5 Tricep Exercises for Mass at the Gym

Uploaded by theworkoutcorner on 06.12.2011

bjbj [Music] >> RYAN: Hey guys it's Ryan from TheWorkoutCorner.com it's a great day for
working out. Let's talk about some exercises you can use to help add some mass to your
triceps. If you find these types of videos helpful be sure to click the Like button and
subscribe so I know to go ahead and make more. The majority of your triceps are made up of
Fast Twitch or Type 2 Muscle Fibers. And the takeaway from that is just that we need to
hit them or they respond better to heavier weight training if you're looking to put on
size. Let's take a look at some of the exercises. The first two here are great kind of starters
or kickoff because they call in your chest for help as well. So you can really put on
a lot more weight, the chest is going to help out and allow the tri's to really just get
overloaded and broken down. So first we've got weighted dips, three sets of six to eight.
Or you could do close script bench press, three sets of six to eight for that as well.
Exercise for getting the full range of motion for your triceps is the overhead dumbbell
extension. This one I'd hit probably around eight to ten or even six to eight but you
don't want to go too heavy and drop the weight on your head and knock yourself out. So make
sure you do a weight that you can actually handle. And then we've got tricep rope pull
downs and tricep rope press downs. And these are great kind of end of workout closers because
you can really get some blood pumping to them, make sure you maintain good form and lock
your elbows out, squeezing your arms, squeezing those tricep muscles. It's going to send a
lot of blood there get them nice and swollen, so you're going to be like yeah my arms are
huge, and then of course 20 minutes when your workouts over you go back to normal size.
But for the time being they're great. Like I said, end of close workouts because it just
allows you to tear down any remaining fibers that are left to hit about eight to twelve
reps with about four to three sets. All right guys I hope you found that helpful. If you
did be sure to click the Like button so I know to make more. If you have any questions
or comments put those in the Comments Section below. For questions make sure you jump in
on the Mind Food Monday segments that I do every Monday I answer your questions directly
from me to you. So put the questions in that comment in those videos and I will talk to
you later. [Music] 5 tricep exercises for mass at the gym 2012 TheWorkoutCorner.com
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