How to Use Adobe Photoshop : Using Layers in Adobe Photoshop

Uploaded by expertvillage on 27.04.2007

Hi! This is Kyle with Expert Village, I am going to show you some more tips on using
photo shop. Now, what you want to do the safer instance if you wanted to make this as a mat,
which is to allow let us say I am going to open a picture here in a minute. I may go
ahead and open one, file open, I am just going to open this picture as far watch right click,
get the background, which is this layer over here in the bottom that corner you will see,
you have it now. When you have it pull it, hold your right click button, pull it across
and then let go, there you go its back here. Now, what you want to do over here on the
right, right click and duplicate layer, hit the duplicate layer, you can name it whatever
you want, I am just going to leave it a generic name and hit okay button. What you just do
it if you will notice over here, now you have two of the same layers, what I am going to
do is I am going to pull this layer over and above. Now, it disappears. Is it gone? No,
it's just I have this layer above it. So, right here, it is behind, see if I hit this
eye button see the eye button will allow me to see it and then it goes to this layer on
top. This is the second and this is the third layer.