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Greetings Mr.Chaube. - Greetings.
These are today's letters, and these are registered.
This is headmaster's letter from Bombay. You will pass from there.
Yes. - Deliver it to his home on your way.
I heard you went drunk to Kancha's wedding.
And you ate 25 ladoos(sweets)there. - Mind your own business.
You even fell flat there. - Are you leaving or not?
Greetings Master. - Greetings.
A letter for you.
You should have given it to me in school.
I did go to school. Mr.Chaube said it's a letter for you from Bombay.
I should deliver it at home. - Give.
You didn't go to school today? - Let me sit at home sometimes.
Good day.
Whose letter is it? - Meera's.
She has sent a proposal for Geeta. - Is it? What has she written?
'The boy belongs to a good family. He is related to my sister-in-law'
'He has done his engineering from Germany'
'He has a good job, draws a salary Rs.2000'
'It's a good proposal for our Geeta'
'If he likes the girl, he doesn't want anything else'
'A bridge is being constructed over the river in Madhupur'
'He isjoining there in place of the current executive engineer'
'He will reach there coming Monday'
'Keep a big and airy bungalow ready for him'
'There should be a garden in front of the bungalow'
'He loves flowers'
'If he likes Geeta, we won't get a better proposal than this'
'The boy is modern in outlook. If he wishes to take Geeta out ...'
'tell mother not to be old fashioned ...'
'and not to avoid their meeting alone'
'The boy will like to know Geeta.Their meeting each other will not be wrong'
'Ask Geeta not to be a chatterbox that she is'
'If we lose this proposal, we won't get another like him'
'Among us three sisters, Geeta's husband will be the richest and best'
'What more do I write? You are mature enough'
'Your daughter'
What say? - She has become very mature!
'Tell mother not to be old fashioned'
Am I old fashioned, or you? - Forget about us.
The boy seems to be good. But is our Geeta so lucky?
Our Geeta is better than anyone. She is educated till the 10th grade.
The boy is also an engineer. He has taken his education aboard.
He will easily get a graduate, or post-graduate girl.
He is rich too.
God willing, everything will be alright.
I will groom Geeta.
She is young and a little immature.
If this proposal clicks...
It will.
Mr.Bhure's bungalow is lying vacant, you ready that for him.
And if the boy likes flowers, Geeta will give him a bouquet everyday.
I won't spare you, I'll catch you.
Let me see where you can run away.
I will catch you.
Her chances of marriage are slim.
Caught you!
Ganpat, ask if the ticket checker if the headmaster, Mr.Chaudhary has come.
I want to meet the headmaster, Mr.Pitambar Chaudhary.
Has he come here? - Headmaster, someone here for you.
Mr.Chaudhary, he is my boss.
You...? - I have come from Bombay.
Are you Pitambar Chaudhary? - Yes, come.
Is this the river on which a bridge is to be constructed?
No, this isjust a pond called Neeli Jheel.
Such a huge pond? This place is really very good.
Since how many years are you here? - I was born here.
But our small village is no comparison to Bombay.
No sir, this place is good. What is there in Bombay?
I have a friend in Bombay. He is not getting married.
When I asked him why, he said where will he live after marriage?
I told him he could live with his father-in-law.
Had said even his father-in-law was staying with his in-laws.
Is this the bungalow where I'll stay? - Yes. Why? Isn't it good?
Good? I regret why I wasn't born here.
Greetings. - He is the gardener here.
Please come. - Why do you say please?
You are so much elder to me.
And then, you are also Meera's father.
Keep his luggage inside.
Go and freshen up, I'll wait.
Then come home with me and eat whatever humble food we have made.
Don't worry about me. My hunger got satiated seeing your Madhupur.
And then, my cook has come along.
Maharaj listen. Masterji is inviting me for a meal.
No sir, I'll cook right away. I have everything I need.
Ask Masterji also to eat here. It will be ready in a jiffy.
No, I will eat at home.
Take rest, you must be tired. I'll come in the evening.
You are a big girl now. People will come to see you.
You are going to get married. - What if he doesn't like me?
Don't say that. Why will he not?
You are educated, you look good. You can do the house chores.
Suppose I don't like him? - Talking nonsense again?
Your sister has written the boy is very good.
If you marry me, you will be one lucky girl.
Am I not lucky now?
And she has written the boy has taken his education from abroad.
He draws a salary of Rs.2000. - I don't want to get married.
I want to study yet. However much one can.
Then I'll tell father to sit at home. I will become the school headmaster.
Get glasses made for me. - Shut-up! Chatter box.
Alright, I won't speak now. Look.
Look, be well groomed. Always keep your hair combed.
Wear kohl in your eyes. - Four, trim your hair.
Five, don't talk while eating. Six, keep your eyes lowered.
Seven, don't laugh loudly. - Shut-up! Chatter box!
I wouldn't wish a daughter like you even to an enemy.
And I wish everyone got a mother like you.
