll get quite a bit of light going on now. There we go; that's bright. That's what I
like to see. That looks pretty good, so we're going to go ahead and hit OK, and you know
what? Let's see if we can add just a little bit of color to this. Let's go, and let's
add us another adjustment layer, and let's say, let's go into hue/saturation like so.
You can hit colorize here, and you know what? Let's bring this to a bluish color; somewhere
in there like that, take our saturation down just a little bit, just where it's barely
edging it blue, like so. That looks pretty good; I like that. Now what we're going to
do is we're going to take our darkness copy and turn it back on, but this is a little
bit too much, so what we're going to do is we'll fix this in our next part.