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Highlights of the news today Friday 28th September
> This man raped & murdered and was set free to rape again twice
> Whilst Mrs Walker receives the full fury of the system!
> John Terry faces Politically correct wrath as well
> Report from Nick Griffin MEP – Muslim Sexual Grooming, from The Times to the Sun!
> Plane heading for Everest crashes killing 19 people
> Man behind anti Muslim film is jailed for probation violation
> Thought for the Day – Problems or Solutions? > And finally – a Fishy problem or a Digital
one? .........................................................................................................
UK NEWS .........................................................................................................................
There is something very wrong with our justice system not necessarily with the Police but
the judiciary and parole boards. Kenneth Mark Shirley, 42 has just received 16 life sentences
on top of the 7 he is already serving for the rape of Helen Stockford in 2009 and the
murder of Mary Wainwright in 1987. Mr Justice Astill added to the life sentences for the
degrading and violent rape of an unnamed woman in her home 7 years ago. He was only at liberty
from the first row of life sentences because he was released from prison on licence three
times by the Parole Board. Avon and Somerset Probation Trust defended its management of
Shirley and said he had not posed "an increased level of risk" and there was ‘no suggestion
it could have done anything to prevent him reoffending’. Helen Stockford, who gave
up her anonymity in 2009, said "strong lessons" needed to be learned by the authorities who
repeatedly freed him. "Again, Shirley has shown that he is a highly dangerous individual
who has total disregard for the terms of his life licence," she said."He's already broken
it three times and now a fourth with this current case.I believe the justice system
in this country needs a complete overhaul particularly with respect to victims of rape
and that's what I've been campaigning for for three long years." A W@8 spokesperson
said ‘Well if he had not been released 3 times he would not have been free to commit
more crimes. His original crime of murder should have resulted in the death penalty,
failing that castration. Apparently his last victim was so traumatised she still cannot
function. His modus operandii is to ‘degrade his victims with knives and other penetrative
objects’ lovely. This man should never have seen the light of day even in our current
‘do goody’ system. My sympathy is with these women and Ms Stockport.’
----------------------------------------------------------- So whilst murderers, rapists and Muslim clerics
blossom in the courts, Mrs Walker from Fareham of the anti Muslim Sexual Grooming leaflet
fame, received a full and indefinite ASBO and costs awarded against her from the Matrix
chambers of Cherie Blair of £5,000 brought down from £20,000. It seems the law is biased
against women, white women and white elderly women and if they point people towards the
British National Party website and mention Nick Griffin or anything about the facts of
Muslim grooming (even though it is all over the Times this week like a rash although very
muddied) the book of the magistrates will weight exceeding heavy! We are still fighting
in her corner though and we have right on our side, so the end is not yet nigh!
............................................................................................................ Although John Terry resigned his Captinacy
with Chelsea he faces a bill of over £770,000 following his criminal trial and the cherry
on the pc cake, the FA Hearing which went ahead after he had resigned. In absentia,
Terry was suspended for 4 games and fined £220,000 for ‘racially abusing’ Anton
Ferdinand in a Premier match last season, although he was acquitted of this so called
crime in a Court hearing on July 13th this year. The legal costs battling these criminal
charges for both the Court and the FA Hearing amount to £750,000 and he will try to recoup
£400,000 from the Court case it was reported in the Sun. He is also liable to pay the costs
of the ridiculous FA hearing, which are reported to be around £200,00. It is clear that ‘racially
motivated ‘crimes’ are big business to the legals and their cohorts. A W@8 spokesperson
commented ‘It will be a good day for Britain when the Human Rights Bill is repealed, then
these vultures will not make money out of a nonsense’.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .
.......................................................................................................... Now I hand you over to Nick Griffin MEP for
his Friday report. Today he covers the Muslim Sexual Grooming scandals which have spread
to the Sun newspaper. -over to you Nick. World at 8. Public Inquiry
“For more than a decade this has gone on. I’m no fan of the British National Party,
because I hate racism, but the BNP was warning about this back in 2001. And what happened?
Its leader was arrested and charged with inciting racial hatred
“People feel they cannot trust the establishment and they begin to look beyond the establishment
for a bit of help. It may hurt to say it, it may be politically inconvenient, in may
stick in the throat – but the BNP was right about this issue.”
The issue, of course, is Muslim grooming gangs preying on our girls, and the words are those
of Rod Liddle, writing in his column in the Sun yesterday. Of course, the obligatory ritual
condemnation is galling nonsense, but we mustn’t let it distract us from the full significance
of the meat of Liddle’s piece.