And mom, I am not your daughter, I am your son.
Look, your father has come.
Geeta, get me a glass of water.
The boy is really very good. He is so warm, so jovial, so sweet.
Who will say he has been educated abroad?
Pride has not touched him.
Geeta, take a bouquet of flowers to Bhure's bungalow today.
Did you invite him home? - I forgot.
You never do anything well.
Geeta, you only invite him for tea. And wear the saree...
I'll send Deepu. He'll give the bouquet.
No dear, one must invite the guest personally.
And wear the saree you had bought for Divali.
Don't be naughty. Behave properly in the engineer's presence.
He has been abroad. He is very hot headed.
Don't climb on the mango trees that are in the bungalow's garden.
It's wrong.
And wish him good evening as soon as you see him.
Stand at a distance from him. If he says something funny ...
don't show your teeth and guffaw. - Why? I brush my teeth everyday now.
It's not because of the teeth. It is improper to laugh near elders.
If he says something funny, just smile. Like this.
Come Deepu. And don't laugh.
Are you the gardener's daughter?
I am headmaster, Pitambar's youngest daughter.
I'm so sorry. You brought flowers, so I thought ...
Come sit..come.
Good evening friend. You know English too.
Will you have tea or something cold? - Tea.
No, we don't want anything.
The answer should be that until tea is getting made, get something cold.
Why were you moving your hands while pacing the floor?
I was throwing pebbles at crows and driving them away.
There are no crows here. - There are no pebbles here either.
I was singing Raga Malkauns. I like classical music.
The art of expressing every mood of life is hidden in them.
Take the Yaman Raga.
When the sun sets in the evening and the sky turns from blue to orange...
silence spreads all around, the birds head back home ...
man returns home after a tiring day at work ...
the way this Raga captures the mood of the mind then...
A suppressed tone, the fast and medium pace like sun and shadow ...
You don't like music? - Your kind of music? No.
Then what music do you like?
Sing the song you had sung on Champa's wedding.
Shut-up! - Why are you getting annoyed with him?
Folk songs are better than any music.
They have the essence of the earth in them.
Forget about music. This place is very beautiful.
I visited the Neeli Jheel today.
The atmosphere was so silent, with greenery all around.
I felt like all the notes of the Puria Raga ...
What other places are worth seeing here?
The Shanker temple, the swings, Jamuna garden and...
That banyan tree. - Yes, the banyan at Dhauli.
It is a 300 year old tree. - Is it?
And the gauva orchid. - That's not a place to visit.
Is he your younger brother? ...Hey, sit down.
He's Deepu, our neighbour.
Which grade are you in, friend?
I have cleared 3rd, I am in 4th grade now.
Is it? And you? - I have given my 10th grade exams.
Good. Tell me, a dumb man wants water. How will he ask for it?
He will do this.
She's intelligent. And a blind man wants scissors. How will he ask for it?
Why? He is blind, not dumb. He will ask for scissors. Right Deepu?
Let's go, Deepu. - The tea...Ramjanak...
We didn't come here to have tea. I came to give you the flowers.
Father asked me to give them to you. Mother has invited you home for tea.
The flowers are on the chair. Put them in a vase.
Wait....I didn't ask your name.
And my name is Master Deepak Kumar Agnihotri.
Nice name.
Let's go.
Wait friend.
You didn't tell me where your house is.
Walk straight on the broad road. Then take a left, it's the first house.
Okay friend, I'm coming for tea in the evening.
Take, have sweets.
Geeta has made these sweets too. Like them?
They are good. Very good.
Who do you have in your family? - I am alone.
I lost my parents when young. - Oh.
You are drinking tea.
Let the guest drink first. Wonder what you teach in school.
So what? Please drink your tea. I drink it cold.
No son, you drink first. Geeta has made this too.
What happened? Is the sugar less?
Go and get sugar from the kitchen. - No...
She always puts less sugar.
I always tell her that if I take less sugar doesn't mean the whole world will.
No, the sugar ... - She must have given you his cup.
He doesn't take any sugar, the doctor has forbidden.
Geeta, go get sugar.
You would have drank tea with sugar now.
You didn't eat the samosas. Geeta has made these too.
She makes very tasty snacks.
He thinks you don't even know to make tea.
Give him sugar. - No, I don't want sugar.
Why are you feeling shy? Take it.
No, there is already too much sugar in it.
Look. All this has been done by Geeta.
She knows a lot. - She is very good.
She even sews and knits well.
See that picture? That swan. Geeta has made even that.
But Meera had made that one. - Shut-up, you know nothing.
Take, eat paan. - Geeta must have made even this.
But why are you telling me all this? - What's the harm in seeing?
Geeta has given her 10th grade exams.
Geeta, show him your drawing album.
Don't bother now. Leave some excuse for my next visit.
You can come whenever you want. Consider this your home.
Aunt, you have taught Geeta so much, haven't you taught her to sing?
She can sing too. I have told her father to buy a harmonium for her.
