Inside UNC Charlotte -- December 2012 -- Football Stadium

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>> Dan Van Dyke:
I started talking to the people here that I know on campus; is this real, is this going
to happen?
I had been involved in Robinson Hall, Cato Hall so I knew the campus.
I love sports so this was kind of like my dream project to do a new stadium.
>> Eric Reichard, Chief Operations Officer, Rodgers:
It is very hard to find a school of this size that has the grounds to build a football stadium,
because most schools this size already have a football team and they may add onto their
stadium but they don’t build a new one.
Most schools that are building one are much smaller than this university.
So to have the opportunity to go in and do that is truly once in a life time.
>> Brad Lambert, Head Football Coach:
Yeah, that was interesting because this is the first time that I have been on the inside
of building a facility like this.
We opened a facility back in March of ‘91, we just kind of moved in there we really didn’t
have anything to do with the process.
This was a lot more fun because they would ask my opinion on things, sometimes they would
and sometimes they wouldn’t, but at least you were involved so it was kind of fun from
our end.
>> Dan Van Dyke:
You know we really were able to blend in the architecture of the field house with the existing
To see how it fit in the context was pretty rewarding.
The press box was kind of a unique challenge cause we kind of called it our Dr. Jeckle
and Mr. Hyde building because one half kind of responds to the architecture of the CRI
campus and the other half wants to be as open and visible to the playing field so that was
a pretty unique challenge.
We hadn’t done a building like that that was kind of two sided.
To see that actually come off was pretty exciting.
>> Eric Reichard:
Come out of the tunnel there is a capstone over the arch where you come out of the tunnel
that has the Niner logo etched into the capstone and I always show that to people and think
that is one that people will walk right by but I think that is one of the best touches.
There are not too many places on campus where we put the logo into something that permanent
and I love the fact that it is right there and every time the players come out that is
what they are going to come out under.
>> Dan Van Dyke:
I was here for the scrimmage a couple of weeks ago and that was another cool experience to
see actual fans in the stadium.
I was talking to the coach after the scrimmage and he was saying how loud it was and I think
it was because everyone is so close to the stadium.
I think the atmosphere is going to be pretty energizing.
>> Brad Lambert:
That was a big day for all of us, not only players but for us as coaches, to walk out
there and stand out there and take it all in.
I always think back to when we won the ACC Championship at Wake Forest and beating Boston
College that night and you just understand that there are a lot of memories out on football
fields that you get a chance to do things that hadn’t been done before and to just
kind of stand out there and think about there’s going to be a lot of long after I’m gone
there is still going to be a lot of people having a lot of great memories on this field
so that is fun to think about.
>> Eric Reichard:
It is truly an honor and a privilege to get to do it, my whole team is extremely proud
of it.
I am particularly proud to be an alumnus and to just be a part of it