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Meet America’s guard dogs and find out how they are being trained to save lives here
and abroad.
They said, “Do you have any advice for us?” I said, “Yes, trust your dog.”
Welcome to The 700 Club. We’re going to show you some amazing things about how the
Army trains dogs to defend us and find the bad guys. I’m sure the people in Ohio are
screaming for mercy after they have been barraged with spot after spot after spot; people are
afraid to even turn their televisions on in Ohio. But there’s good news. It will all
be over by seven o’clock tonight, and you can go back to your regular routine. Well,
the super showdown now between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum is going to be in Ohio.
Both are gunning to win this key, swing state.
Ohio is one of ten states voting today. David Brody has this look at the battle for the
buckeye state.
Meet Sharon Henry, your typical Ohio voter. Politically savvy, church-going and blue collar.
We enjoy a good, middle class life.
Sharon has seen politicians come and go for years, all making grand promises.
To tell you the truth, I feel like everybody comes and has their little say, and then everything
stays the same.
So who can win her vote? Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are both focused on this key Midwestern
swing state.
It’s gut-check time.
Santorum’s strategy is to hammer home his blue collar message.
I take the corporate tax for manufacturers from 35 percent to zero, and we tell every
manufacturer we want you to make things here in eastern Ohio. We want you to make things
in America.
Santorum led the Ohio polls by double digits a week ago; but Romney has outspent him 12
to 1, and media attention has targeted his staunch, social conservative views, something
he addressed with us. (Interviewing): Is the media out to get you? Do you really believe
No. I’m not a conspiracy theorist.
But there is a worldview there, though.
Do people look at someone who is a Bible-believing Christian and find them to be an oddity in
American politics today? The answer is obviously yes.
As for Romney, momentum seems to be on his side.
People like to vote for the winner, and Romney is seen more a little bit more like the winner
right now.
It’s unclear who will be the big winner on this Super Tuesday. Both Romney and Santorum
should do well in a handful of states. Newt Gingrich is expected to win his home state
of Georgia which carries the most delegates. Out of all of the Super Tuesday states, Ohio
is really the one state to watch. Mitt Romney has not pulled well with middle-class voters,
so he is holding town halls like this one in Youngstown, Ohio, hoping to change all
of that. It could signal the end of the GOP race if Romney can win this blue-collar state.
If Romney is going to win, he’s going to have to convince undecided voters.
For me it’s a matter of who is the more conservative, and I’m hoping maybe Mr. Romney
will tell me something to help me make my mind up.
The economy hit this state hard, and Romney’s message is all about cutting taxes, getting
people back to work and taking on President Obama.
This is a failed presidency. He’s a nice guy, but he’s over his head. We need to
have a president who understands the economy if are going to fix the economy.
So did Romney’s speech work?
He moved me a little closer, but I’m still on the fence.
Whatever happens today, one thing is for sure. Voters want the Republican bickering to stop.
I think it’s destructive. I think it’s affecting the party, and I feel that they’re
doing the whole party a disservice.
And Christian voters, like Sharon Henry, know that whoever wins won’t be perfect.
I want the right person to be in office, but there is no perfect person; and there never
will be, because there’s only been one perfect One.
Santorum and Romney hope they’re the ones in Ohio and beyond when the dust clears after
Super Tuesday. David Brody, CBN News, in Youngstown, Ohio.
Thanks, David, very interesting. Ladies and gentlemen, without question the time has come
for this bloodletting to stop, and after today I think the other guys who are not mathematically
within shooting range of the possibility of winning the nomination should give it up and
say okay, I’m going back to whatever I was doing before, and as I say, get a prime time
speech in the convention and maybe work on the winning team. But it’s time to say it
won’t work. All the sniping and commercials, it’s been horrible what they are doing.
But as you watch all of this, it used to be, years ago, that you would say, gladly, I would
like my son or daughter to grow up to be president. But nowadays who would wish that upon their
worst enemy? You are in the race yourself. You experienced this.
I certainly was, every bit of it.
Do people who are, as you said, perhaps not the front runners in it, feel compelled to
hang in there, because there’ve been people who have contributed to their campaign, who
have put lots of money into what they’re doing? What is it that holds them?
Well, after a while it becomes obvious that you’ve had it. If you lose a certain particular
contest, the game’s over. What you do is gracefully withdraw. You do have delegates,
and you take those delegates to the convention which gives you maybe a little bit of clout
in deciding what’s going to be in the platform, or something. But, as I say, they give you
a speaking spot and then the privilege of going out and working for the man who beat
Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?
That’s about all this. But sooner or later you’ve got to wake up, and these guys Gingrich
and Santorum, have got to wake up. You can’t win it. When this is over and the dust settles,
you can’t win it. So if that’s the case, get behind the front runner, join ranks, and
let’s have a unified front, a unified party against the man that you’re trying to beat
and take out of office. Well, CBN News will have a special update on Super Tuesday at
11 PM Eastern on the Family Channel . . . .
. . . . and David Brody will join us tomorrow with our Super Tuesday analysis.