But he never remembers.
It's not that. Actually, I never thought about it.
And then, Geeta never has time to spare from her naughtiness.
She is like that. Who is not naughty in their childhood.
Mom, can I go to bed?
Enough now, sir. It's five O'clock.
Good evening friend.
Nice bouquet. Come in. - Take this.
Oh yes, I forgot.
Come. I'll show you something new.
One, two, three.
What do you think? - About what?
Don't you feel like singing on seeing the harmonium?
Cover it up soon. Hearing it, the crows may start cawing.
Not driving the crows away today?
I'll drive them away now.
This crow is called Raga Malkauns.
Have mercy on the crows. Where will the poor souls go?
Maiden, your village is beautiful
I'm charmed to death having come here
Moreover, is your innocent beauty
Like a crescent moon, is your half bloomed youth
I feel like tying anklets to the peacock's feet.
And gifting the cuckoo flowers
To build his nest here, the bird collects twigs
Colourful flowers have bloomed
Even the people here are like flowers
Once one comes here, how can he ever leave?
The gushing waterfalls charm my heart
There is no place like this
Moreover, is your innocent beauty ...
No one accepts a stranger so warmly
I have bonded with you like I share an age old relationship with you
Lost in their world ...
the people here speak from the heart
Maiden, your village is beautiful
Saved. Look, the two crows are still sitting there.
Had they flown away, you would have cursed me.
Will you teach me to play the harmonium?
Sure, but your turn is second. I'll first teach Geeta.
No, I don't want to learn.
Stay. Won't you invite me to tea today?
No problem, I'll come without an invitation.
Mom has invited you to dinner. - And what did your father say?
He said we'll go for a stroll in the evening.
Me and the headmaster?
Come Deepu.
Did you write to Meera? - Oh! I forgot.
I'll write to her tomorrow.
Who will say it isjust a few days since he came here.
He seems like a close relative.
Wherever one may be, at home, or a jungle,whether alone, or with someone...
if he has the knowledge of music, then the Bhairavi in the morning ...
Raga Deepak in the afternoon, & there are many for the evening, like ...
Do house chores in the morning, If in school, then do homework ...
cooking and washing in the afternoon, and there's lots to do in the evening.
Like picking flowers, making a bouquet ...
& coming to the bungalow with Deepu. - What?
Did you like today's song? - Yes, that one was good.
But when is this sung? - Such songs have no timing.
You can sing them whenever a Geeta is around you.
Ram Singh, didn't have any problem? - No sir, only a flat tyre twice.
Is it changed now? - It's perfect now.
Sir, senior boss has not come? - He has gone to Delhi.
Go take rest. Is the tank full? - No sir.
Alright, I'll fill it.
I am leaving. Tell Mr.Raman to manage.
Geeta, what's going on?
Aunt, that bungalow guy sings like that.
You keep quiet. Don't you dare tease anyone again.
Deepu, go home.
Are you crazy? You are teasing the one you are going to marry?
Deepu asked me to show him how he sang.
Deepu told you so you did it? Are you Deepu's age?
What do I do if I don't like his singing?
Don't do anything, just sit quiet for some time.
The girl has an answer to everything.
You! Come. Geeta, go and freshen up and change.
Come. Sit down.
Will you have tea, or something cold? - Deepu?
Until you make the tea, get something cold.
What? - Don't worry, I don't want anything.
Aunt, he has a jeep. We drove here in that.
Go see what Geeta is doing.
My jeep has come. I thought I'll come and visit you.
We can even go for a drive. - Sure.
Uncle has not come home yet?
I met him on the way. He was honking.
I wondered who it was. I turned and it was the one who drives away crows.
And you brought him here. - I didn't.
He came himself. He said, 'let's go and meet Geeta'
What is Deepu doing? Deepu! - Why? Do you want something?
No, I wasjust ...
I'll tell him to teach me to drive.
No. If you meet him again, don't bring him here.
Why? - What why?
I have to take flowers for him everyday.
If he comes home, I have freshen up and change for him.
So what? I will learn to drive, and you learn to sing from him.
Why is Geeta not coming. - I'll call her.
Want to hear a song? - Song? No.
Why? That day's song was bad? - You sang well that day.
Wonder if always ...
Even you will learn to sing well one day. Right Deepu?
When will you teach me to drive?
This is Ram Ka Tila. When Ram had come here during his exile ...
I'm in exile here. Wonder how many days I'll have to stay here.
Where will you go from here? - Wherever destiny takes me.
So destiny brought you here? - Ofcourse.
Or who knew that in such a big India, whose population is 5.5 million ...
there is a small village called Madhupur.
Where Pitambar Chaudhary is a headmaster ...
and his third daughter, Geeta, who is not married yet ...
a groom is being searched for her since the last three years.
You know a groom is being searched for me?
No, I don't, but am I wrong? - Wrong! It's me who has to get married.
Not anyone else. - You mean you won't marry?
No. - Until when?
