[ENG SUB] 장재인(Jang Jane) 세번의 만남(Meets three times) KBS Documentary

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We met her three times
Three times _
Three times of Meeting
- Hello - 21 year old Jaein Jang
21 year old Jaein Jang
A Cinderella born through an audition program
Three times of meeting with her - Your small gazing and sad look -
- is a hard promise to me -
I hit a wrong chord
Episode 3
[Commercial Presentation] Jan.6.2011 In a Major Company's Commercial Presentation
[Narration : Se-jin Jung] Finally she appeared in front of us
Thick make-up and showy costume
She look like a top star on stage already
Jaein Jang
She appeared through an audition program last year
I'm a 20 year old singer-songwriter Jaein
Looks like she need a chair It's OK to me
Can I sing my own song?
- Yes, own song - Own song?
This girl bravely introduce herself as a singer-songwriter - When I'm going to you who is waiting for me -
Dropped down on floor and started singing - The thrill and little hope -
[The place - Jaein Jang] - Though it gets awkward if our eyes meet -
- I wanted to keep walking with you -
- But every time it didn't went as I thought -
- Jump through time -
Such sensitivity for a young age and characteristic voice - with you -
- It's Jaein Jang -
- Congratulation -
Every time she sings people got wild
There were high praises from the experts
[Jong-Shin Yoon / Singer] She blocks everything and really dives into the song
That kind of concentration is hard even for the professional singers
[Won-Young Jung / Singer, Jaein's Professor] She looked a person who will do music as a career Entering this university or not
She became a star in six months and people called her Cinderella
A fate that everything disappears when clock strikes twelve
[Cinderella, are you a lucky girl?] [Singer-songwriter Jaein] How is she thinking about this Cinderella story?
First Meeting Jan.7.2011 Nice to meet you Jaein Jang!
Before meeting Jaein we called her to avoid awkwardness
Yes. Who is this speaking?
Are you Jaein Jang?
Yes, I really wanted to do this
Do you?
Why? Are you interested in documentary?
I really love documentary
Actually I love history documentary more
It's a good chance to talk about my music
I'm really looking forward to it
We decided to meet this unusual girl in the instrument shopping center
[Nakwon instrument shopping center]
She have some business in here where lot's of musicians visits
We received a call that she had arrived
Jaein where are you now?
How would she greet us?
We found Jaein Jang carrying a big guitar bag
Lowering her head in front of an ATM
Doesn't she look like a ordinary student?
We called her
Ah~ hello
[Jaein Jang 21 year old] [Singer-songwriter] - Were you withdrawing money? - No just checking my bankbook
Are we recording from the beginning? Hello~
- It's cold isn't it? - Not really. I'm ok
I came to the right place
Be well. Be rich!
Getting crowded in a short time
Clearly she is a superstar
Hello, looks like we will see a lot each other
How is it? Are you curious about cameras?
It's been a while since cameras are following me
- Are you enjoying it? - It's been a while since cameras are following me
No. I'm still curious to cameras
A super rookie who is still unfamiliar to cameras - Oh~ I got to buy this too - What's that?
It's an egg shake
But just during her payment
The outside got crowded with people who are amazed by this super rookie
Thank you and good bye
Thank you and good bye
Disappearing like a wind is a good strategy in this situation.
During her shopping in a long time
Crowd was getting bigger and bigger
At last some fans started to following her in a file
- Wow it's not tuned at all- We didn't had a chance to talk with her
Because of sudden famous she learned some tips to avoid popularity
What's that mask for?
It's good for throat pain
Also prevents me from excusing others
Today It's no use because there are cameras with me
I'll use it later if throat pains
And one more thing it covers my jaw
I got fat these days so my jaw looks bigger
My lips got chapped. Wanna try? - No thanks -
I am asking for strange things. aren't I?
- Actually, we have been there... - Where?
- The Commercial Presentation - Oh really? Oh my~
The styling was really not like me
- I thought it matched well -
Ah...really? - Yes your hair, make-up everything -
Ah...that's not true Um...Well it was fun. A rare experience
But I felt a bit "This is not me."
Anyway you filmed without notice? - Yes -
Short hair and a pin, normal sneakers
We couldn't find any showiness of a star
A young girl walking confidently with a bag of rice cake in her hand
Now we are having a deep conversation with her who is in front of a new beginning
She unpacked the rice cake right after she took a seat
Wanna try some? Please grab a bite.
- Why? - So I can eat
What is this one?
This fellow said she missed her breakfast
She moved to Seoul from Gwangju and lives alone
3 months after the audition program
What was she doing?
