KARA - STEP dance tutorial by ChunActive [11.09.27] (part1/3)[#25]

Uploaded by ChunActive on 27.09.2011

Hi everyone! I'm Chun and you're watching ChunActive Studio
The tutorial today is Kara - Step ^ ^
The first main move is roll your hip from left to right
Cross your hands, turn your head from left to right
Push your hip to the right in 16 beats
The main point is hip movement with your leg out and in
Let's put them together!
Next part is the dance step like you're walking, use left hand for right leg
Plzzz never ever ever use hand and leg on the same side :PPPP
Ok so part 1 needs to stop here, check my channel later for part 2
now It's time to look down here
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and I'll do it for you next time!
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