Till whenever I wish. I have just given my 10th grade exam yet.
Wonder what will happen, I am scared.
Why fear? Trust me. - What will you do?
I'll marry. - Marry who?
The one who is scared. - Who is scared?
You just said you are scared.
I said that about my exams. My arithmetic paper was bad.
Oh. I thought you are afraid of marriage.
I am pleased to know you are not afraid of marriage.
There is an auspicious day in the month of August.
Alright. We have more than a month, we can make all arrangements.
He just dropped in yesterday. He got a jeep.
I didn't know what to do.
And Geeta, she was up to her old antics.
Her hair was unkept, she wasn't wearing good clothes.
The boy is really very mixing.
We'll fix the wedding for 15th August.
I'll even start writing to our relatives.
Get some sweets for home. Wonder when he will drop in again.
I have to offer him something.
He doesn't come here to eat sweets. Consider him your son-in-law now.
Offer whatever you have at home. - Indeed!
When you were the son-in-law, didn't you make my family treat you well?
Come when the lamps are lit
Come when the evening sets
Don't forget our promise of meeting
Don't forget my love
I'll keep watching the path you come from
I'll keep waiting for you
Come wearing the kohl of my love in your eyes
Come when the lamps are lit
Where we met the first time
The place we started walking together from
Come under the mango tree near the same river bank
Come when the lamps are lit
They meet morning and evening
They meet morning and evening
Seeing them, the stars appear
They meet and tell each other to come
Come when the lamps are lit
Deepu, do you know, I am going to get married.
With whom? - What whom? With some boy.
Mom and aunt married a girl.
But I will marry a boy.
Will we have guests? - Yes.
Then it will be fun. Will the groom come on a horse or an elephant?
In a jeep.
Aunt, give me food. - Take a wash.
What has Geeta cooked today?
I have cooked everything today.
Deepu, come and eat with us. - No. What if mom scolds me?
She won't scold you. I'll tell your mother. Come.
I won't come at night. - Why?
I have to go to Janakpur for inspection.
I'll get late returning from there. - Your lunch has come.
Deepu, go wash your hands and come.
There is a fair on in Janakpur.
Tell me what I should bring for you from the fair.
Don't complain later. - Why should I complain?
You don't need to get anything.
You must be wishing I'll take you along so you can shop yourself.
As if you know what I wish for. I have been to the fair many times.
I don't want to go.
Even I won't get time to go to the fair.
Though I'll get you Revadi. Should I get Revadi or sweets?
You like Revadi that is why you want to get it for us.
Eat. Check if the salt is okay.
It's okay. - I'm talking of salt in the vegetable.
Check and tell me.
Aunt, when you have cooked, it must be good.
But do teach your darling daughter to cook.
She has grown up, she will get married soon now.
What will her in-laws's say? - Mom look, he's after me again.
Atleast I taught you to sing.
I thought she must be grateful. Instead, she is cursing me.
Why should I care? When your in-law's taunt you, you'll realise then.
Greetings. Your letter.
It's from Bombay. - It must be Meera's.
Sir, there is a letter for you too. Should I give it to you here?
Yes. - Take.
Geeta, come over tomorrow evening.
Get a nice bouquet. You bring the same flowers everyday.
Go and practice the new tune on the harmonium in the evening.
You have to learn four lessons yet.
And do you remember anything? The tiffin is lying there since so many days
Take it from Ramjanak when you leave.
Mom, I'll get the tiffin. While returning, I'll meet Deepu.
I haven't gone there since many days. Shall I go?
Aunt, I'll come tomorrow night. Make the Kheer you made that day.
Is everything alright? How is Meera?
Meera is alright, but ... - What is the matter?
What happened?
Will you say something?
Meera has written the engineer boy is coming here coming Monday.
He had left for Delhi for some work. - What!!
Sunil, the engineer boy for Geeta, has not come here.
Then who is he? - I don't know.
She says the company's overseer must have reached there.
What are you saying! He is not Sunil Kishin?
I don't know.
Had you asked him his name? - No.
I am fed up of you!
How was I to know he is not the boy?
Wonder who he is and our daughter is roaming around with him.
Even this boy is good. If you like, with him only...
What are you saying!
What are you waiting for now? Go and get her, she has gone to his bungalow.
And listen. Don't tell the boy anything. Just bring Geeta home.
Listen! You haven't heard the whole thing yet.
Don't scold her in the boy's presence. I'll explain everything to Geeta.
What are you waiting for now? Go soon!
Alright, I'll sing again. mean, you have learnt, but ...
I can't do better than this. - Why can't you?
There was a time when there were no horses in the world, only asses.
Then they were trained. They were made horses.
Nowadays, in big cities, there are horse races too.
Am I an ass? You are training me to become a horse?
Why should you be an ass? You are Geeta.
You can sing very well. And who a boy named Vinod...
Why did you fall silent? - Shall I say it now?
And who a boy named Vinod...
