NAUGHTY OR NICE: Screen Team (Episode 3) D-trix Presents Dance Showdown

Uploaded by DanceOn on 19.10.2012

CHAD: Are you feeling real nervous?
Very, very nervous.
CHAD: Angie's never danced before.
I've had a little tiny dance experience.
I just can't wait to meet our choreographer.
ANGIE: Yeah.
CHAD: And see what kind of dance we do.

CHAD: Oh my goodness.
ANGIE: Oh my god.
I just walked into the room and saw Mike Song.
And I couldn't believe it.
CHAD: Mike Song's like one of my idols.
So I really couldn't be more excited that we got him as our
MIKE SONG: What are your guys' names?
I know you guys are ScreenTeam.
But I never ever--
I don't know--
CHAD: Chad.
ANGIE: I'm Angie.
CHAD: Yeah.
MIKE SONG: Good to meet you guys.
CHAD: Great to meet you too.
MIKE SONG: Awesome.
I'm really excited because this is the first and only duo
on this season.
So I'm really excited to experiment with three people
as opposed to just a partner dance.
But on the other side, I don't know how it's going to turn
out, because it's going to be having to get
everybody on the same page.
And that's kind of difficult sometimes.
Yeah, I saw some of your guys videos.
I know you guys do parodies and stuff like that.
How did you guys get started with that?
CHAD: You know what, we just love geeky stuff.
MIKE SONG: Yeah, me too.
CHAD: Talking--
MIKE SONG: Totally.
ANGIE: Oh, awesome.
CHAD: --video games.
Video games, superheroes--
CHAD: That sort of thing.
MIKE SONG: Totally, yeah.
Those are two big inspirations for me with
dance as well, actually.
ANGIE: Awesome.
MIKE SONG: I'm loving ScreenTeam.
ANGIE: We've been together--
CHAD: What?
Six years?
We did 11 trips back and forth between Wisconsin and
California to see each other before
finally I moved out here.
And that's when we really started doing our YouTube.
Our hobbies happen to be what we're doing as ScreenTeam.
MIKE SONG: Do you guys have any dance experience?
ANGIE: Nope.
CHAD: Angie has none at all.
But I love watching all kinds of stuff.
Dance crews.
I used to watch a lot of old tap, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly.
MIKE SONG: Oh, awesome, yeah, yeah.
So maybe we can mix an element of a Gene Kelly type of old
school type of feel, but still mix it in, so that we can play
a certain type of character.
Maybe like a--
like a puppets type of feel with suits
and hats and whatnot.
ANGIE: I love that.
MIKE SONG: Chad was also talking about how he's
inspired by Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.
So that kind of gave me an idea of not only just putting
them into characters, but kind of giving it like a slightly
old school type of twist.
Let's go through some basic tutting and connecting.
If like this part of your arm was attached to you and you
could only bend from the elbow, you should still be
able to do this move.
It's like [GRUNTS].

CHAD: When he said we're going to do some tutting, I thought
oh no, tutting.
But it was-- it's kind of fun.
I like it.
It's a fun thing to do.
I accidentally tutted you in the head.

ANGIE: The most difficult thing right now is just trying
to move my body, because I'm very awkward
and like just weird.
CHAD: I saw you doing it.
Now let's go over some basic glides.
This is basically just going to be walking forward, right,
left, right, left.
So let's try that.
So I'm going to go this way first.
I'll go six, seven, eight.
We'll bend, bend, bend, bend.
Seems like Angie's a little bit nervous, because she's
picking it up a little slower than Chad.
There's still a lot of good sides to it.
First good side being that at least both of
them don't learn slow.
One, a two, a three, a--
I can see Chad just totally backing her up.
And I saw him kind of helping her out, so that's awesome.
Lunge, nice, lunge, lunge, lunge.
Yeah, that's way better.
MIKE SONG: Now we're going to step.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
So the signature move of this dance is the box step.
Three, four, five, six, seven.
Well, bam!
CHAD: So we're doing the box step.
And I thought oh this--
I'm always aware of what Angie's doing.
And I'm thinking that one might be tough for Angie.
And what did you think?
ANGIE: I thought It was one of the easier moves.
But I don't know if I was doing it right, though.
So I figure we should add canes to this performance as
paying homage to the Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly
ANGIE: The cane throws me off.
I'm like wait, I'm supposed to move my arms?
CHAD: The cane is supposed to be four down and four up.
And I'm going up and down, and all over the place.
MIKE SONG: Right, top, right, left.
I'm a little bit nervous about Angie's pick up with the
I hope that she can just learn as fast as Chad is, so that we
can just be clean together.
Wooow, wah, wah, wah, bottom, bottom.
ANGIE: I'm definitely nervous about the time we have to
learn this.
But I guess we'll see.
MIKE SONG: It takes a lot more coordination having three
people as opposed to two.
So if one person messes up, it throws everything off.

CHAD: We're talking about getting married, getting a
house, starting a family, getting a dog.

CHAD: It would be huge for us.
MIKE SONG: Now, are you guys nervous at all?
Or how do you guys feel?
ANGIE: Very nervous.
MIKE SONG: You guys are together, yes?
CHAD: Yes, we are.
We met online.
I'm from Wisconsin.
MIKE SONG: Online?
ANGIE: Yeah.
MIKE SONG: How did that happen?
CHAD: On Hot or Not.
ANGIE: Yeah.
CHAD: Do you remember Hot or Not?
ANGIE: Yeah.
CHAD: Do you remember Hot or Not?
MIKE SONG: Yes, I totally--
You guys are like uber-online couple to the max.
CHAD: Yes, for sure, yes.
ANGIE: That's right.
MIKE SONG: That's so awesome.
That makes me happy.
Let's kill this performance.
CHAD: Let's do it.
ANGIE: Let's do it.