Jo Weil & Thore Schölermann @ Volle Kanne - Part 1/4 with English subtitles

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Good morning! Here's "Volle Kanne" with Friday's edition. We'll send you off into the weekend with wonderful 1½ hours. It's going to be a men only group today.
I've invited a true dream couple. Rarely have two men on TV ever looked so good making out. It'll be a great morning, that, among other things, will look like this...
...and Forbidden Love. My guests are the actors Jo Weil and Thore Schölermann.
Oh no! Uh! Oh! Almost! Maybe there'll be more later in this show.
Good morning! - Good morning! Hello! Good morning!
In Forbidden Love you're Christian and Oliver, but you're also good friends in real life. You've just returned from Mallorca.
Actually, you've been there with your girlfriend but you two saw each other all the time anyway?
Yes, unfortunately we met there. On Mallorca, it's not that easy to...
We came across each other and said, okay then, let's do something together.
For once you're on vacation from Forbidden Love and then you go to relax in Mallorca.
Yes, it's unbelievable. We just said, now we've been filming together for such a long time and we still get along. We even share a dressing room and we still don't get on each others nerves.
There are few people I see as often as Thore. It's really true.
You're a bit like an old married couple, aren't you?
People tell us so. - Our colleagues say there are some similarities. When we discuss stuff or just talk about something, we often hear, you really are like an old married couple.
Is that good? - I don't really know. Is this something good? - Maybe we should think about it.
What does your girlfriend say? You go on vacation together and you meet with him all the time?
Well, they're very good friends. I'm actually a bit jealous. Yeah, it's really awful. She'd have preferred to meet with him every day.
And I said, okay, that's enough now. No, they get along very well. It's all very harmonic. Too harmonic almost, we should...
Actually it almost sounds boring. Well, we also argue a lot...a lot...a lot...
Right! - Yeah, yeah, sure! ... just to have some an arc of suspense.
Yeah, right, yes, there are also things we disagree on.
You sometimes spend 7 days a week with each other. On the weekend you're at fan meetings or events.
It actually sounds awful when you hear it. But you don't share a double room on your journeys, do you?
We've done that.
It's like Thore just said, for three years now we've been together all the time. We still get along really well. We're really lucky that it's like this.
Could also have happened that we couldn't stand each other, then this would've been a very hard time.
Then making out wouldn't have worked out that well either, right?
That's right. Although, I have to say, sharing a bed wasn't very relaxing. That wasn't really… - That was odd.
Sharing a dressing room is okay and sitting here together is also okay, but sharing a bed was heavy.
I didn't realize that the couple you're playing is so popular worldwide. People in Canada, in the US and worldwide are watching you, even though they don't have Forbidden Love on television.
Yeah, that's quite exciting, At some point fans started editing our scenes, posting them on youtube with subtitles.
That way people in America could see it, suddenly lots of people were watching. In the meantime it's available in all languages I know.
It's really crazy! It became so dynamic, we couldn't believe it ourselves.
In the beginning we were invited to Canada. We sat there thinking, oh god, what's going to happen? Let's just fly over there!
And then it really was the way they told us it would be. We've had an appearance for the press and…
You've suddenly been in the jury for Mr Gay World!
Yes, I wouldn't have thought I'd ever do something like this. Maybe Miss Iserlohn at some point, that's where I come from, but no, suddenly Mr Gay World!
Hot stories! We're looking forward to a beautiful morning with you two handsome guys.
We'll also show scenes from the wedding. - Oh! You'll be walking down the aisle!
All of that still to come in this show. If you have any questions, send them to us via email or telephone.
I'll fetch us some more water. I've heard you drink 7 liters a day?
Oh, you know everything. Yes, that's right. I drink a lot because… it's healthy and makes me fitter. For metabolism. - Yeah.
Can we eat all of this? Yes, yes, enjoy! We've got more, back in the house.
Sooo cute! 'Volle Kanne' breakfast with the dream couple from Forbidden Love.
Actor Jo Weil brought along his colleague Thore Schölermann. And he'd love to have a dog too, right?
Yeah, a German shepherd is… well, we have dogs at home, but I think a shepherd is really awesome. I think a thoroughbred German shepherd is really beautiful.
You have dogs at home? I thought you wouldn't have any pets because you have no time at all.
Oh yeah, that's right. In Cologne… Well, I come from the Sauerland and there we've a lot of animals.
We live on something resembling a farm and there have to be dogs.
Here in Cologne, there really is no time. I brought my dog to the studio once and she didn't like it at all.
Oh well, she ran around and had fun, so actually…
But she had no boars to hunt and no… well, it was kind of strange for her, I think. Walking into a house and then I'd stay inside, that was strange for her.
