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>Jeremy: Hi everyone, welcome to the Cagesiders and with me as always,
Cap'n Coop, Chad Cooper and Noe Beltran is on assignment
in the bathroom here at Major Ls (laughter)
in just a couple of moments. But it's kind of a change of scenery for us
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>Jeremy: Someone whose not having fun right now is Dana White and company, you
has been bitten by the injury bug.
Almost the entire 2012 campaign. >Chad: Yeah and it
comes at an unfortunate time, you know, fresh off the heels of
we're not even halfway through the first year of the UFC on FOX
contract and you're already moving what UFC
148 was suppose to be the biggest card in UFC history
has now just been descimated with Jose Aldo and
hurt. They've taken Urijah Faber and moved
him to a main event. And it's just coming at an unfortunate time and a lot of that has to
do with putting a lot of pressure on a lot of guys because you got to
put so many cards together now Jeremy. And Dana White
just earlier this week, he's pleading to the fight camps
please, stop hurting each other.
In camp, in practice, because it's taking a toll. And not only guys just getting hurt,
they're getting hurt in camp where they're out for a year.
You know G-S-P is hurt, Michael Bisping is going to be out for a couple months
he was going to be replaced. It's not minor injuries, these guys are going down
and they're having to have surgd
maybe it goes hand in hand, maybe it doesn't, but
Dana, Uncle Dana, released earlier a statement
earlier in the week that ticket sales in Florida aren't doing to well, for the last
UFC on FX, the gate attendance was very bad
very poor. He won't, I don't think,
say it publicly, but I think it has to do with
drawing power, star power, the n
the fight was last week, who did, who fought in the main event?
Do you remember? I'm an MMA fan and I can't remember.
It was a bad card. >Jeremy: Oh, it was Kampmann, was it Kampmann?
No. >Chad: Ian McCall, Ok.
Even though some of the fights were good, the main event was bad, it was like going
back to the WCW Thunder days when you had Bam Bam Bigelow in the main event versus
D-D-P, or somebody like that. When you have
card, it's not very good. You're not going to get a lot of fans
don't expect the UFC to come ba. >Jeremy: And that is a plus-10 ten points
to you for bringing in the Bam Bam Bigelow, DDP
from the WCW days. >Chad: When you have a 'C' card, expect things like this
and you can't have a main event, Pay Per View status fight
every FOX card, because that takes away from UFC's biggest draw
on Pay Per Views. That's when they make the most money. They've got a guaranteed contract
with FOX so they've got to put a certain amount of matches on Fuel and FX.
So what's going to happen? You're going to have to throw some guys in the main event
that could be main eventing on a prelim fight on Facebook. May not even be
on a Pay Per View card. Not taking taking anything away from McCall and those guys but
it really wasn't a card that I want to stay home on a Friday night and watch. I mean it wasn't
all, there was some good fights but not anything for network television.
that I get excited about. >Jeremy: I'm sure a lot of DVRs went off that night.
,for that fight. Well, coming up in the show we're going to talk a little bit to
and a little bit about IXFA is going to be holding an event not too long
from now at Delta Downs in Louisiana, and one of the fighters on that card
Ryan "Superman" Spann, a long time amateur fighter who
racked up an impressive amount of wins and got some gold around his waist
I think it's a rumor that he may be on this professional
fight card. So I don't know, but instead of speculating
we'll go straight to the horse's mouth. We're going to talk to Ryan "Superman" Spann when
we return after the break.
>Jeremy: Hi everyone and welcome back to the Cagesiders and
we're here now with Ryan "Superman"
Spann, you've got to love that nickname, "Superman",
Ryan, you've had a long and decorated
amateur career, tell us first off a little bit of your background
,your amateur record some of th. Ryan: Well,
my record ended off at 9 and 1, but official
it was 4 and 1. I had a few fights that
were at unsanctioned events. Some promoters didn't give me my wins
when I did fight so that's where the other five fights come from
I hold two belts. One is the 185lbs
Middleweight Championship in East Texas MMA.
The second is Garcia Promotions organization.
>Jeremy: And that's at 170lbs. >Chad: Yeah, Cage Combat.
>Chad: So you retire your amateur career with a
title and now you turn pro. You're still young, you've got a
long road ahead of you. What factors, why is now a good time
for Ryan Spann to turn professi >Ryan: Well, actually I got the
news from my coach about two weeks before
my last fight. He was keeping it from me. (laughter)
They needed a decision, so he went ahead and brought me
in and told me, do you think you're ready? I was like
it's your call. Just let me know after the fight. So you know, I'm 20
and I tried not to think about it, but it kind of came up.