Come in, uncle. - Geeta come, your mother has called you
I've been asking her to go, but she is not leaving.
She wants to learn to sing now. - When did I say that?
Here's your tiffin. Go. I want to go to the fair in Janakpur.
That fair is no good. It'sjust a market place for cows and buffaloes.
Wait uncle, I'll drop you in my jeep.
It's not necessary, I have some work on my way.
Come Geeta. don't have to go to the bungalow at all.
Alright, I won't go.
Did that boy ...
What is his name?
His name? See how smart he is. He asked my and Deepu's name.
He didn't give his name. I'll ask him tomorrow and tell you.
Don't bother. You don't have to ask.
Geeta, this boy is not that engineer.
Okay mom, you go and sleep.
He is not the engineer who had to come here.
Who had to come here? - About who Meera had written to us.
Then who is he? - Who knows? Some overseer.
Meera sent a letter. The engineer boy is coming on Monday.
Day after tomorrow.
His name is Sunil Kishin. Meera wrote to us about him.
Your father also has his hopes pinned on that boy.
We want you to get married into a good home.
What is done is done. Don't go there from tomorrow.
I have many singing lessons to learn from him yet.
What singing? - He is teaching me to sing.
And also to play the harmonium.
There is no need for you to learn anything.
He teaches very well.
You don't have to meet him even for a day now.
Sunil Kishin is coming in two days, what will he think?
What will he think? - God! Wonder when you'll get mature.
Just do what I am telling you.
Hello uncle. - Hello.
Our engineer is coming by this train. - Is it?
Who have you come to receive? - I..I...
Did you get my report? - Yes.
It seems the work is going smooth here.
He is uncle, I mean, the headmaster of the school here, Mr.Chaudhary
We got a lovely bungalow to stay in with his help.
What are you waiting for? Pick up the luggage.
Uncle, I will come in the evening. Come sir.
He has come for me. He is Meera's father.
Oh yes.
Uncle, are you alright?
Look sir, Ram ka Tila.
When Lord Ram was exiled, he had stayed here.
Careful Vinod.
Uncle, where do I drop you? School, or at home?
You come to our house. The journey must have tired you.
Thank you, uncle. But I have to visit the project sight today.
I will get many more opportunities to come to your home later.
Don't worry about the project, sir. The work is running smoothly there.
Let us go and have tea at uncle's place.
Vinod, it is not good to have too much tea.
Do you know, tea is a kind of slow poison. It works slowly.
Good it works slowly. Who is in a hurry to die?
Let's go. Aunt not only offers tea, but also sweets and snacks.
Right uncle? - No Vinod, we'll see the project today
Okay, we'll do that. But we'll drop uncle home, & meet aunt for a minute.
Looks like the station is quite far from the village.
The station should be close to the village.
No sir, the station is okay where it is.
It should be close to the railway tracks.
Come sir.
She's Geeta's mother.
Sir, she is aunt. - Your name is Sunil?
Our Meera's sister-in-law's... - Nephew.
Come in. - Not now, I'll come some other time.
Consider it your home. Come in.
See! You won't get an aunt like her in the world.
Come. - But ...
Aunt, make the sweets, and snacks which you, I mean, Geeta makes.
Sure. Come in.
Where did Geeta go?
Aunt, ask Geeta to come out. You have guests at home.
Wonder where she is hiding.
Geeta, he is our engineer, Sunil Kishin. Say hello.
He has done his engineering from Germany.
He was in Europe for 4-5 years. He's been in India for the last three years.
He's executive engineer, incharge, construction. Though ...
Vinod, will you only praise me, or ...
She is Geeta. She hasjust given her 10th grade exams.
Her arithmetic paper was bad, so she fears she may flunk.
She is learning music.
She is covering up her shortcoming of arithmetic with singing ...
so that she gets a good groom... - Is that why I am learning to sing?
Look mom... - Shh!
But even her singing is like her arithmetic.
Though it's different if I okay her singing.
Pleased to meet you all.
Though Meera had told me.
How does Meera know my arithmetic paper was bad?
Not about your paper, but about here; about Madhupur, you, your parents.
Let's leave now, Vinod. We will come in the evening.
Look, our engineer has come from abroad.
Aunt, until you don't ask him to have tea now atleast twice ....
he will leave without tea. Coming in the evening isjust an excuse.
It's not like that. - Stay. Have tea and go.
You didn't even ask him to sit. - Sit down, sir.
Geeta, you sit here, I'm coming.
Why did you bring Vinod along? - What could I do? He came on his own.
I'd say the whole family is nice.
And Geeta isjust like a kid. She's the same in and out.
If she gets angry, she'll blurt out.
If she finds something funny, she'll giggle like flowing water.
And where naughtiness is concerned, she's worst than Deepu.
She fights even for a small piece of tamarind.
I found her quiet, silent.
Only in your presence, sir. Because even you are the silent types.
Just wait for a few days. She will run away with your glasses.
She imitates how I sing.