Lee Webb has the rest of our top stories from the CBN Newsroom. Lee.
Pat, Israel wants the US and the world to know that the Jewish state will decide how
it deals with Iran’s growing nuclear threat. As Jennifer Wishon reports, that message came
straight from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
With security guards close by his side, Israel’s leader told more than 10,000 people in Washington
DC that he’ll never let his people live in the shadow of annihilation.
My friends, we deeply appreciate the great alliance between our two countries; but when
it comes to Israel’s survival, we must always remain the masters of our fate.
Some analysts say Netanyahu’s words confirm it’s not “if,” but “when” Israel
will strike Iran.
Israel has waited, patiently waited for the international community to resolve this issue.
We’ve waited for diplomacy to work. We’ve waited for sanctions to work. None of us can
afford to wait much longer.
His speech to the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, followed a long White House meeting with President
Our commitment to the security of Israel is rock solid.
stopping Iran’s quest to build a nuclear weapon.
President Barack Obama: We believe there is still a window that allows for a diplomatic
resolution to this issue, but ultimately the Iranians regime has to make a decision to
move in that direction, a decision they have not made thus far.
Netanyahu pointed out why the US also has a stake in this fight. You know, for them,
you’re the great Satan; we’re the little Satan. For them, we are you and you are us.
We do not want to see a nuclear arms race in one of the most volatile regions in the
world. We do not want the possibility of a nuclear weapon falling into the hands of terrorists.
Some call the timing of Israel’s consideration of a strike against Iran “prophetic.”
This month Jews celebrate Purim, recounting of the story of how Jews living in Persia
we’re saved from extermination as told in the book of Esther.
I want you to think about what it would mean to have nuclear weapons in the hands of those,
these radicals who lead millions of people in chance of death to America and death to
Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.
Pat, conservative columnist, Bill Kristol, of the Weekly Standard, writes today that
he believes the US is putting Israel in a place where it cannot be master of its own
Well, that’s what I think Obama would like to do. I he would like to box Israel in, but
I think Netanyahu is saying, no, you’re not going to box me in. I’m going to be
master of my fate, and I’m going to decide what to do. It’s so significant, the sixth
and seventh Purim. As you recall, there was a guy named Haman who decided that he wanted
to exterminate all the Jews living in Persia. And he talked the king into signing a declaration
to that effect. And Esther went before the king and revealed the plot. They used the
term “hang him high as Haman.” Haman had set up a gallows to hang Mordecai on. They
wound up hanging him on his own gallows. But it was at the last minute, God intervened,
used this young girl, Esther, and the King of Persia to avert a terrible tragedy, an
annihilation. That’s exactly what Iran is hoping for now. They have used that term,
“Wipe Israel off the map. Destroy them.” They have used radical terms. None of this
coexistence, not “we’ll live peacefully together,” but “they must be exterminated.”
Well, Benjamin Netanyahu has no choice as the leader of Israel but to defend his people.
He has to do it. If you knew the Holocaust was coming under Adolf Hitler, and there was
something he could do to stop it, wouldn’t he have been honor-bound to stop it? Of course
he would. Well, it’s the same thing here. What this says, despite what Bill Kristol
may or may not have said—he doesn’t know but so much—the truth is the Israelis were
saying to the president we’ve got to move. This is a courtesy call to let you know what’s
going to happen; and like it or not, it’s going to happen, and no we’re not going
to wait on sanctions. We have waited years on sanctions, and they don’t work. These
people are fanatic and they’re going to destroy us, to bring in the 12th Imam. So,
at this point I just say hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen, because between now
and June, there is going to be a strike against the Ukrainian nuclear facilities, until such
time as they harden them and get them into a position where they cannot be attacked by
conventional means. So the Israelis they have a so-called “window of time,” and the
window is right now. Lee.
President Obama is introducing a new mortgage relief plan today. It’s aimed at members
of the military and homeowners with government insured loans. They will be able to refinance
at lower interest rates. It would save the average homeowner more than $1000 a year.
It’s the latest White House plan to help the housing industry after it collapsed a
few years ago. The question is who’s going to pay for this. The speculation is that it
might be the banks, but this will be the president’s first news conference since November. White
House aides insist the timing is a coincidence, but it does follow a pattern of the president
seeking attention when the spotlight is on the Republicans.
Democrats in Washington are blaming speculators for the recent run-up in the price of oil
and gas, and they want federal regulators to take action. Twenty-three Senators and
forty-five House Democrats say the regulators have not enforce new rules to ensure fair
prices. Republicans, though, are employing a different tactic. They point out that the
Obama Administration has limited offshore drilling and delayed to Keystone pipeline
project from Canada. Conservatives say the US needs to do more to develop its own oil
resources. Pat, you have to think that if we were drilling up in Alaska, and that Keystone
pipeline was bringing oil down here, would we really be so worried about what’s going
on in Iran?
