High Protein Shake for Cancer

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Hi, my name is Annalisa Berardi.
I'm a graduate intern here at Eastern Illinois University.
Our focus today is nutrition care for cancer patients.
Eating well is very important during cancer treatments,
and most of the time cancer patients
have difficulty eating.
So I'm going to provide you today with a high calorie,
high protein shake that will increase and boost
their calories and nutrients.
Eating well before and after treatment has been shown to
lead to a better prognosis, and maintaining their weight
and avoiding weight loss and any nutrient deficiencies
is our main goal.
Most of the time, patients have a hard time eating and
they're not meeting their nutrient daily needs due to
possibly the treatment causes such as nausea, vomitting.
Sometimes they may have difficulty swallowing and
just the overall decrease in appetite.
So this most of the time causes some malnutrition
and weight loss in cancer patients.
And that's our concern because as I said earlier, it leads to
a better prognosis if they're eating well and meeting their
daily needs and it makes them feel stronger.
I have here in front of me a nutrition supplement,
it's called Ensure, there's many out there.
You can find it at your local store, Walgreens, Wal-Mart,
and it ranges from $6 to $7, and it's a good way to meet
your calories and boost your nutrients in everyday eating.
I'll have a banana in our recipe and some strawberry ice cream.
Eating the right amount of calories and protein helps in
healing, helps with infection, fighting off infection.
And then it's very important providing these energies so that
they can sustain the treatment and go through with it.
So I'm going to start with our shake, like I said.
What's good about Ensure, as well, is that you could use it
as a subsitute for milk and you could use it in cooking or
baking, so it's really helpful if you need to boost
your calories and nutrients.
So one can of Ensure, and I'm using vanilla.
I have already chopped up a banana, just one medium-sized
banana, and about a 1/2 cup of ice cream.
I chose strawberry, you could choose any kind
of ice cream really.
It's about two scoops.
This shake actually provides 456 calories, 15 grams of
protein, and 12 grams of fat.
So it's definitely a good supplement if you guys,
especially everyone who is familiar with cancer,
or probably knows a cancer patient.
And if you suggest this to them, it's very important
for nutrition supplements.
It's an easier way to increase their calorie needs and protein.
So I'm just going to blend this for about 30 seconds.
It usually takes 30 seconds to blend it smooth, and I'm just
going to pour this in a glass.
And like I said, it's a great source of boosting your calorie
and nutrient needs, especially during cancer treatment when
they're trying to meet their daily requirements and needs
and most of the time they're having difficulty, so this
is a good way, as I said.