Qayamat (2003) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 14

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Laila, We've buried Rachait
You can shut the tunnel from the other side noW
So that they don't even come across his soul
I've pulled out the pin. Toss it at them quickly
What a bombshell! I must take her out on a vacation!
We have either lost the signals, or the camera is damaged
This is no technical glitch. The tWo of them have been killed
When an officer like Akram Shaikh Was felled...
With outstanding commandos of the nation...
What Will these tWo cloWns do? - Mr Home Minister
Maybe you don't knoW my Rachait
He can fight any poWer on earth. - That's your love for him speaking
Yes, my love possesses his soul. And it Won't let him die
There's no jail on earth from Which he cannot escape
History is Witness to that
Rachait, they've blocked all the Ways through the tunnels
Come With us!
Shit! The path this Way is blocked too!
We're going to die here! No one's coming to our rescue!
Why did you come here? Even if I Were dead...
at least you'd have lived! Our love Would have lived on!
I'm suffocating! I'm going to die!
Do something, someone!
Nothing's happening to us!
It's loaded! I just loaded it
GunpoWder? What are you going to do With it?
Rachait, go to the toWer
I'll meet you there after I've defused the rest of the missiles
We haven't been able to establish contact! What are Waiting for?
Just pay them if you Want to save the lives of millions!
Dollars, Pounds... give them Whatever they ask for!
Must We give you your share or Will you take it from them?
Your paWn has told us everything
In any case, Akram had prepared a pretty comprehensive file on you
Half an hour to go and the money still hasn't arrived
Something is surely Wrong
We're going to make the government's plans go Wrong noW
Yes, everything is in place
We've made arrangements to jam the signals of all tv and radio channels
You are the only ones Who Will noW feature on every radio and tv channel
Mumbai's under threat. So is the rest of India
I'm Ali. - I'm Abbas
In exactly 30 minutes, the people in Mumbai Will breathe their last
Because your government does not care for you
If the government does not meet our demands in half an hour...
We Will fire the missile at Mumbai!
The missile is loaded With a deadly virus
Which Will kill you and the Whole city, in a matter of a feW minutes
Listen, halt the transmissiĆ³n of all tv and radio channels immediately
Tell the cable operators to suspend their services till further notice
It's such a deadly virus, anywhere it is dropped...
not even an animal is born for 150 years, let alone a human being
213 people, We have...
Looks like the government has blocked all the tv channels
That's all right. Our job is done
Mumbai must've gone berserk!
Bloody bull!