Well, this nonsense about “well, it’s the fault of greedy speculators,” I tell
you the speculator is. It’s King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. He’s the one who sets the
prices. It’s the supply and demand coming out on the gulf and throughout the worldwide
oil market. But, Lee, there are several things that should have been done, and should be
done quickly. We need a crash program to equip trucks, and other vehicles to burn natural
gas. We have so much natural gas; we don’t know what to do with it all. It’s very cheap
now, much cheaper than Europe. And it could be the answer if we would just get with it.
But we’re not doing it. Instead we are wasting all kinds of money on the Solyndra-type projects.
They’re looking at solar, and they’re looking at bio diesel, and they’re looking
at all these alternate fuels instead of looking at the one thing that will make a difference,
and that is natural gas and an abundance of petroleum. We have become a large-scale international
producer because of the work of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in the
Bakken Shale in any other Shales, the Marcellus, various shales that are around the country,
and we have an abundance of oil, an abundance of gas. You’ve got a pipeline that will
bring it down from Canada as well, and the administration wants to block that. Don’t
talk about greedy speculators; talk about stupid administrators. Lee.
Pat, a swarm of tornadoes that ripped across the South and Midwest last week set a record
for the month of March, one-hundred-forty twisters, resulting in the deaths of nearly
40 people. But in the midst of all this tragedy, we’re hearing more amazing stories of survival.
Charlene Israel has that story.
Cleanup for residents of tornado pummeled towns in the Midwest and South is challenging.
Snow blanketed crushed houses in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.
It’s like a one-two punch when you’re out in the middle of all this.
We lived through the tornado. We’ll live through the snow.
In hard-hit Harrisburg, Illinois, where Operation Blessing is reaching out, some residents have
discovered picking up may help them heal.
You wanted to go away. You want to cleanup.
Pushing through the cleanup process is helping, along with hearing stories of miracles. In
Dallas County, Missouri, the Schleuning family survived after being tossed from their mobile
home by a tornado. As the family recovers from wounds, Cody Schleuning found something
An engagement ring that I gave my wife 10 years ago.
In Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, another family survived after being thrown from their
The top half of the house, when he came off, it took him with it, and he was actually over
the top of the back fence that separates the house from 45.
The force of a tornado sucked out Clarence Gray’s nephew and nieces from their beds,
one landing near the interstate behind their house. They walked away with just a lot of
bumps and bruises. Doctors from other floors came to their hospital room just to see them
and give them a special nickname.
Clarence Gray: They looked at them, and they couldn’t believe it.
Call it a “miracle baby.”
They called them “miracle babies.”
I’d rather see those injuries anytime of the day other than what could have happened.
If God blesses you like this, this mess isn’t nothing compared to having family.
Take it up away from my home! Take it away from this town!
Charlotte Hall cried out to God for protection. She is still standing along with her house.
She talked about her faith with a reporter.
Because I knew that it would work.
In Henryville, Indiana, a church is overflowing with donations. Clothes and food piling up
for people who have lost so much.
We know everybody; and when something happens, we all pull together.
Charlene Israel, CBN News.
I want to tell you one more amazing story of survival. An Indiana mother covered her
two children with her body to shield them during one of those tornadoes. The father
was at work at the time. Their home collapsed during the storm, and the mother lost parts
of both of her legs, but the children were not hurt, Pat; and the dad says it was because
their mom protected them.
Stories of great courage against all odds. We’re still helping people.
Operation blessing has had teams out there working, volunteers and our regular staff.
We’re on the scene giving hot meals, providing tents, blankets, other kinds of supplies.
If you want to help, it’s Operation Blessing Disaster Relief Fund.
You can send money or if you want to volunteer, give a call, 1-800-759-0700, and somebody
will be glad to put you to work helping with those people who suffered so much. Terry.
Well, up next, running with the big dogs of war.
There ain’t no machine on the market can match their olfactory capability or their
accuracy. The ability to send them out 250 to 500 yards ahead of the troops, to act as
a buffer and early warning mechanism. There’s no machinery out there on the market that
can do that.
Watch these canine heroes train for combat, coming up. Plus, still to come, your chance
to ask Pat a question.
If you’d like to participate, just log on to our chat room a We’re going
to be bringing it online later on today’s show.
Coming up later . . . .
“Why did he choose me?”
Raped by her stepfather . . . .
It kills something in you. Each time, something dies.
. . . . with her mother’s permission.
“Let it be done before I come home from work.”
A victim vows to get revenge, on today’s 700 Club.
“Okay, the world’s going to pay now.”
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Wednesday . . . .
