Paris, France - Video tour of Latin Quarter - Part 3

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I'm David Hill with New York Habitat
and today we're going to explore one of the liveliest
and most popular areas of Paris,
the Quartier Latin, or the Latin Quarter.
New York Habitat Video
with David Hill
The Latin Quarter - Part 3, Paris, France
This is the third episode of our 3-part series
on the Latin Quarter.
If you haven't yet watched the 1st or 2nd episodes,
you can find them on our YouTube channel.
Located on the Left Bank,
where the Roman city of Lutetia once stood,
the Latin Quarter stretches from the river
to the top of Mount St. Genevieve.
The Luxemburg garden
is one my favorite spots in Paris.
It's an oasis of green
in the middle of the city,
perfect for strolling or sitting.
It is the garden of the Luxemburg Palace,
built in the early 17th century
by the widow of king Henry IV.
The palace is now home to the French Senate.
The gardens have a lovely pond,
a fountain and beautiful statues.
There's even a taste of modern living,
with free Wifi provided!
This is the Pantheon,
the burial place of many famous French people,
such as Voltaire and Rousseau.
It sits at the top of Mount Saint Genevieve.
After the Revolution, it went back and forth
between being a church and a mausoleum,
but it has been a mausoleum now
for the last 125 years.
You can climb the dome
for a super view of the city.
This church, the église Saint-Etienne-Du-Mont,
which is the parish church of the area,
took 109 years to build.
Begun in 1518 it's a transitional church,
with Flamboyant Gothic,
Renaissance and Baroque features.
In its beautiful interior,
you'll find a superb 17th century pulpit,
an exquisite organ case
and the tombstone of Saint Genevieve.
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or the Luxemburg Garden,
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Beside souvenirs,
books are what to buy in the Latin Quarter.
Antique books are sold by the bouquinistes,
the stallholders whose green boxes
you can see along the side of the river.
As in medieval times,
there are bookshops all over.
There are also many clothing and shoe shops.
One thing you won't want to miss
is the Notre Dame Cathedral.
Located just a stone's throw away from the Latin Quarter,
on the tip of the Ile de la Cité,
the Cathedral is one of the most beautiful gothic works
of the end of the 12th century.
It's well worth making the climb to the top of the towers
to see Paris through the eyes of Quasimodo!
While you're at the Notre Dame,
hunt around just in front and you'll find "Pointe Zero".
This is the point from which
all distances in France are measured.
One last little secret here in the Latin Quarter,
if you manage to find the street called Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche,
you have come across what is said to be the shortest
and narrowest street in the world.
Be sure to check out parts 1 & 2
of our three-part series on the Latin Quarter.
In parts 1 & 2,
we'll take you the St Michel fountain,
a few churches,
show you were to eat,
show you the oldest building in Paris and more!
Well, we covered a lot of ground today
here in the Latin Quarter in Paris.
If we missed any of your favorite hotspots here,
make sure you share them with us
in the comments section below.
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I'm David Hill with New York Habitat.
We hope to see you soon here in the Latin Quarter.
Or, as they say in Latin, Bonum cursum,
or in French, bon voyage!