[Jaein Jang / 21 year old] [Singer-Songwriter] For Couple months I was working all night
No time for thinking, I kept working as assigned
But I think I had enjoyed it
She was aware of 1960~70s songs which were even older than her age
She quit school to do music
I decided to quit high school for music
I was planning not to enter high school
I had to be in school from 6am to midnight
Then when can I learn music?
I got to quit school
But my parents didn't allowed it so I went to high school
However quitting school was always on my mind
My parents tried to suggest other path
Like early children hood education
Now they accepts that music is my career
- Have you heard her singing? - Lighting director who didn't know Jaein Jang asked for a song
What song shall I sing?
I could miss a chord
Your single word and the smile
is a big meaning to me
Your small gazing and sad look
is a hard promise to me
I hit a wrong chord Shall I start again?
Everything of you comes to me
becomes a unsolvable puzzle
Music was my only escape
The only way to express myself
When people my age were interested in celebrity
I was into something different
So I had trouble making conversation
Thus, I started writing and composing music
- She kept running for her goal like that - Your small gazing and sad look
is a hard promise to me
Thank you very much
[Young-Suk Choi - Lighting Director] Such sensitivity hard to find in her age
I thought "That is it!"
A girl who made 40 year old man to a fan
We got more curious about her future
It's time to show something with music
After I sign with a label I'll prepare for that
I experienced a lot of things in a short time from Superstar K
but my goal is still the same
It's time to slow down
I never did this kind of stuff
It's time for dinner
You're very modest
Can we following you?
Where? Oh yes, Come with me
Let's go together
Bus card... - Checking bus card frugally -
Bows personally and leaves
Thanks for your effort
But aren't we suppose to go together? Where is she going?
Where are you going? Wait for us
Oh I got it
You did too many programs
Most programs films the leaving scene like this
After 30 seconds "OK Jaein stop walking" then I say "OK"
It was hard to say good bye So we drove Jaein to her practice room
[Kiwi practice room] [Nonhyeon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul] Jaein revealed her label secretly which will be announced publicly few days later
What did you filmed? Is this first shooting?
- Yes - What did you shot?
She will be working with Hyung-Seok Kim the top class Korean Composer
[Hyung-Seok Kim / Composer] If normal person learns a song they try to copy it
But Jaein has her own color
She change it to her own style
If she sings Mary J Blige's song she turns it to her own style
It means she is brilliant at analyzing songs
So it was wonderful. also her voice is good
We decided to return for now
Aren't you tired?
It was fun. But I'm lacking exercise. I'm gonna walk later.
We should walk a lot next time
Yeah, so we can eat much as we want
Careful on your way back See you next time
Thanks for your effort
- Thanks for your effort - Thanks for your effort
A 21 year old rookie singer
Meeting a master will help her to grow musical ability
But she will also experience many changes
[Under the shade of roadside tree] Jaein Jang
After first meeting, we received a text message - First meeting was really fun - - LoL Careful on your way back~!! -
[Club Auteur in hong-dae] [Jan.8.2011] Next day, we visit secretly where she was on stage as a special guest
We were curious about her on stage
She looked a bit tensioned
My goodness I missed a lot
Being on a small stage in a long time it's more shivering
So close like this
Please don't look at me like that
I should go now
The small stage even scare to meet their eyes
She took courage and began to sing again
We wonder why the small stage made her so shivered
Is there any place that Jaein's musical story exist? - We asked her for the second meeting -
Second meeting Jan.12.2011 Subway Line 2. Seocho station
We found her carrying a big guitar bag again
She is waving hand from a distance
Nice to meet you
Hello - She is really good at saying hello - Hi~ director
Jaein why are you so late?
You're right I need to be scold
I'll show you where my house is
It's around here
She began babbling on why she was late beside the map
The train was slow and I missed one
What a poor excuse anyway I'm really sorry
Do you use the subway often?
Yes, I usually take the subway
[The Place] [Compose, Lyric, Performed by Jaein Jang]
We are going to follow where Jaein leads
Are you ok even if we whirl around?
Will you follow me? even if it's cold?
I'll walk a lot and make you regret
My first subway experience was Line 3
It was so amazing that a looked around like this
My brother beside me said that I was embarrassing
- Because you were distracting? - Yes
- What was your first impression? -
It was just amazing Seoul looked like a alien city
Too big, fast, , hurrying, many and crowded
Recently, I thought many things are passing by so quickly.