. . . . top chef, Sam Talbot, dishes out his favorite recipes and shares why living with
diabetes doesn’t mean giving up “the sweet life.” Plus . . . .
I wrote a note that says, “Why doesn’t my daddy love me?”
. . . . a seven-year-old’s cry for help . . . .
I drank the whole bottle, because I didn’t want to live anymore.
. . . . that fell on deaf ears.
“You can take her to the hospital if you want to, but I’m not going.”
Wednesday on The 700 Club.
When KoKo Smiths a bomb, KoKo lies down near it. KoKo is just one of 3000 dogs who risk
their lives alongside our military troops protecting soldiers and taking down bad guys
like Osama bin Laden. Reporter Mark Martin spent a day in Carsville, Virginia, observing
the combat training of these canine heroes.
When SEAL Team Six took out Osama Bin Laden, they had the help of Cairo, not the Egyptian
government but a specially trained Belgian Malinois, like this dog, known as “Gizmo.”
As you can see, Gizmo takes his job very seriously. He is one of dozens of dogs trained at American
K-9 Interdiction in southeastern Virginia. Other breeds include German Shepherds, Dutch
Shepherds, and Labrador Retrievers. Like their human counterparts, the dogs go through rigorous
training to protect our country and our troops.
We’ve got to get it right 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because bad guys only got
to get lucky once. So it’s imperative the dogs are properly conditioned and trained.
Paul Roushia makes sure the dogs are at the top of their game. Handlers train the dogs
in detecting explosives and narcotics on and off leash, tracking, trailing, and patrolling.
The dogs are also trained in bite work and criminal apprehension. Renso here is an 85-pound
Dutch Shepard who is now applying around 600 to 800 pounds of pressure on my arm.
It’s got to be a very, very sound dog all the way around, because the task it’s performing
is critical to saving lives and infrastructure, safeguarding American assets.
Roushia says mediocrity is not an option. He turns to God for help, taking time to pray
over the dogs.
I’m asking for the Lord’s guidance that the dogs get it, that they perform.
One of the key areas of performance for dogs trained at AK-9I is explosive detection. Handlers
allowed CBN News to watch an off-leash training session. In this scenario which resembled
what happens in Afghanistan, KoKo, a Chocolate Lab, must sniff out a simulated IED or explosive
alongside a road before military personnel and their equipment travel down it. The handler
looked for a change of behavior in the dog. In this case, once KoKo smells the odor of
the explosive, she lies down near its location.
I’ve deployed a couple different groups of Marines, and I told them. They said, “Do
you have any advice for us?” I said, “Yes, trust your dog.”
What makes dogs like KoKo so special is their highly-developed sense of smell. They’re
able to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time to make a hit on a dangerous substance.
To date, no machine on the market can match their olfactory capability or their accuracy.
The ability to send them out 250 to 500 yards ahead of the troops to act as a buffer and
early warning mechanism, there’s no machinery out there on the market that can do that.
Roushia says the dogs are 98 to 99 percent effective. But, tragically, in the unpredictable
setting of war, lives are lost, both human and animal. A roadside bomb hit Lance Cpl.
William “Billy” Crouse and his dog, Cane, in Afghanistan. While being lifted into the
medevac, Crouse managed to cry out, “Get Cane in the Blackhawk!” before losing consciousness,
apparently his last words. Both Crouse and Cane died. Trainers at AK-9I say the bond
between handlers and their dogs is very strong. Senior patrol dog trainer Eric Favetta served
as a K-9 handler in Afghanistan. His dog also made it back alive.
There’s no definite that you’re going to come back to the FOB at the end of the
night, but knowing you have your partner standing there next to you, kind of gives you a little
better feeling that you’re going to make it home.
Dogs have been serving with US troops for centuries. It’s estimated these four-legged
heroes and their handlers saved more than 10,000 lives during Vietnam alone. Sadly,
only a small percentage of the dogs who served in Vietnam left that country. None returned
to civilian life. In the year 2000, adopting certain war dogs became legal. More than 300
retired war dogs are now put up for adoption every year. For example, Pfc. Colton Rusk’s
parents adopted his dog, Eli, after the death of their son.
None of the dogs are euthanized. They all go to good, loving homes.
A fitting reward for dogs who truly exemplify what it means to be man’s best friend.
Each day we contribute to the defense of this great nation and, at the same time, give all
praise and glory to God.
Mark Martin, CBN News, Carrsville, Virginia.
Isn’t that a wonderful thing, those dogs? They’re olfactories are so intense, thousands
of times more intense than the human.
And discovering explosives and hidden things is such a—I mean, we hear almost weekly
of men and women who lose their lives just because of that. So, what I great thing!
Not to mention, in tragedy, they can sniff out bodies of people who are trapped under
rubble. It’s fantastic. They can also smell out cancer. They can sense cancer immediately.
It’s remarkable.
