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BETH HOYT: Happy birthday, Grace!
BETH HOYT: You guys, I have a secret that I just found out.
This arm has been broken off once before in
this animal's life.
Party hat!
OK, it's also very dusty.
You guys, guess what?
Happy Thursday!
You guys, listen.
Lance Reddick, who you know as Broyles on Fringe and
Lieutenant Daniels from The Wire, came by this week.
And I got to hang out with him.
You know we are always live.
But listen-- when Lance Reddick can come only at 2:00
PM, you figure it out.
He told me some secrets about Fringe and his new movie,
Won't Back Down.
See, he's a very busy guy--
and so handsome.
Check it out.

Hi, you guys.
I'm here with Lance Reddick, star of such amazing TV shows
as Oz and Lost and The Wire.
And right now, he plays Broyles on Fringe, which
premieres on Friday and also premieres a new
movie, Won't Back Down.
It opens on Friday.
It's a very exciting movie.
It has Maggie Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis.
It's pretty--
LANCE REDDICK: It's pretty great.
Let's talk about Fringe first.
It's really exciting.
They say this is the final season, but, like, your fans
are so awesome.
They brought the show back before.
Is it possibly the final?
Or do you think it's coming to a close?
LANCE REDDICK: Do you want to know what I really think?
BETH HOYT: Of course.
no, it's the final season.
So tell us three things that we don't know about Fringe.
People that know everything, that are, like, uber-duper
fans, are there some behind-the-scenes information,
something that happens off camera--
what you're serving at the craft table.
Three things that we don't know.
Three things people don't know about Fringe.
OK, one is that I was-- originally, I was going to be
one of the Observers in episode--in
season two, in one episode.
I can't remember which episode it was.
And it was one of those scenes where they were introducing
kind of 12 Observers.
So they were going to have the two guest stars.
And then they were going to have the backs
of the other 10.
And I was going to be one of them.
And I was all dressed.
And I was in the hat and the suit.
And the director comes up to me and said, you know, I
already spoke to LA, and I told them that--
I'm afraid that-- you know, because I was
the only black guy.
So he said, I'm afraid that the fans are going to wonder,
is that Broyles?
And it's going to pull their attention away from the scene.
BETH HOYT: That would've been crazy.
Huge, huge news.
OK, so that didn't happen.
LANCE REDDICK: That didn't happen.
BETH HOYT: Could have happened.
LANCE REDDICK: Could have happened.
Could have happened.
I was really looking forward to that.
LANCE REDDICK: Another thing is that
when we were shooting--
I got completely loopy when we were shooting--
I think it was episode eight of season three.
That was the episode that alternate Broyles died the
first time.
Of course, he comes back to life in season four.
BETH HOYT: You're doing so much in that episode.
Because I spent so much time as both Broyles, sometimes I
was forgetting which one was which.
I remember it was the last night of shooting the episode.
And it just so happened that I was in the first scene of the
next episode the next day.
BETH HOYT: Oh my god.
LANCE REDDICK: So I was fried.
And I remember sitting in the lounge with--
I keep wanting to call her Olivia.
But Anna, saying--
BETH HOYT: I want you to call her Olivia too.
LANCE REDDICK: Because she goes
through this every episode.
I said, is this what it's like?
She said, welcome to my world.
And the third thing is--
I can't remember what episode it was.
But when we were shooting an episode in season two, and
we're in the back room.
And I think it was the scene where we first discovered that
the typewriter that the spies were using to communicate with
the alternate dimension and the alternate universe.
And so in this scene, it's the back room of the shop.
And it's Walter, Peter, Broyles, and I think it's the
shop owner.
And so, you know, Walter--
remember, Walter's always eating weird food.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, yeah.
LANCE REDDICK: And so in the scene, as Walter's discovering
the typewriter, he reaches into his coat pocket and pulls
out a cookie-- starts eating it.
So Josh Jackson comes up to me.
And he says, do you know what we should do?
In one take, we should all pull out cookies and start
eating them.