However she is, I liked her.
Me too.
I can't do it. - Go give him and come.
Don't act adamant. What will Sunil think?
You asked me to make the bouquet, I made it.
I don't like to go and give a bouquet everyday.
As if you have gone 10 times to give him a bouquet.
I gave Vinod. - Vinod and Sunil are not one.
I'm not going.
Alright, Deepu will hold the bouquet, you just go with him.
Let's go, we'll give the bouquet to Vinod.
Shut-up! Give the bouquet to Sunil.
Come Deepu.
Invite him to tea. Talk softly. And don't stand there with a glum face.
There is no one here.
Let's go, Deepu. - Sit down.
Where is Vinod? - Why? Are you friends with him?
He used to teach me to drive. - Even I'll teach you.
You know to drive? - Yes.
You know to play the harmonium? - Only Vinod knows that.
Geeta, you learn from Vinod only.
Do you like to sing? Why don't you sit down?
No, we have to go. - Won't you invite him to tea?
Come home in the evening for tea. Mom has invited you.
Bring Vinod along. - Where will you go? I'll escort you.
We'll go by jeep? - No, Vinod has taken the jeep.
Let's go.
Who made this bouquet? - Geeta.
These are Dusseldorfs. They grow in Germany.
Big flowers grow there, and every bouquet ....
Come when the lamps are lit
Come when the evening sets
Don't forget our promise of meeting
Don't forget my love
Why do you bother? We will go. Come home in the evening.
Vinod is so good. He even sings.
And he talks so well. - Even you like Vinod?
You are back, Vinod?
Do you need the jeep? - No.
Ram Singh, park the jeep. Come tomorrow at 9 am.
Come sir. Had Geeta come? - Yes, but how do you know?
This bouquet is from her garden.
Today's work is over? - Yes sir.
The kiln work is over. Even the cement allotment
Was Deepu with her? - Yes. And the labour tender?
All tenders have come. I think we should give the job to Banwarilal.
He is an old hand.
And then, he has supplied labour to 5-6 government projects.
You went to Geeta's home? - No, I escorted her to the street.
She seemed lost.
Her arithmetic paper was bad, so she is worried she will flunk.
Mr.Mishra from the PWD was supposed to come.
I did meet him, but he is against Banwarilal.
He was saying he will supply 100 men, and make a bill of 300 men.
From 300, how much will you deduct? 100 at most.
We'll still make a loss of 100.
Geeta must have invited you for tea. - Yes, she did.
I told you, they are very warm people.
Then we both will go. And sir, if we stay a little longer ...
they will ask us to have dinner too. Aunt can cook better than Ramjanak.
What was Mr.Mishra saying? We should give the contract to someone else?
Yes. He always supports Mr.Dhajadhari Singh.
Dhajadhari Singh. The name gives the impression he must be some huge guy
But he's a thin, short man.
His clothes are dirty, and so is he.
So should I ask Ramjanak not to cook dinner?
Vinod, do you really sing well? - Why? Geeta said so?
Not Geeta, Deepu.
I'll go take a bath.
Mr.Chaudhary gave us a good treat for celebrating Sunil's arrival.
The food was good. - We ate a lot today.
Vinod, we had dinner here. Even we must return the favour.
Yes sir, invite them to our home. Even Ramjanak cooks well.
We will do that. But everyone praises your singing.
Why don't you ...
Sure...I have an idea. Geeta, I'll test you today.
Get ready. Sir, we'll call for the harmonium from the bungalow.
Uncle, hear how Geeta sings. You'll be surprised.
We'll keep the harmonium here. If you could ...
With my notes ...
if you merge your notes, if you sing along with me ...
my life will be made
If my heart's ...
home you make, if you give me your heart ...
our union will prove successful
In moonlit nights ...
hand in hand
may we be lost in each other's sweet talks
If with me ...
you smile, you sing
my life will be made
Why from the springs ...
should we beg for happiness?
Why should we not together make our lives
If in my path ...
you light lamps, there will be brightness ...
our union will prove successful
Shameless! He walks in anytime.
Come in.
It's you? Please come in.
I just walked in. - Come in any time.
I'll call Vinod too, he must have returned from work.
Why do you worry? He'll come if he wants to. Come, sit down.
Eat these snacks. Geeta has made them.
Mom, I am going to the bazaar.
Sit here. We have a guest at home. and you want to go out. Go later.
Wait for some time, even I have to leave. I'll drop you to the bazaar.
Have you ever gone to Bombay to Meera's home?
No. - You must be writing to her.
Yes, sometimes.
She asked me to write to her as soon as I reached Madhupur.
What do I write to her? - Tell her we are fine.
That I will. But I have to write your consent or refusal too.
Are you aware of what Meera has written about you and me?
What is your reply?
Tell me some other time.
Let's go for a picnic this Sunday. Tell me over there.
Greetings sir. - Greetings.
I have work, I am going out. Take Mr.Sunil to the sight when he comes.