Unbelievable. Well nice to know, also, that they’re retiring to families and be loved.
Man’s best friend. All right.
Well, up next, a child is molested by her stepfather.
“Why did he choose me?” What did I do different at that time that made him, his
sick mind, be attracted to a three-year-old child?”
Watch what happened once she vowed to get revenge.
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Three years old, an age of innocence and trust, but not for a child named Kimberly Ray. This
little girl was repeatedly raped by her own stepfather and with her mother’s full knowledge.
This ongoing nightmare was Kimberly’s reality until the day she decided to fight back.
You don’t understand, it kills something in you. Each time, something dies.
Kimberly Ray was just three years old the first time she was raped by her stepfather.
It happened again and again, for the next six years.
I was very depressed at that age, very sad. Why did he choose me? What did I do different
at that time that made him, his sick mind be attracted to a three-year-old child?
Her mother knew about all the rapes and never said a thing.
There was one occasion where my mother was leaving for work, and my stepfather had me
at the top of the stairs with him, and his robe was kind of opened a little bit, and
he was kind of messing with my hair. My mother was down at the bottom of the stairs, and
she kind of looked at me in a look of disgust. And what I read from her eyes back then was,
“Just do what you’re going to do with her, and let it be done before I come home
from work.” And that bothered me for many years.
There was one place Kim found solace: church.
Being in church was really wonderful. I enjoyed it very much, but I was confused. I was confused
trying to figure out who this God the preacher was preaching about that he’s preaching
about love, and he’s preaching about kindness, and hope and joy, but that's not what I was
hearing in my household.
Later that year, her mother told Kim and her brothers she didn't want them anymore and
sent them to live with their father, whom they’d never met.
I could not believe that this woman, my mother, just dropped us off with no warning to this
man. I've already slept with the men in her life, and now she doesn't want me any longer?
Now she's going to give me to a man who I don't even know, and now she's going to just-just
drop us off, no warning or nothing? And I remember that feeling, saying, “Okay, the
world is going to pay now.” I remember saying, “This is it.”
So at the very tender age of nine, sex, drugs and alcohol became Kim's obsession. She stopped
going to church and started hanging out with older teens.
I was very mature then. I had wisdom way above my age at nine-and-a-half years old, ten.
I was scheming back then at that age, because I started seeing things more. And I was so
hurt by my mother; I just didn't care.
Kim never told anyone about the abuse. Her teen years were unstable. Her actions, erratic.
She lived with many different men, had three children, and continued to use drugs. She
tried prostitution for a few months, which landed her in jail. Even in the turmoil, one
thing remained constant, the emptiness she felt.
At that time, I was battling depression really bad. I was battling low self-esteem. At that
time, I was 80 pounds. I lost so much weight there. There was no mother or father to call
on. There's nobody there.
Kim decided she wanted a better life for her and her children. So after her release from
jail, she took two jobs to provide for her family. But try as she might to move forward,
drugs and her secret past kept their grip. The only thing keeping her going was her love
for her children.
They gave me something to live for. I remember thinking, “If I don't deal with this now,
these dark secrets are going to pass on to my daughter. It's going to pass on to my son.”
I knew that I couldn't do this on my own. There was something in me. I knew automatically,
“I know I cannot raise these 3 kids on my own.” It was impossible. I didn't have the
wisdom how to do it. But I knew there was something greater that could help me raise
these babies, and that was God.
So Kimberly committed herself fully to God and started going to church.
I knew there was something that preacher was saying I wanted. I started opening up more
to God. I started to learn the difference between religion and relationship.
Over the next 10 years, Kim grew in her relationship with God. She quit the drugs and, a few years
later, married. She went to seminary and became a pastor. Yet one struggle remained. Kim was
still depressed.
I didn't want to get out of bed. I remember saying, “Kimberly, you’ve got to feed
the kids cereal. You’ve got to get them ready for school.” It was a fight every
day to get out of bed. I still had not dealt with those dark secrets yet. I was going on,
ready to kill myself every single day.
Kim decided to end her life.
I remember going to the bathroom, got the paper and pencil in the bath, and wrote out
my will. Told my children about that I just couldn't do it any longer. I'm just ready
to check out. I had the pills ready to go. Before I left this earth, I wanted to take
God to every single rape, every single abuse, every single touch, every time I was abandoned.
I said, “So God, why did you let him touch me there?”
But as she opened up to God about her past, she felt the peace she remembered as a child
settle over her. The more she talked to God, the more she felt a weight lift from her.
Once I took God to those secret places in my life that I never shared with no one human
on this earth, I felt a sense of peace. It was pain, but then there was peace. The peace
was I allowed the Spirit of God to come inside to heal those areas of my life.
Kim didn't take the pills. Instead, she found a Christian psychiatrist. After lots of prayer
and counseling, she overcame her depression.
It took months of therapy. I was on anti depressant pills still for many years. It took me months.