Despite the continuing well-deserved decline in newspaper circulation, the Sun still has
an enormous print run and an even bigger readership, both online and in the hundreds of thousands
of copies that are each read by several dozen people on building sites, in cafes, barbers’
shops and so on. So literally millions of people will have
seen that first ever admission in the mainstream media that we were right all along about Muslim
grooming gangs, and about the despicable failure of the police, social services and political
‘elite’ to protect tens of thousands of vulnerable young girls.
At the same time, with the report on the sickening scale of the scandal in Rotherham being joined
today by the equally damning details of events in Rochdale, public awareness about the whole
thing is now higher than ever. That means that other cases will now start to come to
light, the police and authorities will now find it harder to brush it all under the carpet.
The pretence that the ‘multi-racial experiment’ has produced some sort of Utopian new society,
rather than an unmitigated disaster that is now a ticking bomb of communal and religious
tensions, can no longer be maintained with a shred of credibility. That won’t stop
the BBC, in particular, regurgitating its tired old multicult propaganda, but it does
make them look ever more out of touch and ridiculous.
So it doesn’t matter that today the Daily Mail makes the absurd and dishonest claim
that its Sue Reid “first exposed the scandal”, when we all know that I was twice put in the
dock to face up to seven years in prison for exposing it while Ms Reid and the Daily Mail
were turning the blindest of blind eyes to my warning and my plea for recognition of
the problem and justice for the victims. It doesn’t matter that Andrew Norfolk of
the Times sat in on both my trials, but waited another three years before he and his paper
started to campaign on the issue. Yes, this is unjust too, but at least the iron curtain
of PC silence has been torn down. At least the issue is now out in the open. We have
one the argument about what is happening, so now we can move on fight to get something
done to stop it for good.
It is a commonplace of history and politics that totalitarian regimes are at their most
vulnerable not when in the full flow of repression and confident propaganda about 5 year plans
and the wonders of their Brave New world, but when they start to backtrack and try to
‘reform’ and ‘listen to the people’. And that, as I’m sure you have already realised,
is where we are with the thoroughly totalitarian multicult. I was out on Wednesday with a team
of local activists in the centre of Burnley, launching our campaign for an independent
Public Inquiry into the grooming scandal. I expected a good response, but even I was
surprised by the extent to which the weary resignation and head in the sand avoidance
of the issue that was all too common a few years ago are now being replaced by real anger.
Anger not just at the Muslim criminal gangs, but particularly at the betrayal by the authorities
who have let them get away with it for so long.
An even more remarkable sign of the changing mood was that, in the space of about an hour
and half, our stall in the shopping precinct was approached by no fewer than five women,
who were either the victims, mums or grandmothers of the victims of grooming. Each of them,
separately, told exactly the same story of official neglect, social services cowardice
and incompetence, and the inverted anti-white racism of the politically correct police.
Two of them in particular told us things so harrowing that it was hard to listen to them
without crying. What monsters have the wretched, smug, out of touch elite let loose in our
poor, betrayed land, on our poor, betrayed people?
The problem is 30 years old, but anger and the number of people now finding the courage
to speak about it, are new. Gang grooming is ceasing to be merely a scandal, it is becoming
a crisis.
If the Powers That Be continue with their cover-ups and their institutionalised neglect
of the victims, and indeed of the communities which are still under systematic assault by
Muslim gangs for whom sexual predation, anti-white racist aggression and drug pushing are a way
of life and a form of punk jihad, then the whole lot will go up in flames.
To prevent such an explosion, we need – urgently - a full, independent Public Inquiry, in which
the high profile invited presence of the British National Party is allowed to reassure the
public that it’s not just another – pardon the pun – whitewash.
And we need action. Ruthless action by the police and the courts , to arrest and jail
the gangs who are out there raping 12 and 13 year old girls right now, tonight. And
tomorrow night, and night after night, in scores of towns and city suburbs. Prison is
too good for these swine, but it will at least be a start.
And there is an equally urgent need for effective action by schools and social services to warn
and educate the ten and eleven year old girls who are even now coming into the abusers’
twisted sights as targets. I believe that, already, the independent Public
Inquiry is something that really could happen. But it won’t happen unless we push for it,
and it won’t be really independent unless we agitate and fight for it. Yet here, at
last, is a major step forward that we really can make happen – a campaign to make a real
difference that we can win. That’s why I was pleased to launch our Public
Inquiry campaign out on the streets of Burnley, in the heart of my constituency, on behalf
of the people whose votes made me an MEP, speaking out for them.
And it’s why I’m asking you to take part too. You can start this evening, by writing
to your local paper about the scandal and, without necessarily naming me or the BNP,
demanding an independent public inquiry into the grooming crisis.
Then you can contact your local organiser and push him to phone our dispatch department
straight away to order the table top display skirt, petitions, leaflets and placards that
we have produced for this campaign. Let’s get to work to secure justice for those girls
and punish the political elite who let them down.