If he asks about me, tell him I'll come there directly. Okay?
You stay here.
Hello aunt. - What work do you have?
What have you cooked today?
What is the matter, everything seems silent today.
Where is the headmaster? And where is Geeta? She's not met me since two days.
He has gone to school. And Geeta has gone with him.
I am leaving.
Listen Vinod, I have to tell you this. - I'll come in the evening, tell me then
Don't come in the evening, we are going out.
Alright, I'll come at night, but I am in a hurry right now.
Hello uncle.
I have to go out. Did you have some work?
Nothing important. Please sit down.
Geeta has not come for singing lessons since two days.
She never takes anything seriously.
Where is she? - Geeta? She must be home.
But aunt said she has come with you to school.
She did say she was coming, but ...
Then I have understood. - What?
I know. - What do you know?
Where Geeta will be. I am going there.
Mr.Chaube, leave. We will check this tomorrow.
I'm going out tomorrow. - Then we'll check it day after.
What? - Where is Geeta?
How do I know? She doesn't even play nowadays.
She used to tie strings to my kite, now she doesn't even do that.
She is going to get married. - Who told you?
I know. Aunt told my mom.
She was right. Do me a favour. I'll write you a letter.
Give it to Geeta. And don't tell anyone about it.
I looked for you all day. Where were you hiding?
I am going to work now. Do meet me in the evening.
Even if you don't find Deepu, make any excuse and come.
We both will go. Our visit to the river is still pending.
We'll complete the song left unfinished over there.
Do come.
What has he written, Geeta?
He has written the song is incomplete, we have to complete it.
Keep these clothes.
Deepu, you go, I will go for a bath. - Okay.
They meet morning and evening
Seeing them, the stars appear
You called me, sir? - Yes Vinod.
A trip is to be made to Bombay.
There is a meeting in connection with the bridge on Savitri river.
I was thinking of sending you. - I'll go, sir. When do I have to go?
The meeting is on Wednesday, but you'll have to go 1-2 days earlier...
for briefing. - I'll go on Monday itself.
Vinod, what is your opinion about Geeta?
She is a very nice girl. You come across very few such girls.
Her parents are worried about her marriage.
Yes, I know. I think they have even found a boy.
You know the boy? - Why are you asking me?
Let's go for a picnic this Sunday. - Okay.
You, me and Geeta. - Excellent! You are far sighted.
I will cook. Just watch what I cook.
You are an emotional singer. If you get lost in some song ...
everything will get burnt. We'll take Ramjanak and Ganpat along.
The fun of picnic will be lost.
Picnic is fun when we do everything ourselves.
Geeta, sing. You know to sing now.
I don't know to sing. - No Vinod, she sings a lot these days.
Before today...
more than today ...
I've never been this happy
Such a beautiful ...
such a sweet moment ...
I have never found before
Should we call this a coincidence, or destiny ...
this sudden meeting of ours
Having found mates of our choice...
see how our faces glow
What unites destinies ...
I have not found that link yet
Before today ...
Sir, why do you have to drive so fast?
I have never accepted defeat in life, Vinod.
That too from a car doing a wrong overtake?
May the dream we have seen, come true
That is all I pray for
Charmed by these moments that are passing by ...
my heart has begun to sing
This is the happiness ...
I was looking for
This is what I have not found yet
Before today ...
Why didn't you sing?
If you stay quiet, you will never be able to sing.
Don't complain then.
I forgot to say this. Congratulations. I've heard you are getting married soon
Don't pretend. Like as if you know nothing.
I know you girls. You start thinking of marriage as soon as you are 13-14.
Tell me, when do I take leave for marriage?
Cut your finger? I said you girls cannot cook.
But you didn't listen. Leave it. Wants to get married indeed.
It's a small cut. And I won't get married.
Everyone says that. Alright, I'll take leave in October.
With the festival holiday, I will be able to get 50 days leave.
There are only two months to Dashera. Even the bridge will be done by then.
Where did Deepu go? They should have returned by now.
Tell me, what do you want from me for your marriage?
Nothing. - Don't be so humble.
I won't be fooled.
Whether a girl is educated or illiterate, ...
she wants clothes and expensive jewelry.
But I am not very rich. Don't ask for something I cannot give.
Where is Deepu? - He is there plucking something.
What were you discussing? Tell me.
You know Geeta is going to get married.
I asked her what gift she wants. - I'll go and get Deepu.
I am noticing Geeta has begun to feel shy nowadays.
She ran away. Sit down.
Potatoes and lady fingers are chopped, tomatoes and cauliflower remain.
Let's have tea. - Just what I wanted.
Look, aren't they good? You also eat.
Let's go from here, Deepu.
So soon? The picnic will end in the evening.
What will we sit so long and do? I am not enjoying it.
Eat tamarind, you will feel good.
Look, four of them are hanging together.
I threw so many stones, but not a single one hit target.
You try.
Look, two more.
Have you met Meera in Bombay? She is Geeta's elder sister.
