Silver Star Shooter

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Welcome back.
The Civil War as documented by Matthew Brady.
World War II as seen through the lens of Robert Capa.
The conflict in Vietnam recorded forever by Eddie Adams.
Combat photographers capture the faces and stories of battle
that are too soon forgotten by those who weren't there.
Yet for one recipient of the Silver Star,
the role of combat photographer gave way to his mission as a soldier.
One afternoon in April 2008, instead of documenting history, he became part of it.
Special Forces--the Army's most elite diehard group of men.
The quiet professionals captured by photographer Specialist Michael Carter.
I volunteered for a one-year deployment with Special Forces.
With the chance to earn his first combat patch,
Carter grabbed his gear and headed to the desert to put his shooting finger to use.
My daily mission there varied.
It could have been medical capabilities,
it could have been humanitarian aid.
One such operation was Commando Raft.
The objective: Search Shok Valley for a high value target.
The group of Special Forces soldiers whom Carter was embedded began their search,
not knowing that they had become the target.
By the time where we hit in the middle of getting up,
that's when we started contact.
My bag got shot through and took out radio batteries, my camera, camera bag, everything else.
No longer able to focus through the barrel of a lens,
Carter switched to his rifle.
I pulled my weapon and I started shooting at where we receiving fire at.
Carter's actions exposed him to insurgent fire.
A couple of the team guys went down.
We grabbed them. The captain's radio got shot, so I ran back out again and started performing first aid.
His training kicked in and drove him to save six casualties
and re-establish communications to get his team out of harm's way.
I was doing my job and that's all that really mattered.
Used to documenting the day to day heroics of others,
it was a humbling experience for Carter to be on the other side of the lens.
He was like, "Hey, they put you in for a Silver Star."
I'm like, "Huh? What?"
For his courage under enemy fire, the 3rd Special Forces Group
recommended Carter for the military's third highest award, the Silver Star.
I'm honored knowing those guys, knowing those men, and being able to stand right next to them.
For Carter, the mission of capturing the moment for history has frozen his moment in time.