People, also scenery of subway
This stop is Ahyeon
There is a delicious cake shop in E-dae
Buy a slice of cheese cake, bring home, eat it and play guitar
Now there is no time to for those little stuffs
Just like there are so many changes going on now
An 18 year old girl who came to Seoul following her dream
Everything looked strange in her eyes
I experienced and learned many things.
It was the beginning of a real social life.
Yes one chicken bugger set and your drink
Thank you If your order is done please stand aside.
Quitting high school and starting an early social life wasn't easy
And she was in Seoul, an alien city
But she couldn't ask for help to her parents
She settled down in a small room with no sunlight
She got a part-time job to earn money for living
The place that gave her strength to hold on
[Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu] [Around Hong-ik University(a.k.a Hong-dae)] - Let's go -
We are going to the place
Oh my it's freezing to death
She went far ahead and waited for us
This is a place called Salon Badabie, the first club I visited in Hong-dae
Also my first place where I auditioned and got the stage
The original performer didn't make it so I filled in
[Club Badabie] [First Club she visited] The original performer didn't make it so I filled in
So I start singing at the day I auditioned
- How did it feel? -
Shivering and Fun I was really happy
Said to myself "I must do harder" Everyday was a self-examination
Yes, BBang - Second place has a painful memory - Live club cafe gallery BBang
[Club BBang] [First audition failure] - Place of pain -
(After audition failure) It's was lonely on my way home.
[Club Freebird] [First club to perform regularly] Visiting clubs one by one she told us her musical story
Oh~~chilly wind
A girl who was confident against the fiercely cold wind
Shoot us please
Now she returned as a superstar who makes the girl fans wild.
Club Ta!
[Club Ta] [Stage of early days] We visited a club where she performed for a long time
Wow it's been a long time
How have you been?
I had no chance to contact you I had sent you a text message right after the show
It' really been a long time
There are traces remaining when Jaein was knocking this club
Hello, This is the girl who called around 6PM
Really my way of speaking - Very -
After I called her (and heard her voice) I though "What am I suppose to do?"
20 year old girl who looked and spoke inarticulate
But after listening to her music, his mind had changed
[Dong-Huk Seo / Club Manager] Usually I say 'I'll call you later' and ponder for a while
But I think I picked her at once
Yes, he said "let's do this", "see you again" But I think I picked her at once
I was saying "Oh yeah I got it" in my mind but I didn't exposed it in front of him On my way home I got really excited
She revealed her secret note
A worn out note which she has been using it since middle school.
Her passion is contained in here
On stage she told her story through this song
My First song
What story does it says?
This one
[Video of Jaein's club concert] This is my first song that I wrote in senior middle school
You may think what's so hard for a young girl but I had troubles of my own
I felt I was losing my way so I wrote a song called [Losing my way]
Understanding is easy
One's eyes you had to forget
Now I'm laughing here
Miserable me - I got bullied in primary school - - Transferred many times -
At 4th grade I lose favor with senior student I was often beaten
I had hard time for several years Music was my cure even more then medicine
Music became her friend when she was a loner in a strange place
When I was living in a small room I met no one. Cell phone was stopped
All of my friends went to university, and not able to meet them
I had trouble in talking
As I stopped talking, it turned into lyrics
I hung on with the hope of music
With that hope I quit school, get a part-time job, did music,
came to Hong-dae, and auditioned at Superstar K
But I'm all right
I'm all right
I've been lonely before
It's fine
It's OK
It was wrong either way
What was that song?
That pop song? -Yes - It's a song call "I'm all right"
I'm all right even if you beat me, hurt me, or get drunk
In others perspective she looked like a strayed adolescence
But she cheer herself by repeating it's all right and stood on this small stage.
And a luck came like Cinderella
but she didn't forgot this place where she sang her story
These days, it's more shivering when I'm on a small stage like this You need more to perform
You need more courage real emotion because the audience are right in front of you
You have to convey even a tiny breath to them
I think that's much harder than the big stage
Do you look at the audience?
Yes, they are in front of me, it's like saying "hello hello" "How did you come here?"
Suddenly we come up with her stage few days ago The day when she looked very tensioned
My goodness I missed a lot
Being on a small stage in a long time it's more shivering
Because we are so close Please don't look at me like that
We asked her why she was so shivering
I was shaking a lot
It's been a while since I performed a interacting concert like that
I was lacking practice Busy on schedule everyday
Going on stage without practicing made me shiver.
That day, I wanted to practice, I mean seriously
I wanted to skip the after party and head to the training room
I'm eager for practicing and gonna buy a keyboard in my house
Former days when my performance was poor I wasted time saying "It was a failure, it was bad, bad"
It's better to look back at myself and start practicing
- So have you practiced? -
Yes, I went home and practiced
And I did well at concert in Sogang University
Should I go to the restroom now?
