Язык. Турник. Мороз. 5_5 [Tongue. Pull-up bar. Frost.]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Mar 2, 2012

Sup, I'm Stas Davidov.
Happy Spring, guys! [gratz!]
One day Mikhail Boyarsky will die [oh no 0_0] screaming
Pups! Pups!
This vid is about the same thing.
Wish I could do that.
Only with women.
OMG the Zerg are attacking!
And if you think that those land piranhas are cute and just want to lick him [ugly bastards!]
Watch till the end.
Dunno what happened next, video got cut.
But they say that the body was never found [pro killers]
It's just that you have to feed them as well, not just snoggle [furriiiiiies ^_^]
Or doggies just want to bite that fatass to death so he would stop that nasty scream.
[right now!]
But maybe he did have a pretty voice.
When he still had something to bite off between the legs.
[5 Years ago: ]
[voice pitch changer]
Sad story [could happen to anyone]
And this is Horosho!
2nd vid was sent by Regina.
So happens that some people are called rats.
And this is where it comes from.
Backstroke to Berlin, as they say.
Rat is taking away cat's milk?
WTF, it's like jerky stealing my beer.
Soon the rat will sleep in his bedroom, work on his job and screw his ... well, him [screw him ;[ ]
Nothing gets me going in the morning than a bowl of milk with crunchy "Humiliation" cereal.
And the whiskered doesn't even care [not a single f*uck was given]
I think the rat's sneak level is so high that the cat doesn't even notice him.
[mission: steal strategic milk resourses]
Or maybe the cat's feeding his future dinner [thrifty cat]
Or maybe he's Leopold (very friendly cat from a cartoon)
Or maybe he's vegan.
Altho no, animals can't be as stupid as people.
Oh I'm sorry, I prolly hurt someone's feeling right now, eh?
[Not eat meat?]
[no-no, i'm not planning to die]
You know, i think the masters are making this conflict on purpose.
Tom, Jerry, we don't have the money to keep you both.
Let the strongest survive!
[choke and die you rodent]
And this is Horosho!
And the last video was sent by ........... prolly some schoolie.
Let's say bye to winter with a pole licking vid [old russian fun]
In freezing weather.
[fail-acrobat %)) ]
Two questions: WHY? and WHAT FOR?
Was he doing pull-ups with his tongue?
Are there really people who still don't know better than to lick metal during the frost?
And this one took it up a notch even! [acrobat :D]
Can you do like...
The hands... It's for the internet!
Let go your hands! Let your hands go!
Let go of your hands, as if you're hanging on your tongue!
Uhuh, and do a barrel roll as well [c'mon!]
No, even tho dude screwed up
His instinct of self-preservation told him to take the koala position.
[parcour. koala-styte -_-]
He prolly got really disappointed in girls.
Coz he went kissing a pull-up bar.
Oh, this calls for a subtle pseudo-political joke.
If you lick Margaret Thatcher on the frost, you have all chances of staying with her all day!
Or loosing your tongue.
What irony,
guy wanted to quit his bad habbits and do some sports.
And in the end he was saved by a box of booze and his alcoholic friends.
With whom he actually wanted to quit [they pulled him back]
Speaking of booze [booze iz evil]
It's prolly a viral ad of that beverage
with which they washed the guy from the pull-up bar.
But he prolly really had to lick the bar.
After all, it's a Russian ad [thiscountryisundefeatable]
And this is Horosho!
And the question was sent to us by grishami.
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So, how do you protect your virginity?
I don't repeat Death Star engineer's mistakes and cover all the suspicious holes so that no enemy spy would get in! Hail the Empire!!! ^_^
Virginity is protected by Kaspersky Antivirus.
I'm a total loser. Couldn't protect :((
Offence is the best defence)))
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