Snow White and the Huntsman - Fourth TV Spot

Uploaded by WorldCinemaNews on 27.04.2012

Hi and welcome to AC News! Here’s today’s video clip, movie news are coming up!
Both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie should have been cast in the new movie by Ridley Scott, The Counselor,
adapted from the novel by Cormac McCarthy.
It should have been the first time that the couple appeared on screen since 2005 with Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Now it seems that Jolie can't participate because already tied to another production, the one for Maleficent.
Penelope Cruz has filled up the space,
next to her husband Javier Bardem for the eight time.
Also Micheal Fassbender is in the cast, he plays the part of an awful layer.
The movie should start shooting this may.
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