I got a son and I'm getting married so it's time to start getting paid. I've been
fighting for two years now. >Jeremy: Nice, nice. A whole
different world there. Getting married, got a kid, turning pro
I mean that's 2012, the year of Ryan Spann, right?
>Ryan: It's my year. >Jeremy: Now you're going into an organization that
IXFA where your teammate and a well known
mixed martial artist here in Texas, Cody "Wolverine" Williams, made his debut
Do you find it kind of, you know,
I don't know what you would call it. It's just kind of fortuitous that you would also make your
professional debut in IXFA? >Ryan: Yes, it's
Sensei Mike called me and he said, we got
a fight lined up at 170 in IXFA. And he was like as you know
that's where Cody made his pro debut. It's a good promotion to start
So I was like, let's do it. Follow in
the footsteps. He paved the way for me. He was the first, so it wouldn't
>Jeremy: And he is actually the main event of this
event that's going to be, Chad >Chad: July 7 at Delta Downs
Track Casino Hotel. It's in the event center. You have to be 21
years or older to get in. That's the only, he's 20, he'll be fighting
so that's interesting. Tickets are available at Delta Downs or Ticketmaster
Now, you've fought at a couple different weight classes
your fight at Cage Combat was y.
>Chad: 170. What do you prefer? Do you like it up? Down? Or does it matter to you?
It's probably harder on you to >Ryan: Yeah
a 6'5" frame, it's hard to get down to 170, but you know,
if you ask me, I'd like to fight at Light Heavyweight so I wouldn't have to cut
but it's best, my team thinks its best, I think it's best that I do fight at 170.
Who knows? Maybe in the future . >Jeremy: And it's hard to tell
because he's sitting down, but if you've never met Ryan or seen Ryan fight,
of course we've been showing footage of his past fights and things,
while we sit here and talk to him. This guys is built like Jon Jones
you know, but people say he's much more handsome
but that's up for debate. So we'll debate that between the break, but when we
come back we're going to talk about, stay with us man, we're going to talk about another
Bellator fighter who has a 25-fight unbeaten
streak but he's also a new UFC signee.
He's getting thrown right to th >Chad: Yeah he's under your same umbrella.
>Jeremy: Exactly. American Top Team fighter. So when we come back we're going to have more on Hector
"Lightning" Lombard.
>Jeremy: Hi everyone, welcome back to the
Cagesiders. We're out here on the patio of Major League Grill. 4430 Dowlen
Road. Thank you to all of our sponsors. Dr. Lacy, Merikan Brand Apparel.
and Noe Beltran who is returning from suspension at Major League Grill's
bathroom area. He's on the sidelines. He's laughing at us but we're having fun.
Guys let's talk a little about one of your American Top Team
teammates. Not only, but we failed to mention in that last segment, but in that main event Cody Williams
is fighting for a title, some gold. Yeah
and then another American Top Team fighter who
was very impressive in Bellator. Destroyed a lot of very talented fighters,
now he's signed with UFC. Hector "Lightning" Lombard.
and Dana White
has already gone on record saying if he's impressive against Tim Boetsch
he'll get Anderson Silva next. >Chad: Well, here's the deal.
If you look at the middleweight division, there's not a lot
of people there left for Anderson Silva to fight. I think
I strongly think that Anderson Silva beats Chael Sonnen again.
But who do you have? Vitor Belfort, you have Mark Munoz,
Rockhold's in Strikeforce, he won't be coming over any time soon. Alan Belcher
probably has a chance but he's got a broken hand. Brian Stann, could he beat Silva?
No. Michael Bisping, can he beat Silva? You know, no. So
who's left? So Lombard, who was suppose to fight Stann,
is now fighting Boetsch as you mentioned. There's a lot
of UFC, you know, hardcore
fans that don't want to give Lombard a fair chance. Lombard is 34 years old
Cuban decent, from Austrailia.
A black belt in bjj, 4th degree black belt in Judo.
This guy can fight. The problem is that he's what, 30 and 4
and he hasn't fought guys at the UFC level, now he knocked
he defeated Brian Ebersol, who had a run in the UFC. He defeated
Alexander Shlemenko who's probably going to be the next Bellator Middleweight Champion
The guy has beaten just about everybody he's faced in front so you can't hate
the guy on that. I think he goes through Tim Boetsch. I think he rolls through him.
I think he's talented. The only thing
maybe is his age. He's 34. The UFC is looking for another star.
I think this guy has star power. He's very vocal on Twitter. He looks the part.
He's got knockout power. I just think he's
unless Boetsch gets an upset win, I think Lombard wins.
>Jeremy: And Boetsch is coming off an upset win over Okami, I mean he was
rocked and clinging for life and he came back and knocked Okami out.