A girl who was always confident, showed her back and disappeared
Her worn note caught our eyes
After a while Jaein came back with more confidence
And went out to street
On our first phone call, she said there is something she really want to do
Ah~ Street concert
It's been a long time since I busked. I really really want to do it
I really missed busking, during the training camp of Superstar K
When the temperature is marking the lowest point everyday
It was -11 degrees Celsius
- Don't you regret it? - What?
No regrets Just cold
Street Concert which she started after quitting high school,
People stop their feet and listened to her story
That performance starts again
First song is... my first original song that I wrote in middle school senior Before that! I'll sing a pop song
A song which made me play guitar [What's up] from 4 Non Blondes!
This singer songwriter who push a head this busking in such cold weather
She'll Probably know that she have to overcome the life of a singer by herself like this bitter cold
Ohhh it's cold!!!
Thank you
We treated her a bowl of warm noodle
We treated her a bowl of warm noodle It's ok I'll be going home
Bye Bye
Director, we will meet again, right? - Of course, I'll be there -
Bye Bye
Our second meeting ended like that
She advanced forward again with her big guitar bag on her back
Everyday many youth come to Seoul to achieve their dream and succeed
Those who endure their hard day to reach their goal
Don't you have a time that you were running for that dream
We visited Jaein's training room again
[Jan.14. 2011] [Announcing her label contract] Meantime Jaein announced her label
(To hyoung-seok Kim) I'm greedy and want to do lots of things.
The press scrambled to report her story
She took her first step on the fierce professional world
Third Meeting Jan.16.2011 Kyunghee University Hall of peace
The day, she is performing at the Mary J Blidge Concert as a opening guest
There was a unfamiliar person accompanying her
She greeted us lively as always
But she looked little different today
If you need anything please let us know We are taking care of the sound system so tell us what you want
She got a cold, just before her first debut stage
I'm sensitive before the performance, also I'm out of condition
I'm not worried (for the stage) but I need some practice Could we shoot a bit later?
Thank you
We left her alone
We heard Jaein's voice over the door
A place where applause and cheer are waiting
Also it's a place where distinguishes one's ability coldly
Jaein will face the audience right here
We had our last meeting before this shivering stage You are here
- How is your condition? - Feeling better after taking my medicine A bit chilly though
We gave her a little farewell gift -You said about cheese cake so...-
Oh really? The cake shop I mentioned! wow~
Wow~ no kidding
A magical cheese cake which had cheered her before she was famous.
Wow it's been a long time
The cheese cake I ate before the training camp
It took an hour by subway to buy this cake
Eating this on my way to training room.
We wanted to cheer her who is going up to a keen stage
May be she was recalling
A dream she was keeping with this cheese cake
An image of singer-songwriter Jaein
Singer Jaein on stage rather than SuperstarK Jaein Jang as a opening guest
Wouldn't it be wonderful?
The girl who knew surely what she wants, and putting endless efforts to it.
Now there are some reinforcement to help her dream
Since yesterday, I got a label and starting my career
There are no staffs yet I'm doing make-up and styling by myself
Ever since I came to Seoul I wondered where do I belong
And know I belong somewhere
I was really happy about that when I entered University
Now I really belong somewhere
But that was temporary
Now I really belong somewhere
We asked her for caution's sake
There are people who got changed, what about you?
I afraid of that. who knows?
I could lose my first intension if I experience a completely different environment
I don't want it. If I find myself changing, I'll refuse my ride and take the subway
And the question we wanted to ask her at the first place
Jaein, are you Cinderella?
Umm, I think so
I was planning and wanted to climb step by step
but I went up like this
Taking stairs then jump~ Isn't that Cinderella?
But Cinderella's spell will be broken at midnight
In that case. I'm not Cinderella
I was preparing for this
I performed in hong-dae for this
Cause I was getting ready, I'm not Cinderella
Now singer-songwriter Jaein is going on stage
I think you will edit this too
Cinderella who won't be changed after midnight asks to you
Have you ever put your life and passion to something?
We have met Cinderella Jaein Jang for three times Now it's time to meet singer-songwriter Jaein
Oh, I can't wait for the program. Come on Saturday!!! I heard new things could be found through camera
That's embarrassing^^;; Director, don't forget to take your meal !!! Jan.18 3:36PM -Jaein-
Meeting you for the first time
You said it was coincidence
Meeting you twice
I said it was connection
Meeting you third
Now it's called destiny
Thank you