You see, it isn’t enough to be right on this subject. It’s not even enough to be
recognised as having been right, as we have been in the Sun this week. Now we have to
go on and work to turn that recognition into solid support in the ballot boxes and into
a stronger organisation.
These aren’t things that will just happen automatically, we have to get out there and
redouble our efforts to make them happen. Time is of the essence, we must strike again
and again, while the iron is hot. We really are making progress on this already.
In the last few months we have come a long way in re-establishing our position as the
only real nationalist game in town. At the Question Time for Patriots we held this week
in Liverpool, and over in Essex, we are seeing good people who were distracted and misled
into the nearly bankrupt, Muslin-candidate-standing English Democrats, coming back home to the
British National Party where they truly belong. Following our decisive victory in terms of
coming ‘best of the rest’ in last month’s council by-election in Burnley, the National
Front has shelved plans for further electioneering efforts in our northern heartland areas. We
have a lot of work to do to get back to winning elections, but at least the way ahead is once
again uncluttered. The Zionist EDL of Tommy Robinson seems to
be in terminal meltdown, with more and more of the serious and thoroughly decent rank
and file patriots who the English Defence League mobilised in its brief heyday, now
declaring their willingness to work with us on future campaigns, particularly local grass-roots
grooming awareness actions.
We all know that the troubles we went through over our now past two years of hell were co-ordinated
and funded as part of a concerted, Europe-wide effort to knock us true nationalists out of
the game. The aim was to replace us all with a tame, one-track model nationalism that would
oppose Islamisation, but would also support multiculturalism and neo-con wars, and refrain
from criticising the banking swindle and the corporate looting of our national common wealth
through corrupt privatisation deals. Here in Britain at least, that bid has failed.
Real, principled nationalism is alive and well in our British National Party. We have
survived – and more. We haven’t gone away, we’re here to stay, and here to fight. Our
finances are healthy and transparent and our accounts are both fair and on time. Morale
is high. We are moving ahead again. Our time is coming and, together, we are going to be
ready! ..................................................................................
Many thanks Nick for that input. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
WORLD NEWS It has been reported that a plane heading
for the Everest region crashed within minutes from on take off from Katmandu, killing all
19 people on board including seven Britons. Officials say the plane, run by Sita Air,
crashed into a river bank and caught fire. There were 16 passengers and 3 crew, including
7 Britons. The UK Foreign Office says Britons are among the dead but has not confirmed how
many . A W@8 reporter has commented ‘It may seem awful but I just wondered if Joanna
Lumley was making that journey back to her adopted birthplace?’
------------------------------------------------------- It has been reported from Los Angeles by Reuters
that a man, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula 55, who has been linked to the anti Islam film ‘The
Innocence of Muslims’ was jailed without bond for violation of terms of his probation
on a bank fraud conviction. .He was apparently under investigation by Probation Officials
who were looking into whether he had violated the terms of his 2011 from jail on a bank
fraud conviction whilst making the film. As a condition of his release he was banned from
accessing the internet etc. Nakoula, a Coptic Christian living in a Los Angeles suburb circulated
the film online which shows Mohammed as a fool and a sexual deviant. A W@8 writer comments
‘If the cap fits wear it. This man although not blameless is a Christian Copt and they
have been persecuted by Islam and the Muslims for generations. A bit of pay back doesn’t
hurt at all. He may have a point, one has to be open minded over all religions and isn’t
Islam a peaceful open minded religion as we are taught?’
............................................................................................ Thought for the Day Problems or Solutions?
I do hope that by talking about the problems that we face in the world I am not doing the
opposite of what I intend. I intend to bring to the surface several of the many wrongs
around that could be changed and would be by the right governments and the right mind
set. Now it is well known that many people and I mean many, do not want to think of ‘nasty’
goings on. In fact it has been proved that people who are subjected to facts they do
not like go into mental hibernation, or in the case of the English, their homes and whatever
hobbies or habits they adopt. Other countries protest and demonstrate but not us.
It is not my intention to send my listeners scurrying off and hiding but I can understand
the premise of doing just that. Who wants to go to bed thinking of the country’s and
the world’s problems, no one in their right mind. Quite often, if I cannot sleep I just
lie and think and then I cannot stop thinking so I do understand this problem. This saying
by Michael Shermer says it all "Smart people believe weird things because they are skilled
at defending beliefs they arrived at for non-smart reasons" and if you read about ‘conspiracy
theories’ and how they come about, you will see this is what the mind does with ‘unwelcome
information’, it shuts down or makes alternative information. On that subject we could go on
all day and night as that information effectively obliterates any possibility of ‘world wide
conspiracy groups’ but we do know they exist, whether in Bilderberg form or simply Corporate
Zionism or even the Illuminati – I do not know.