Yeah, you can't have pets in the city.
But riding is possible? You've got a horse? At least we have a picture that shows you riding. Isn't it yours?
No. That's the good thing; I'm normally not allowed to ride while I'm employed with Forbidden Love.
But because of this thing for the press, that was for the Equitana, I was allowed to ride again after all, with an extra insurance by our production.
I was also allowed to ride in the show, and then at the Equitana.
How high is the insurance? Do you have any idea what you're worth?
I don't really know, it'll probably almost be 150 Euro... Yeah, sure!
You're afraid of horses?
Yes, a bit. I've the deepest respect for them. Why?
They're so big. Have you had bad experiences with a horse?
Yes and no. I've not grown up in the countryside, that's why I didn't really have any connection to horses as a child.
And a horse has bitten one of my great aunts in the shoulder. In the shoulder?
And as I child I saw her running around for months… always saying "Oh, my shoulder!"
That's why I'm afraid of horses. And that's the exciting thing now while filming...
He doesn't have to act!
Thore succeeded in making me have the courage to let a horse eat grass out of my hand.
I haven't done that in 30 years, but with the good training on set…
It's almost therapeutic. - Yeah.
No, we've worked a lot with horses now. And it's difficult when everything has to happen quickly and someone's really afraid.
When the camera comes from above… that's awful for horses, then the sound, huge reflectors...
And the horses stand there and you think, oh god, soon one of them is gonna jump.
You better not tell Jo about it. Just say: they are totally calm!
They are totally calm, they won't bite your hand. They really don't do that. But we've come this far, Jo!
Well, I can do it, trembling. I still respect them very much.
It's probably better that way, in case something happens some time after all.
We want to take a look at your career and at the two of you in Forbidden Love. My colleagues edited something. Here you go! Oh oh!
Kisses between men. A scandal in the past. Today a hit in the ratings.
Thore Schölermann and Jo Weil play Christian and Olli in Forbidden Love.
Every evening they delight millions of fans.
At prime time two men loving each other is not a reason to switch off the TV, but to switch it on.
I don't have any coming-out problems.
You're only in such a state because it's a huge problem for you that you're into guys.
I'm not gay, understand?
The beginning of the couple's story is difficult. Christian hasn't come out yet.
Nevertheless, sparks fly between these two and they become a couple.
The characters Christian and Olli are even well known abroad. They receive fan mail from all around the world.
After three years of ups and downs there's only one question left for Olli.
You're the man of my life.
Will you marry me?
It's the first gay wedding in 15 years of Forbidden Love.
Whether their wedding will be a fairytale wedding or if Christian will get cold feet in front of the altar after all, remains a secret. For now.
You showed me who I really am.
Awww, so cute! The wedding hasn't aired yet, right?
I've seen this for the first time. No, we'll say 'I do' next Friday, 6pm at ARD.
Standing in front of Dirk Bach. Yes.
Didn't you have to pull yourself together to not laugh in front of him?
No, that was really… we've been a bit worried… will they make fun of it?
But Dirk was really very, very professional and did a great job!
Completely different from the way you normally know him.
Very pleasant colleague, very humble and modest. It really was a lot of fun.
What's on my mind the whole time, what does your girlfriend say when you're kissing a strange man on TV all the time?
She's a little afraid that it looks so real, and then I'm a bit shocked, too, but well, that's the job.
She's an actress too, right?
Yes, fortunately she's an actress too.
That's an advantage. She knows how it is, maybe it wouldn't be this easy otherwise. Well, she doesn't have a problem with it.
Did you rehearse intensively beforehand? You've made out in front of the camera before, but I imagine kissing a man is special.
We didn't really rehearse it. At some point the script said we'd have to kiss. That was somewhat predictable, right?
And we said, okay. The director said "please" and we kissed for the first time.
The good thing was that it really was the first time for us, and for the role as well. We didn't have to play someone who'd done it a thousand times before.
You more than me. You've already had something with a man.
For me, I was allowed to be surprised.
And I've said this a thousand times in interviews, it really is different.
You can see, Jo has strong beard growth now.
But it's very soft. - That's irritating me a lot. - It's a beautiful, soft beard.
You can put cream on it beforehand, so it won't tickle as much.
You can? - I don't know, I thought so.
We should give it a try.
He always pretends like he's the victim here. I've only been allowed to have a beard for one year now. He's had one the entire time.
So, I'm suffering much longer because of his beard. I don't want to hear any more comments about mine.
Okay, then I'll stop now. You see, these are the kind of problems we're dealing with.
We'll talk more about your problems soon. And we'll take a look at the history of men kissing on film.
Now it's our cook's turn, and I think he has something sweet for us today.
Okay, I'll take a roll.