>And Boetsch didn't beat anybody. Okami. Kendall Grove. He doesn't have a very impressive record either.
>Jeremy: Ryan, Hector is an American Top Team guy
tell us a little bit of your take being in the same fighting organzation.
>Ryan: You know as an American Top Team fighter and as a fan in general,
I'm pulling for Hector. I think
that he will beat Boetsch, by knockout in the first round,
like he always does. And he's w >Chad: Yeah
>Jeremy: He's like 32 and 2 or something. (laughter)
>Chad: I think the longer the fight goes, it's probably in favor of Boetsch but I
just think Lombard comes out jacked up and knocks Tim out.
>Ryan: But if you think about it if you ever watch his fights, Hector Lombard is very chill
He wastes very little motions. And when he do throw, he throw
with intent. I think if he conn >Chad: I think so too. I
wouldn't it be great to see Hector Lombard versus Anderson Silva?
I mean that would be a phenomenal fight, that would be a phenomenal fight.
>Jeremy: People think, I'm hearing it, that people think that Anderson
he's going to come into Chael Sonnen, the second fight, really jacked up
ready to go, but they're thinking maybe all that retirement talk
maybe he's slowing down. Maybe he's, I'm not saying he's not
one of the greatest, if not the greatest mixed martial artist of all time, but
father time is cruel to us all. Is he slowing down?
Would the Anderson Silva of just a few years ago have been taken
that far, that deep, into a championship fight that Sonnen
took him last time. I don't know, we'll talk about it when we come back. Ryan, I hope you'll stay with us again.
>Chad: Yeah he will. I'll put a >Jeremy: You know Noe, we've put him
in the penalty box again. Stay with us after the break. We're going to have more from the Cagesiders.
>Jeremy: Welcome back to the Cagesiders guys and we're here with Ryan
"Superman" Spann at Major League Grill on the back patio
at Major League Grill. And Noe Beltran hanging out on the corner
and he refused to sign his tender, you know his
free agent, restricted free agent deal, so he's on the sidelines for now
our offseason OTAs, that's what we call this. We're all getting in shape with Ryan
"Superman" Spann. Hey guys we've been talking about Anderson Silva, we've been talking about Hector
Lombard and not only your pro debut and Cody Williams
an organization that's really making some moves
internationally right now is Bellator. Bellator is not
going with a whole lot of home >Chad: No they're not.
They are signing some international stars. Tell us a little about
a couple of their signings. >Chad: And I think that's good. They're
right now going to pay top dollar for Hector Lombard who went to
UFC. A good friend of the Cagesiders
Noel Saenz,
was talking to me a couple weeks and he said hey I've got a friend of mine who fights mixed martial arts
He's a pro heavyweight. I think he's about to sign with Bellator and I was like
yeah yeah Noel, yeah yeah. All of a sudden he posts on our webpage
the signing of Rick Martinez, 7 and Oh. His only loss was to
Derrick Lewis. We talk about a guy with so potential
but he's kinda stuck. And there's nothing against Legacy
but he's stuck in that Legacy umbrella and he can't get out of it. But Rick Martinez has been signed
his debut he defeated a 2 time NCAA
Heavyweight Champion, Mark Ellis. They signed a guy from Canada
that's 9 and 1. They signed a guy from Brazil that fights with
trains with Genair
de Silva, Big Rig Falcao. So they've signed some Brazilians
Canadians, they're just doing a lot and we'll talk some more next week
I've talked to Bjorn Rebney the CEO earlier this week and he told me
what maybe to expect with their new reality show how it's going to be different from The Ultimate
Fighter and all that stuff. Now a question I had for you, now you
you as a fighter, what are your thoughts on Anderson Silva? Because I know
you get a lot of comparisons to Jon Jones and you've yet to make your pro debut.
How do you beat Anderson Silva? >Ryan: How do I beat Anderson Silva?
I would do it by using my reach
on him. You have to be faster. And have to be
unpredecitable with your striking, because you know Anderson Silva, he times it real quick
counter. So, I would have to change up because most of the time I'm a counter-striker
too. I would have to change up just a little bit and be aggressive and put pressure on him.
>Chad: Now, you're done with amateur, how has
the training, has it been taken up a notch now that you're
on a professional level? >Ryan: Well actually it's been turned up a little bit
but then at the same time I'm dealing with a baby and stuff now so
everything done got harder in itself.
So I've turned up my training, I'm eating better
and I've just got to stay rightd
you're doing it on less sleep? I can totally
relate to that. Thankfully my kids are 11 and 7
so I went through that. And I was telling him earlier, it gets better man.
