[SUBTITLES!] Apple Special Event January 2010 (iPad) PART 7

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[APPLAUSE] So... let me go ahead and show it to you.
So there's our bookshelf, and here's some of our books, and probably the best thing
is -- let's go in the store right now, I hit the store button and it's kinda like a secret
passageway... it flips around. [LAUGHTER] And here is the iBook Store. And if you've
used iTunes or the App Store, you're already familiar with this. And um, we can looks at
books here, we can look at the New York Times' bestseller lists, etcetera. Let's go back
here. I want to actually buy True Compass by Edward Kennedy, so I just tap on it, I
get more detail about it here. I can take a look at the reviews of it, and I'm going
to buy it. I can get a sample of it if I'd like, but I'm sold already so I'm just going
to tap on it and buy this book. And the book downloads right on to my bookshelf like that.
And that's all there is! [APPLAUSE] It's just so simple! And now if I want to read that
book, I just tap on it. And here it is. This is what it's like to read a book. I have some
controls, I can just tap in the center and the controls go away... I can get them back,
send them away... And to flip the page, I just flip forward, I tap anywhere on the right,
and I flip forward. Flip back, just tap on the left... That's it! I can even flip myself
if I want by dragging it, if I'd like. [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] Very simple. And I can go to
the table of contents here... And um, I can just pick a chapter and go there... I'm going
to pick part two, Brotherhood... And again, you can have photos: black and white or color,
you can have video if you'd like in your books, whatever the offerer wants... it's very, very
easy. And this is what it's like. And we can change the font size if we'd like, bigger
or smaller. We can change the font... Pick a different font...
Whatever you want. And that is iBooks. [APPLAUSE]
So iBooks... again, a great reader, a great online book store: the iBook Store. All in
one really great app. We use the ePub format and so it is the most popular open book format
in the world. We're very very excited about this. The iPad is going to make a terrific
ebook reader, not just for popular books, but we're also very excited about text books
as well. Now... something very exciting. iWork.
A year ago, I asked the head of our iWork team
to take a look at creating a version of iWork for the iPad. And the initial reaction was:
'Eh, the iWork apps: Keynote, Pages and Numbers are really heavy duty apps: they require
a lot of horsepower. Could the tablet power them?' And the answer turned out to be resounding:
you betcha. And then, could we come up with an entirely new user interface for these apps?
It's very different running on a personal computer. And what they came up with is really
magnificent. And so, to tell us about iWork on the iPad, I'd like to invite up Phil Schiller,
our senior vice president of product marketing. [APPLAUSE] [Phil:] Thank you. Good morning everyone.
This is really exciting. iWork is a suite of applications that millions of millions
of our costumes on the Mac truly love. These applications are innovative, beautiful, they're
creative, they're fun, and our costumers at home, in schools and in business, are able
to create professional quality presentations, word processing documents and spreadsheets
all with this amazing software. And Steve told you the iWork team has been hard at work
for a year now, to see if they can take this amazing software and bring it to a multi-touch
tablet: the iPad. And I can tell you, they've done some amazing and remarkable work.
We have a completely new version of Keynote, designed specifically for the iPad, where
you can create professional presentations just with your fingers. There's a completely
new version of Pages; it is the most beautiful word processor you will ever see. And there's
a completely new version of Numbers, a spreadsheet that is fun and cool to use. What the last
time someone has told you THAT? [LAUGHTER] And really, the only way to appreciate how
amazing this software is, is for me to show you. So I'm really honored to be the first
to show you the new iWork applications on the tablet. So here we go.
[IRONIC:] I get to sit in the chair!! [LAUGHTER] Let's launch Keynote. Keynote runs in landscape orientation,
because that's the way our slides are; slides are designed horizontally and when we launch
into Keynote, the first this we do is we see our slide library. This is the library of
presentations that we've created in Keynote. I can create a new presentation by just tapping
the button to do so, and I have access to these gorgeous templates; just as you'd expect
in Keynote. I'm going to go into this first presentation: 'Seven Wonders of the World'.
We open it up, and the first thing you see, is a great layout. I have a big, beautiful
slide to work on, so I can create my content, I get some menu items on the top, and I have
my slide navigator, something familiar to all Keynote users, on the left hand side.
To move around the slide navigator I just scroll with my finger. It's that easy.
To go into a slide, just tap on it. Slide 2. Now, this slideshow has beautiful text, great
templates. Slide 3, you can see there's a table; you can create tables right in Keynote.
The next slide, slide 4, shows a chart; you can create beautiful charts and graphs in
Keynote. Now here I am on slide 5, the introduction slide, and I want that further up in the presentation.
How do I move the slide around in the navigator without a keyboard or mouse? It is really
simple: I hold my finger down on it, it pops up out of the canvas, I drag it wherever I
want and let go, and now I have rearranged my slide. That's for one slide, what if I
want to move a bunch of slides? Watch this. I'm going to pick slide 5, drag it over, and
then I'm going to tap 4, tap 3, and they create a bundle that I can drag and place anywhere
I want, and they snap into place. So multi-touch gestures used to arrange all my slides.
Slide 8 shows we have incredible graphics and photos on this... but how do I get them in?
I've got a media navigator. I can get right into all my content, like my photos... my photo
albums and I can just bring them right on. And when I bring my photos on to a slide,
how do I move them around? Of course, I use my finger: I just tap on a photo, and I can
drag it around, place it wherever I want, with those convenient guides that I'm used
to, to help me align things... but to resize a photo -- how do I do that? Easy. I grab
one of these blue handles and start resizing. Now let's say I'm resizing this photo, and
I want it to be exactly the same size as the one below it? While I'm resizing, I just tap
the other one, it sees it want to match them, and I let go and they're not matched to the
same size. If I want to rotate this photo, I use two fingers. If I want to mask a photo,
watch this, I just double tap, and now I can expand this image, I can move it around, tap
done, and I've just done a mask! And that's an advanced technique that people do in presentations,
that's so easy in Keynote. What else is easy? Animations. Keynote has beautiful animations.
The same is true on the iPad. Let's say I want to bring this chart in with a build?
Well, I go into animation mode, it's a button on the top right, and I see there's no effect
assigned yet, so I'm going to tap the Build In button, and I have access to all these great
animations. Let's do a scale, and it will automatically preview that scale. I use the
same technique if I want to create transitions on slides. In animation mode, I tap the slide,
I see that there hasn't been a transition set yet, so I select it. I have great transitions.
Let's pick the cube, and it will preview that as well. So very quickly and easily, with
just my finger, I'm doing very advanced slide animation techniques. And whenever I'm ready
to present, I start wherever I want, we'll start with slide 6, I hit the play button.
And once I do that, we're now presenting... I can advance slides by either tapping or
swipe right to go forward or left to go back. So I tap and I go to the next slide, tap to
bring up that chart we just animated, tap to do that cute transition we just did, and
watch this one: when I tap, that's called 'magic move', an automatic animation transition
created in Keynote. A very advanced feature, that's on the iPad as well. Look at the quality
of some of these graphics and transitions. They're just beatiful. Anytime I want to get
out of it, I just double tap, and I'm back into Keynote, and to all my presentations.
So that's a very quick preview of Keynote, and all the power it has on the iPad.
Now let's go to Pages. [APPLAUSE]