But, as I opened up to God, it became sweeter every day. It's not realistic thinking to
think that we've arrived, because we're believers. That's not true. We're spiritual beings in
this fleshly body.
Kim knows that it was God who helped her overcome depression. She also travels nationally to
speak about God's peace.
This faith walk works. But it only works if you open yourself up to God. It doesn't work
by going to church. It doesn't work by hanging with the clique. It works by opening yourself
up 100% to your Savior. I do realize I have a true counselor which is Jesus Christ. I
have the true doctor, this true physician, and I thank God.
What a story! Three years old, abused, raped, a mother who didn’t care, a mother who dumped
the kids off, got rid of them, worthless, nothing, garbage, flotsam, jetsam, nothing.
But that’s not what God said. God said, “Kim, you’re beautiful. You’re special.
You are created in my image, and I love you, and I love you.” That’s his message to
you. What’s happened to you? Were you abused as a kid? I think one quarter of all of the
youngsters in America are physically or sexually abused in some way or other. It isn’t just
an isolated thing. It may have happened to you, but God Almighty said you are special.
You are created in the image of God. You bare in yourself the likeness of the One who created
everything. Yes, you are a spiritual being, and God wants to touch your spirit, and He
wants to make you whole. What he says is, “I love you so much. I love you so much
that I died for you. I died for you so that you might live forever.” I was reading yesterday
in the Bible about the story of a rich man and a beggar named Lazarus, and the rich man
wound up in Hell, and he called out to Father Abraham, and he said, “I’m being tormented
in these flames,” and I thought again something that I know, but it just came back to me.
Hell is without end. You cannot die after you’re dead, and the punishment that you
have for a life of sin will be there forever and ever and ever and ever, and there’s
no end. There’s no dying; there’s no sensation. It’s horrible to contemplate. Hell was made
for the devil and his angels, but those who decide they want to go there and be like the
devil, they’re going to wind up where he is. It’s beyond imagination; it’s so horrible.
And all I want to say to you right now is, yes, bad things have been done to you. Yes,
you can be bitter. Yes, absolutely, it’s understandable, but that’s not enough. It’s
a question, “Is that permissible?” And the answer is, no, it’s not permissible
because God says, “I want to heal you. I want to forgive you. I want to love you.”
Take His love right now. Pray with me. Whatever’s been done to you, right now pray with me and
watch what God will do. Pray these words and mean them. “Jesus.” That’s right, pray
with me. “Jesus, I know you died for me. I know you died to take away all the scars
that have taken place in my life. I know you died that I might live and that I might not
go to Hell and be tormented forever. Oh, my Lord, come now I pray. Enter into my heart.
Live your life in me and from this moment on, I will live for you, and I will serve
you. Thank you, Lord.” For those who prayed, I want to pray for you. Father, take away
the wounds. Take away the pain. Take away the suffering and fill them now from this
moment on with your Spirit, in Jesus’ name, Amen.
I have something I want to give you if you just prayed with me. Man, that’s such an
important time. You already feel better. But it’s not feeling; it’s faith, and you
will have faith, because the Lord is going to do something wonderful for you. I have
something called “A New Day.” It’ll help you get established in the Christian
faith. It’ll help you get established in God.
And I have a CD here that’s just packed with information about what you’ve just
done and how it’ll help you. You need to get this. You need to play it. You need to
listen to it, and you need to pray about it. If you just prayed with me, please call. Tell
somebody, “I prayed with Pat. I gave my heart to Jesus. No, I’m not going to Hell.
I’m going to be with my Father. I’m going to be in my Father’s house for all eternity.”
1-800-759-0700, toll free to call. This little package, free. Call in. Terry.
Well, coming up later, one moment they were riding a snowmobile, the next, they were under
the ice.
The snow machine drops away from you, and you’re in the water, floating.
It just sunk into the ice. The ice just, kind of, collapsed around us.
See how this couple survives subzero temperatures.
Hey, I’m Ryan and I make people sound great. A lot of times of times I add sound effects
to video to make it really come alive. You need a dog bark; I’ve got it. You need some
horn beeps; I’ve got it. I add music to stories to set the mood. How was that for
drama? In television, audio’s very important, especially when you’re spreading message
of Jesus Christ, and I want to make sure people hear that message clearly. I’m an audio
engineer, and I work at CBN.
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Welcome back to The 700 Club.
The White House hopes to defund the frozen embryo program known as “Snowflake.” It
is the only federal program aimed at preventing the destruction of frozen, human embryos.
They’re typically created during fertility treatments like in vitro. The program allows
couples to adopt the extra embryos and give them a chance to be born. Critics say this
is more evidence of the pro-abortion slant of the Obama Administration. A congressional
appropriations committee, though, must first vote on that request.
A prayer banner at a public high school in Rhode Island has been removed permanently.