I did visit her once with you.
She has been after me since many days. She wants me to marry Geeta.
I told her I cannot give consent without seeing the girl.
It's a question of marriage. That's why I have come here. To see Geeta.
Vinod, the pulses must be ready.
What do you think, Vinod? Should I marry Geeta?
What do I say? - I have to decide here at the picnic.
What is your opinion? - That's each one's personal choice.
How can I ...
What would you do if you were in my place?
Congratulations for the marriage, sir.
Thank you, Vinod. But that's not the answer to my question.
What would you do if you were in my place?
I would not take anyone's opinion and hurt someone's love.
I did not...
Why ask anyone's opinion about a girl like Geeta?
If I was in your place, I'd marry her without hesitation.
Vinod, you have strengthened my resolve today.
You will be my best man.
And you will make all the wedding arrangements.
You were praising your cooking. You forgot to put salt in pulses.
There are no tomatoes in the vegetables. And the toasts aren't crisp
I'll treat you next time, I messed it today.
Geeta didn't eat anything. - Let's go, Deepu.
So soon? We haven't seen anything yet.
Where else do you want to go?
That fort, from where we can see the whole of Madhupur.
And that maze? There are many trees there.
It's fun playing in the maze. Come on!
I'll catch you, Deepu!
Where will you escape? I'll catch you.
You took me to be the engineer by mistake?
Forgive me Geeta, I made a mistake.
What mistake? - I'll apologise to your parents too.
How were they to know I am an ordinary overseer.
We were together only for a few days.
A few days misunderstanding is not important.
We can easily forget everything.
Like we never met.
Believe me Geeta, I am really very happy ...
that you are getting a much better and nicer life partner than me.
Catch me now. - I'll catch you!
Caught you. - Enough. Not any more.
Tell me what your reply is now. I know it is yes ...
yet I want to hear it from you once.
Looks like you cannot say it.
Your silence means consent.
I'll write a letter to Meera tonight itself.
Even Vinod wants that. He was saying I won't get a better girl anywhere.
Vinod, sing. You were singing while going.
Yes Vinod, sing.
There is a storm raging in my heart, there are songs on my lips
And tears of happiness in my eyes
Having reached your dear ones, you are distanced from them
May this never happen to anyone
No one tells me whether destination ...
I have found or not
Before today ...
more than today ...
I've never been this happy
I give my consent. The rest, Meera will handle.
So shall I write to her? - Why not? Even I will write to her.
We had fixed the marriage date for 15th...
It's okay. - If it's okay with you...
Check that with Meera.
The wedding will be on the 15th.
We'll call the priest and fix the engagement date.
He will inform you. Is it okay?
As you wish.
Bless you.
You are lucky. Sunil has given consent.
Wonder how we'll make all the arrangements in such few days.
The bouquet...forget it.
And this ...
Whose letter is it?
Your aunt's marriage has been fixed with Sunil.
We will all leave for Madhupur day after tomorrow.
They are getting engaged. - Okay.
Are we your enemies that you feel we are dumping you?
Your other two sisters didn't get such good proposals.
Don't be stupid. Go get dressed.
There'sjust an hour to the engagement ceremony.
No. - Go dear. Don't be stubborn.
God does everything for our good.
Go change, get dressed.
It's not necessary that you only go. I can send someone else too.
Raman can go.
No sir, you know the meeting is important.
And if you are not going, I must go.
And then, it'sjust a matter of one week.
Geeta and me are getting engaged today.
We'll be very happy if you stay.
And then, are you just my junior, nothing else?
No sir, it is not that. You mean everything to me.
You are not only my Chief, you are my parent, my guardian.
Watch what I do for your wedding. I will make all arrangements.
But please let me go today.
Hello uncle. - Hello.
Hello Mr.Chaudhary. - What's up?
Vinod is leaving today.
He is leaving?
Come Deepu.
Where are you going? - Station.
You cannot go anywhere today. It's your engagement today.
I know mom, but Vinod is leaving.
Let him leave if he wants to. Why should we care?
No mom, your daughter will marry Vinod.
Who said so? - I have decided.
What!! - Don't be stupid.
Vinod is no comparison to Sunil. He is an ordinary overseer.
I am no toy that anyone can play anyhow with me.
It's a question of your marriage. You may have to regret it all your life
That is what God willed, or Vinod would not come here in Sunil's place.
So what? - What is done is done.
Where is your father?
Don't do that, Geeta. We'll earn a bad name.
What will Sunil think? - Come Deepu.
Don't cry, Deepu.
Uncle and Sunil stopped me, they didn't let me go.
Who are we to stop you? It was God's will.
Even I did not stop you, Vinod. If anyone has, it is Geeta.
You had accepted defeat.
But Geeta's firmness, her confidence, and her true love won the battle.
You need a life partner like her.
Hey don't!
Where is the priest? Priest! Tell me, what do I have to do?
I am Vinod's Chief, parent, everything.