So I looked at him, like--
and he said, oh, we shouldn't do it, should we?
And I said, uh, yeah, we should do it.
So we finish shooting the scene.
Josh said, uh, Joe, can we do one more take?
And he said, sure.
So we go to shoot the scene.
And at the end, Walter reaches down.
And as he reaches down to look at the thing, we all reach
down and pull out our cookies.
And John lost it.
It was great.
It was great.
BETH HOYT: I love that.
Thank you for sharing that.
OK, so we're going into season five.
Can you just give us a summary without any spoilers of, like,
what's happening?
LANCE REDDICK: Well, as most people probably know--
particularly die-hard fans--
really, season five picks up where episode 4.19 left off.
So we're really going to be--
we're going to be 25 years in the future.
The core Fringe team, being, um, John, Olivia, Peter--
Dr. Bishop, Olivia, Peter, and Astrid have been frozen in
amber for 25 years.
And in the meantime, Broyles has been alive.
So I'm 25 years older.
BETH HOYT: Gosh, you must be tired.
LANCE REDDICK: But I'm still looking good.
I'm still looking good.
BETH HOYT: Oh, yes.
LANCE REDDICK: And basically, there is
this occupied territory.
And the Observers have taken over.
So this season is really about kind of the underground
resistance movement for humanity.
And the Fringe team does what it does every season.
It saves the day.
It saves the world.
And for Broyles, it's really about, um,
coming to terms with--
you know, because if you remember from episode 4.19,
Broyles is really the head of--
Fringe division has become the human affairs crime division.
So it was really kind of like Vichy France and the Nazis in
World War II.
So it's really kind of like he's
collaborating with the enemy.
So he's really got to come to terms with where his loyalties
lie and what he's going to do about that.
BETH HOYT: So cool.
OK, so that's happening tomorrow
night, 9:00 PM on Fox.
BETH HOYT: So exciting.
And then, um, also tomorrow, your movie,
Won't Back Down, premieres.
Tell us about this movie.
LANCE REDDICK: Well, Won't Back Down, thematically, it's
really about the plight of the public school
system in this country.
And plot-wise, it's about two parents, one of whom's a
teacher in this elementary school.
And they both have third graders.
They both have eight-year-olds.
And it's about how they try to start a charter school
together and kind of the trials and tribulations that
they go through, not only as parents trying to do the best
for their children, but what they go through in terms of
push back from the teachers' unions and the school board.
BETH HOYT: Tell us about your role.
LANCE REDDICK: Well, Viola plays the teacher.
Maggie plays the other parent.
And I play Viola's husband.
And we have--
it deals with not just our relationship with our son, but
kind of there's a conflict in the relationship
between the two of us.
BETH HOYT: Conflicts.
Let's take a look at a clip we have of you
in Won't Back Down.
-You got this.
I know you do.
-Yes, this retard, Mom?
-Stop saying that.
-The whole school knows it.
-Are they giving you a hard time?
-Can't I just go to the school near Uncle Earl while Dad's
living with him?
-Why is Cody talking about going to school near you?
-Because it's a great school, and we can't afford anywhere
-Except that he's not going to live with
you and your brother.
-So you, of all people-- you'd stop him from getting the
right schooling?
-Not going to happen.
-And I should trust your
judgement, given what happened?

BETH HOYT: Getting heavy.
Man, how's that, working with Viola Davis?
LANCE REDDICK: She was mean to me.
That's why I got so mad.
No, she's great.
She's great.
Really cool.
The tension between you two-- it's just-- it's like, there's
love there, but there's lots of distrust.
And you're dealing with society.
LANCE REDDICK: If anybody's really been in a relationship
where you're splitting up or you've just split up and
you're dealing with your kids and you're trying to struggle
with what's best for them in terms of education, they know
what that feels like.
BETH HOYT: All right.
So Won't Back Down premieres tomorrow.
And Fringe premieres tomorrow.
Really exciting, season five, final season.
Thank you so much for being here.
I'm a really big fan.
LANCE REDDICK: It's my pleasure.