A federal judge, ordering officials at Cranston West High School to take down that banner
after an atheist student complained. The ACLU represented that student. Its lawyers argued
the display violated the Constitution. School officials say the banner is being stored in
an undisclosed location. The school has no plans to appeal the judge’s ruling. The
banner, though, has been up there for almost 50 years. You can always get the latest from
CBN News by going to our website at
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The first day of school is exciting for every child, but especially for a girl from the
Philippines named Merlinda, and that’s because she was nearly a teenager before she started
the first grade.
Twelve-year old Merlinda has never spent a single day in school. That’s because Merlinda
has been helping her mom by selling homemade necklaces on the streets of Cebu. She’s
been doing that since she was seven. As I talked with Merlinda, I learned that her mom
couldn’t afford even simple school fees for books and supplies.
I wanted to go to school, so I could find a good job.
But things changed for Merlinda when she came here, free of charge, to this Christian school
and feeding program supported by CBN’s Orphan’s Promise. There are thousands of feeding programs
in areas of poverty around the world. What makes this program different is the promise
behind it. This year, for example, at age 12, Merlinda is starting school for the first
time. Here she’s not only learning how to read, but she receives nutritious meals and
learns about God’s love through CBN Bible cartoons like Superbook. During my visit to
the school, we threw a small party for Merlinda and the other children. I enjoyed the special
program they put on for us, and we gave Merlinda some gifts to take home to her family, including
groceries and clothes.
I like school. Thank you, Orphan’s Promise.
One of the things I love about working with children in areas of poverty is that they
want to go to school. They are excited to go to school. Knowledge is power. How do we
expect them to dream and to have hope for a real future if they can’t read or write?
How can they read the Word of God if they can’t read?
All of this is a part of giving a child an opportunity to become all God created them
to be. If you’d like to be a part of what Orphan’s Promise is doing around the world,
we are a part of CBN, and we would love to have you join with us. Join the 700 Club.
You’re helping us with every gift that you give. It’s $20 a month, 65 cents a day,
but you are joining an army of people who are out to change the world for Jesus. So,
call that number on your screen. Even the number is toll free. It’s 1-800-759-0700.
Just say, “I want to join the 700 Club today.” When you do, we want to say thank you for
caring about others by sending you this teaching that Gordon has done called The Quest for
It looks at the fact that mankind has always been searching for God. There are many religions
in the world that do just that, but only one whose God comes after them and that’s our
God. We want you to understand what’s going on in the world around you and rejoice in
what God wants to do in your life, so call now. Change someone’s life, and we’ll
send you The Quest for God, and you’ll have the privilege of knowing you’re reaching
out and touching lives all over the world, so, thank you in advance.
It’s exciting.
It is.
Thank you for Orphan’s Promise. It’s so wonderful.
You know, it’s so exciting to see kids when they come alive to who they are, and they
begin to dream, and they have a voice to speak. Wow, it’s exciting!
Well folks, it only takes a few minutes to die of something called “hypothermia”;
that’s if paralysis or heart failure doesn't kill you first. So, when Wayne and Claudia
Brood fell into the icy waters of northern Michigan, they knew that their lives were
no longer in their own hands.
Wayne and Claudia Brood are caretakers on a private island on the Upper Peninsula in
Michigan. Most of the year they cross a quarter mile channel by boat to the mainland. But
during the winter freeze they exchange the boat for a snowmobile and an ice bridge.
I get nervous at times, especially at the beginning of the year when it’s just freezing
up, because there are spots that don’t freeze up as well as other spots.
We’d been crossing by snowmobile for a couple of days already.
The same place we’ve crossed for many, many years. We really thought that the ice was
fine. And as he started across, we hit a slushy spot in the ice.
I throttled up on the snow machine; but it just spun, and it kept going down.
It just sunk into the ice. The ice just kind of collapsed around us.
And the snow machine drops away from you, and you’re in the water floating.
I just knew that we were in trouble, and I just immediately started praying to God, because
I didn’t know how we were going to get out of this situation. I wasn’t afraid of dying;
but I was afraid of watching Wayne die, because he wouldn’t have left me there. He would
have done what he could to get me out.
As they struggled in the freezing waters, Wayne’s brother-in-law, Bert who was visiting
for the weekend, heard a noise that caught his attention.
I just heard the snowmobile when he revved it up; and it spun out before it went down,
I guess. That’s what I heard, and it just sounded a little unusual, so that’s why
I looked that way.
God really intervened. I mean, there’s no doubt about it, because had He not, I don’t
think Bert would have heard us or seen us. The location he was at was quite distant.
I ran up into that boat shelter, and the first thing I saw in the door was a canoe sitting
there. So I grabbed this old canoe, and shoved it out there, and then went behind it and
used it as a platform to get on the weak ice.
And he was pushing it out to Claudia, and the ice was cracking as he’s going.