You will sleep again. It may not be for 5 years but use that time
that you do have to really count your blessings. That hour or
30 minutes in the afternoon to take a nap. Take a nap.
I want to take a nap now duringt
your last amateur fight, you won a decision does
your baby and your fiance, doesy
in the 5th round I distinctly remember thinking about them. I was thinking about a lot
he hit me with a big knee. >Chad: Oh yeah right in front of us because I heard you go "Ooo"
(laughter) Oh that took some ai"
(laughter) Oh it was the knee. >Ryan: It crossed my mind
I thought about the pro debut a >Chad: Gotta finish it? That's awesome.
>Jeremy: That's awesome. Well, we've got one more segment to go and Ryan
I've got a good question for you when we come back. I'm gonna keep you in suspense until we come back from the bre
We're here at Major League Grill. 4430 Dowlen Road in Beaumont, Texas
we'll have more after the break.
>Jeremy: Welcome back to the Cagesiders, thank you to all of our sponsors, especially Light Strike
Productions. Thank you so much Light Strike for everything that you do.
Ryan, you and Cody Williams in the same camp. You're both professional
in your opinion, who's the better fighter? (laughter)
Causing trouble! Tell us, enquiring
minds want to know all around S >Chad: How would you beat Cody Williams?
I mean you've got the reach. So >Ryan: Yeah definitely.
What scares you the most about >Ryan: Man this dude is freakishly strong at
135. He is strong.
He done hit me a couple times and made me want to retire.
I'm just saying he's strong but I would have to use my reach.
and stay on my bike so to speak and keep him off me because Cody
puts pressure like no one's buse
I guess, because once he locks onto you it's really hard to get out
>Ryan: Unless you're Superman. k
a sparring match between "Superman" Spann and Cody "Wolverine" Williams
Guys, we've talked about Silva we've talked about
all the great things that Bellator is doing with
international fighters, and what really makes
me happy about Bellator. The reason I really stick in with them not only because I'm
looking forward to the Monday night wars that are coming up, if you're a pro wrestling fan
next week we're going to talk about the Monday Night Wars
that are coming up between Bellator and the UFC. But they are
also do a lot with local fighters. And we mentioned it a couple of weeks ago.
Bjorn Rebney and a bunch of Bellator fighters were at Josh Quayhagen's
gym doing an anti-bullying seminar
They really hone in to the local fighters where they have
shows. Quayhagen is one of them but down in the Valley, Laredo a lot of things
so really our hat's off to them and
the regional fighters that give guys like you, and I'm telling you
it will not be far off before someone sitting next to me
not named Chad Cooper will be i >Chad: I retired
before my first fight. Now, Ryan has the look
we've seen several of his fights.
You know he has the tools to be very successful.
Now if we can just keep him grok
like this ain't helping I'm jus >Jeremy: That's us bragging on you, that's us bragging on you.
>Chad: How tough is the mental part of it? You know that you have the tools
you've seen it. You've been told that. You've seen yourself fight.
You've won 9 amateur fights, two titles. How tough is it
to mentally keep yourself in ch >Ryan: Well it's getting better as more experience
I get. It's just another day in the cage. It gets
better as I get along. The hardest part for me would be the weight cut
other than that I know if I make the weight I've got the fight. Proven fact,
by the way. The only fight I lost was because I didn't make the weight. But
it gets real tough sometimes but that was in the beginning and hopefully
that won't come back. I'm starting over fresh. The amateur career is over
and so who knows? I've never experienced it before
but we're going to have some fu >Chad: Well look this guy up on Facebook
he's got his official fighter page up on Facebook, hey
next week we've got back-to-back UFC cards. Friday night's UFC
on FX 4. Clay Guida versus the Bully Gray Maynard
You've got "The Carpenter" versus "The Bully"
and "The Bully" had some wars with Frankie Edgar. Maybe he can win now
that he's fighting Clay Guida and the following night a card that has been decimated
too with injuries and they had to call Rich Franklin back out
UFC 147 on pay per view. Wanderlei Silva versus Rich Franklin
2. Next Saturday. A week from tonight on pay per view. So two good
fights there. >Jeremy: They are digging up some legends. Are
we sure Mark Coleman isn't going to run in with a chair at some point and knock both of them out?
Anyway, thank you for joining us for another episode of the Cagesiders. Ryan, thank you so much
for being here with us. Best of luck to you at your pro debut
IXFA. July 7. Delta Downs. >Chad: Look him up on Facebook
he's there. Ryan "Superman" Spa >Jeremy: And remember to follow us on Facebook
facebook dot com backslash the Cagesiders. More interviews, more stories.
More humor. More Noe B when he's not here on the show, so thank
you to all of our sponsors thank you for watching. We'll see you next week.