Snooki in the news

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Crazy American Reality Show: Little Snooki Big Star
Six months ago, American reality show
"Jersey Shore" started airing on MTV
The cast members are energetic "guidos" and "guidettes"
And their wacky antics is making "Jersey Shore:
one of the hottest things in American entertainment
"The Situation" is a super hunk
"JWoww" has got the biggest boobs
But it is the fun-sized "Snooki" who became the biggest star
Some say the fame has gone to Snooki's head
She even tried to charge fans for photographs
Snooki has political opinions
She called out Barack Obama for raising the tax on tanning beds
Snooki's behavior is often bewildering
She was arested just days ago
She is often in the news
Her popularity is still continuing to grow
Recent ratings for "Jersey Shore" has been high
If she wants to capitalize on her fame
Snooki needs to move fast
Who knows when the American public
will lose their interest in her?
Her 15 minutes of fame may soon be up