Snooker pieces

Uploaded by TiagoWazzup on 12.11.2011

Here I go in an adventure
With my brother
in a bike race
Is it recording?
It isn´t!
Yes it is! It has rec in here
And here we go
The bike went down
I´m gonna break my ribs
Here goes Tiago!
Ruben is scared! Really scared
And now someone is calling me
Take your hand off
Wait, someone´s calling... Wait, stop, stop
Take it!
Now make us fall like last time...
A few parts from a video that was not finished
Why didn´t we finish?
You´ll se
Ahhhhhhhhhhh I almost died...
My brother´s effort
Come on, you can do it
Look this bike is awesome
Ah now I´m good
Come on Tiago, move your ass, move your legs! Let´s go
Just so you can see, he´s doing all the work
I´m losing my strength
You´re the one losing the strength??
My former bike
Go to the other side
Someone´s calling
You have a call
My brother brought me to the middle of nowhere
You wouldn´t say that if they were free
Yes, you´d stay here
and i (patchuum)
I would climb the wall
You want it to come back and enter?
Do it!
Damn it, put it back
Pro player what? It happens
Too much strength
Oh it looks like a penalty
He put it
The pool table slumps
Already there...
Did you record it?
Did you record it?
He almost put two
If you had put more strength
You wanna see a beautiful shot?
What the hell is this?
Don´t you play with that?
You play a lot...
You´re gonna miss
Ruben what happened?
Fuck you...
From here he started to get mad
He is a sore loser, what can I do
Fuck, what the hell is this?
Really, he is a sore loser!
You don´t believe?
snooker shit
I´m not gonna record it
Turn the camera off
I´m getting mad...
And then we left
Ruben we don´t have brakes
The end