Glenn Danzig Interview- on the topic of books

Uploaded by jbroccoli on 19.01.2007

Welcome to my book collection
this is just part of my book collection
there's all kinds of stuff here
The Werewolf by Montague Summers, this is great
there's lots of
great werewolf stories in here, all documented, all true
and um... there's one in particular that's great where they're looking for this guy who is accused of being a werewolf
and he comes out of this clearing
shaking a baby in his mouth
that's pretty cool
That's the kind of stuff I liked to read
let's see…here we go… yeah
Occult Roots of Nazism
every school child should have this book [laughs]
you can learn a lot from this one
what else have we got here...
just various books on death
the anthropology of evil
different societies view of evil what their conception of evil is
some of them don't even have evil we go
This is the Lost Books of the Bible there's also the Forgotten Books of Eden
but the Lost Books of the Bible tells you
a lot of stuff that they omitted from the Bible
all original chapters of the Bible which were excised
let's see… there's a chapter in here
… Infancy
this tells you about Jesus's childhood
stuff that I guess most churches wouldn't want you to know about
just doesn't fit in with their ideology of Christ
Here's one passage in here where Jesus and a little kid are playing on the
and Jesus is making these clay statues he's formed come to life
and the child says
"It's the Sabbath and you shouldn't be doing that [blahblahblah]"
so anyways Jesus "kills the kid"
and here we have another passage:
"Another time where Lord Jesus was coming home in the evening with Joseph
he met a boy who ran so hard against him
that he threw him down.
To whom the Lord Jesus said
'as thou hast thrown me down so shalt thou fall
nor ever rise.'
And at that moment the boy fell down and died."
[laughs] Jesus. Pretty funny
This is a dictionary of angels. This tells you all the angels, their names, the days they preside over,
the hours,
what their functions are
if you believe in any of that stuff.