BETH HOYT: Awesome.

Lance Reddick, you guys.
What a pleasure for me-- and you.
Speaking of pleasure, Andrew WK was here yesterday.
I didn't mean it like that.
I did not mean it like that.
Guys, in case you missed it, Andrew WK was here.
We partied hard.
Like, it's not just a phrase for him.
It's a lifestyle.
I'm feeling fine today.
I had tons of fun.
In case you missed it, here's one of my favorite moments
from yesterday.
Let's give him 30 seconds to really, like, get in there.
So 30 seconds on the clock.
ANDREW WK: Go for the gold.
Don't be shy.
You have the beard, too.
So you're already on the-- go, go.
BETH HOYT: Get in there, Nate.
I'll hold your hair back.
ANDREW WK: What are you doing?
Do more things!
BETH HOYT: Nate, you're doing it great.
I'm very proud of you.
Five, four, three, two, one.
ANDREW WK: The crust!
The crust!
I just heard--
I think--
OK, let's see--

all right, you guys have got the look.
ANDREW WK: That's the party till you puke
look, I think, actually.
BETH HOYT: Wow, you got the shit coached out of you, Dan.
Wow, remember how I said I was feeling fine?
OK, that was fun.
I'm going to be-- fine, just kidding.
Here's one of my favorite comments from yesterday.
Let's take a look at this one.
This is from sellhomz.
"Nate should have won--
mom." That's from Nate's mom, you guys.
Hi, Nate's mom!
OK, so Nate should have won.
Here's the thing.
I do feel bad because I didn't, like,
coach him hard enough.
I should have forced his face into that pie the way Andrew
WK did Dan.
I really should have--
I will force him harder to do something--
next time, I promise.
I will stick in there, make sure that he wins.
I blame myself.
I was a bad coach.
But I also, pretty much, blame Nate 'cause, like, it was
probably Nate's fault, you know what I mean?
You're Nate's mom.
I'm sure you know what I mean, you know?
Also, I've been making a lot of moms mad, including my mom
who tweeted @MyDamnChannel this morning.
Anyway, uh, here's a comment from--
I'm sorry I didn't get to more of your live
comments today, you guys.
I blame Lance.
But I'd love to take at least, like, one
today and talk to you.
What do we got?
From pawneegoddess.
"Oh my god, I love Fringe." and then an ice cream cone.
No, just kidding.
It's a mustache, with a--
Pawnee, how was your move, by the way?
I hope you moved.
Secondly, I love Fringe too.
I can't wait-- tomorrow night.
It's like a whole new show this season.
And I touched Lance.
And it was as good as it looked.
That got weird.
Was that weird for you?
We have another comment from YouTube.
Thank you.
Take me away from myself.
Karen and Kate.
Care and Kate--
Car and Kate.
Stop, Beth.
"I'm debating if I should start watching Fringe now.
LOL." So you're laughing at that?
Is that like, I'm debating, huh-huh.
Or is that like, I'm debating!
Ha, ha, ha!
I think it's that one.
I hope it's that one.
You should start it.
You should start it.
There's only five seasons to catch up on.
And you can do that if you start right now--
not by tomorrow.
But anyway, start doing it.
Get involved.
It's a super-exciting show to be involved in.
And the fans are, like, really into it.
You can talk to Pawnee about it.
That's what's going to happen.
We have another comment.
Yeah, let's keep doing it.
"Ah, I thought Fringe was tonight." Well, wouldn't that
be the reaction you had if it was last night?
It's OK.
It's tomorrow.
You didn't miss it.
So right?
You can calm down because it's happening tomorrow.
So that's the good news.
So don't worry about it.
Unless you made plans tomorrow, in which
case, DVR that shit.
And that's our show.
Thanks to Lance Reddick for stopping by.
Go see Won't Back Down.
And DVR Fringe right now for tomorrow.
And I'll see you guys tomorrow for the weekly wrap up.
I'm going to go have some hair of the dog.
Which dog should I choose?
Anyway, [MUMBLING].
You're my favorite.