However I would not be doing anyone a service if I did not talk about certain things and
the very relevant problems that they bring. I also do talk about solutions and there is
a solution to every problem, that is the nature of life. So get depressed or angry but in
doing so, realise at least you have the freedom at the moment to do something about it, many
have not.
I am going to touch on a few problems swirling round in my old barnet today, including the
lovely bright thought that seems to be sweeping the ‘civilised’ world that there could
be war between Iran and Israel and indeed everyone! Several people have said to me,
words like ‘well it could be taken out of our hands etc’, meaning the bugbears of
massive immigration, foreign aid, our lack of education systems, our international health
service and everything else. Well yes it could but here are a few thoughts.
I believe that everyone should have a country of their own and for their own and with a
few exceptions, stay in them. Now this means that the Jewish people should have their own
country as well. Now Islam occupies most of the countries in the Middle East fact. Iran
may or may not have nuclear weapons, but it does have nuclear potential. Iran also makes
no secret of the fact that it wants to obliterate Israel and all in that country. Incidentally
why does no one object to that phrasing? If we in the West said we wanted to blow Mecca
of the face of the earth I am sure there would be numerous objections to it, both formal
and informal! Now I am not pro Zionist but could any country stand by and watch the total
destruction of a country by another as technically the Jews have not invaded Iran? Could we as
a nation take part in a level of appeasement way past that of Chamberlain with the Third
Reich? Could we really let Islam take out a country that contains the roots of most
of the Western worlds’ religions – Christianity which is based on the life and preachings
of Jesus who was a Jew from the house of David?
Israel contains Jerusalem, the Holy City. Holy to Jews and Christians. Apart from the
conversion of most Arabs to Islam – to my knowledge Jerusalem should mean nothing to
the Muslims because as far as I know Mohammed never went there. Their territory is Mecca
and Medina not Jerusalem. How would the Catholics take to the Vatican being bombed by Iran?
Would they consider that a sacrifice worth making to save the world from further attacks?
Everyone knows that if a country can bomb one country it can bomb another country and
cook up many excuses to do so. So, Israel is gone, Iran is king of Islam’s shitting
pot and the Russians and Chinese are still sabre rattling. The Arab world will have lost
their scapegoat in Israel and will make America the next target even if they do nothing retaliatory.
Poor old America is will be in the firing line because their Jews and Christians will
be expendable as well. In the face of Muslim aggression the West is always wrong isn’t
On the other foot we could bomb Iran first to prevent a full scale nuclear war. Then
of course we would have the world of Islam up in arms for ‘western aggression’. The
unbelievable thing is that I believe the world in general would rather see Israel go and
Islam ‘appeased’ than take Iran out of the picture, despite the rantings of their
President and their ayotollahs. By the time we have convinced ourselves of the New World
Order and US Zionist arms dealers making money out of all the unnecessary wars (which they
do, as indeed do we in the UK) we would be patting ourselves on the back wouldn’t we?
Well take time to think – if that happens that will be the end of life as we know it.
And I do not even mean full nuclear war, what is the point of world domination when there
is no world to dominate? These powers that be are anything but stupid, they have been
filling up people with misinformation for hundreds of years. We in the western world
are especially dominated by that and do you remember what I said at the beginning about
people’s reaction to bad information? They either sidestep it or invent another scenario.
Do not think for a minute, that Israel would be the lamb on the sacrificial alter of the
world for Islamic revenge against the mistakes of fighting on foreign shores and backing
a small new country against a few sheep herders – it will not work out that way at all.
I think I will wait for the Second Coming and the Anti Christ who as they battle it
out on their home land can wipe Islam off the face of the earth as far as I am concerned
and all who sail in it!
As I say I am not pro Zionist in any way, but I am pro human and just as I believe that
Muslims should have their designated countries to themselves (albeit as far away from me
as possible) I also believe that the Jews should have their own country as well and
live without fear in such.
Looking at the roots of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, they all stem from the Judaic root
of Abraham and the land that is now Israel. People must return to their own lands and
make good in those lands. My thought for the world today is Peace is never free and Freedom
is seldom peaceful. .............................................................................................................................
And finally, a true case of guess what? A human finger was found in a trout being cleaned
by fisherman, Nolan Calvin in Bonner County, Idaho. He placed the digit on ice and rang
the sheriff’s office. Detectives there were able to obtain a ‘fingerprint’ and matched
it to Hans Galassi 31. On contacting Hans (or rather no hands) they were told he had
lost four fingers in an accident in June on the same lake that the fish was caught at.
The three other fingers have not been recovered. Hans was offered the finger back but declined.
I have to say it now and I will – this was a true case of Fish Fingers!!!!!!!
-------------------------------------------------- You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne
Mozar and I and the team at W@8 and Radio Britain wish you all a very happy and safe
weekend. W@