Waste Management - Join Our Sales Team

Uploaded by wastemanagement on 30.08.2011


When you think about the customers that need our services
residential customers and there's municipalities it’s pretty broad.
The sales people their jobs are just so exciting they get to go
inside these customers businesses and put together a better,
smarter more efficient plan and at the same time help the world,
help the environment.
And what could be better and more exciting than that!
We’ve got sales jobs located throughout north America.
We have both inside sales, outside sales,
we’ve got national accounts, strategic accounts.
We build a lot of tools to help our sales rep’s communicate solutions to customers.
We are now using salesforce.com.
It really is a great tool to help us understand whether a person
is a customer or a prospect and where there locations are across the United States.
That kind of technology in a rep’s hands makes them more mobile.
For the sales people we have a career path we have programs
to help them if they want to become a manager.
And what I’m really proud of is the ability for people to move
from sales into operations or move across the company.
I’m probably a pretty good example of that,
you know having worked my way from a summer job on the back of a truck.
We have great leadership in the company
and people can feel the excitement around the organization.
From being a garbage company to being a company that is
all about environmental performance is such an exciting transformation
and there couldn’t be a better time for somebody to come on board!