Gönülçelen )) Episode 11 - Part 7/9 [English Subtitles]

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You can go in now
Your relationship with the press must be very good
You should know where the paparazzi will attack you from
You have to have a defense mechanism
Let's see what sort of questions they might ask you
Miss Hasret.. you said you've been training for a long time
Where exactly were you training at..
We were in Mr. Murat’s house
DIIITTTT.. Wrong answer
I mean I was training in a place where I could study in peace and quiet
You say you were training very hard
But what about your love life. Is there no one?
No.. I have no business with love
Really? But maybe love has some sort of business with you
Maybe there is someone right under your nose and you don't notice
Saying there is no love, doesn’t mean there is no love in the air
If I say there is no love there isn’t..
You don't notice but there are attacks to you from many sides
Of course there are ones who'll give their lives up for you The good hearted people
And other weirdos who'll get you into trouble at the end
Open your eyes woman.. you'll fall flat on your ass
So you know everything and I don’t
It's clear as day to you and I'm so dumb I don't understand..
Dummy! Quit cutting a dash and thinking you're the only clever one you idiot!
Drop the innuendos Hasret.. just watch your tail.. It's sticking up too much
I'll show what I can do with my tail..
Your hands do not suit slapping people
Your delicate hands are for holding flowers Hasret..
Oh you brought one again. This time it smells of crystals
If one is wise he'll bring a crystal carnation to the florist girl
There is a misunderstanding. Everything is sorted
We will continue with the sponsorship
I'm happy everything is sorted out. This show is very important for me
I don’t care about earning money from it
I just want to leave something permanent and unforgotten behind me
You artists. You always are after tomorrow..
You want to leave a trace behind you. You want to be immortal
Not at all.. Everyone would want to leave something behind
My professionality is in the music area
You have stopped producing anything for 2 years
Now you're planning a come back after two years
I actually appraise your behavior the more I get to know you
You have made a research about me
No I didn't do any research
Our chairman who loves music and arts has made the research
Who is your chairman?
Oh I didn't know it was a lady who was my sponsor
Well you never know in life do you
But as a company we don't like a lot of press coverage
We're sensitive about the press. I hope you understand us
So he didn't tell you the name of the chairman? That's interesting
I think it's interesting too
But she's a woman
Oh sorry..
Oh it isn't important I'm clumsy all the time
There are guests at the door. Nakiye isn’t home so I came to inform you
I didn't invite any guests
I guess they're friends of Hasret
I wonder who they are?
Oh GOD they just drop in as they please…
Mom please!
Ohhh.. Uncle Bekir..
Oh we couldn't wait outside any longer sorry
Welcome.. It's so nice to see you..
Welcome aunty
(Everyone greets each other. Murat kisses Kadriye’s hand..)
What will you have to drink
No. We won't sit too long. We just came to invite you
Where to?
To celebrate HIDIRELLEZ
This year we'll have a big celebration and you're all invited
I have something to do I'm afraid
Sorry I'm busy too
WE will come
Come in!
You're so colorful!
These are my H’IDIRELLEZ clothes
HIDIRELLEZ is a huge celebration for us So we dress up to celebrate
So these are your celebration dresses
Yes. You should wear your celebration dress as well
What do you mean?
I'm sure you don't have a celebration outfit
Anyway you can continue to get ready
These have dried. Aren’t you going to throw them away?
You don't only keep fresh flowers
If the flowers are valuable then you can keep them even after they dry
So these flowers are valuable for you?
Did you pick these flowers?
No. cihan.. he brings one everyday
We used to celebrate HIDIRELLEZ when we were kids
Lets see how it'll be after all these years
It'll be fun.. and I'll show you something when we get there
You'll see when we get there
(Everyone is getting ready to go..)
Levent helped me a lot. Whatever he said worked for me
And Cihan helped too
I guess I should quit teaching from now on
If they succeeded in teaching you in 2 days while I was trying for months
Then I should give up teaching
No way..
He just taught me how I should stand on stage How to be relaxed
And Cihan… well…
It's a joke? Right?
You won't leave me will you? If you quit teaching I'll quit studying..
If you stop teaching me how will you ever see me again?
Tell you won’t leave
Ok ok I won't leave you
Hasret I'm telling you I won't leave
I learned how to use my arms and hands..
Levent told me they are your arms and hands and you'll know how to use them best
That’s good
And Cihan sometimes says such things that touch my heart
Then you know what happens?