How To Do Thai Boxing : What To Wear For Thai Boxing

Uploaded by expertvillage on 11.04.2008

Next thing I like to show I like to kind of go over my attire I have these shorts. These
are Thai shorts, classic Thai shorts a lot of these personal meaning. Classic Thai shorts
have the word Muay Thai in Thai on the shorts it would usually across here. They are usually
made of nylon there by letting the guys kick higher. You notice they are kind of short
to. Also the fabric will not stick to your leg when it is hot and your sweating verses
a cotton. If you wear cotton or something or something that grabs your knee when you
kick it, it restricts you slightly, okay cotton is unbearable hot and stuff like that. I have
some anklets these are anklets and these are for ankle support they are snuggled, there
are snugged they are not to tight. Again if they where to tight they would cut out my
circulation to my foot I don't want that I just want a enough support where I can feel
some snugness in my Achilles and my ankles. Usually they where no shirts also and I compete
or in any Thai boxing compete.