The end of the canoe came out right over the end of the hole, and he’s like, “Grab
a hold of the canoe, and I’ll pull you out.” Well, I put my arms out to grab it, but by
that time my fingers weren’t bending anymore. And I said, “Bert, I can’t do this.”
I got a hold of her one hand and started pulling, trying to get her back on the ice. And by
that time, I had seen Wayne. He was starting to crawl out himself. He was able to finally
get up after he knew that I had a hold of Claudia, then he got out on the ice himself.
He tried to come help me, too, get Claudia out, but the ice started to give way.
None of us, later on, could remember how I got in the canoe. To this day I don’t know
how I got in the canoe. I was so tired.
God was there. Angels were there, just one little miracle after another. God could have
taken us home that day, but He chose not to.
Moments later, they were back at the house. They had survived.
I stepped into the shower, and Wayne put his arms around me. I just started sobbing, and
I was just praising God that I was alive.
When you’ve been together so many years and realized how close you’ve come to being
Wayne and Claudia continue to cross the ice bridge, always aware of how fragile life can
be and thankful that they’ve been given more time.
I know that I am here, because God ordained it to be so. I’m not here because Bert saved
me. I’m here because God wants me to be here. After it happened, it really gave me
freedom. I was able to share my faith and how I knew where I was going to spend eternity.
Thinking back to that day, I’m glad I’m here. Praise God.
God saved us twice in our lifetime, once when Wayne and I trusted Jesus to be our Savior
and then again when He ordained, orchestrated our rescue that day out in the channel. From
now until the day I die, I will spend the rest of my life praising Him, and trying to
live for Him and to make good of the extra time that He has given me; because I know
that that’s why I’m here. If one thing it taught me, it was life is very fragile.
You may not have tomorrow, and my question to people would be are you ready? Are you
ready to meet Jesus? Are you ready to stand before the God of all the universe, because
it can happen so fast?
Oh, what a lesson! It can happen so fast. Are you ready to stand before the God of the
universe? Your live can be over so fast. Wow! All right, we’ve got some questions.
Okay, Pat. From our chat room, this is Katie who says, “My best friend, my best friend
just told me that she slept with my husband. While she apologized, she’s now mad at me;
because I don’t want to be friends with her. What should I do?”
I don’t think I’d want to be friends with her, either. I don’t know. Terry, the Bible
says if somebody offends you, and they ask forgiveness. Now I don’t know. Has somebody
come and said, “I’m sorry. I did something wrong. Please forgive me,” or is she just
saying, “Well, I slept with your husband, so big deal?”
But, Pat, I do think there’s a difference. You can forgive somebody and let go of the
offense, but this is not your best friend. A best friend doesn’t do that.
Oh, just doesn’t do that, absolutely. Of course, they’re not a best friend. I mean,
that “best friend” is over, yeah. All right.
Yeah. This is Dave who says, “I had a weird dream where I saw a kiwi that was bright pink.
When I looked down, the kiwi turned black; and then I got bit by a wasp. My question
is do all dreams have significance, or are there some just flat out weird?”
I think some are just flat out weird. It depends on what you had for dinner the night before,
and other times who knows what’s going on. Our minds are funny, our subconscious, but
it’s a question of what were you focusing on before this happened, and was there a fear
of something. You got bit by a wasp, but you saw a kiwi. I just think some dreams are weird,
and I think let’s leave it at that.
Yeah. This is Keisha who says, “I have a friend I work with who says she’s a Christian;
however, she’s very mean to our other co-workers and is turning them off to Jesus. What can
I do?”
Well, I think you should go to her—that’s what the Bible says—and tell her the problem,
and if she receives it, good. If she won’t, bring some other people with you and have
a group of you tell her what’s wrong, and if she won’t receive that, then she’s
not really living the life of Jesus if she’s mean and hateful.
This is Mindy who says, “Jesus said that ‘The one who has seen Me has seen the Father,’
but He also said, ‘The Father sent Me . . . . you’ve never heard His voice nor seen His shape.’
Isn’t He contradicting himself?”
Well, you haven’t heard His voice or seen His shape. The Father, let’s face it, this
universe is huge and He created it all. So, what Jesus was saying is, “I am the representation
of the spiritual being that created this world. As a human being, I am representative of it
and if you see Me, in a sense, and listen to Me and hear My voice and see the tenderness
of My heart, you understand God.” But He wasn’t saying that He, Himself, was the
God who created everything and that you’ve seen all that awesome power. Well, today we
leave you with these words from the Psalms . . . .
. . . . “In your presence is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forever
more.” Thanks for being with us. We’ll see you tomorrow. Bye-bye.
Here at CBN, we see incredible things happen when we stand together.
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Just like you did for Desert Storm veteran Laura Bauer. After returning home with a severe
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So please, watch for this mailing and send in your pledge.
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