Noisy Hill Downpour: Part 9

Uploaded by ilikewaxingowls on 09.11.2012

That, my brothers and sisters, was another rock and roll classic.
I say brothers and sisters because I'm aware that only my family listens to this show.
You're listening to the DJ Ricks hour, only on
Weather man says there's a storm coming.
But what do you think?
Please text in.
But if there is a storm coming, you'd better snuggle up with the one you love,
providing they love they love you back, because you're in for a rough ride.
And speaking of rough rides, we've got another dedication for Murphy Pendleton.
The one good thing about having no listeners is that your segways don't have to make sense.
And now, music.
Hey, long time listener, first time intruder.
Hey man, come on in.
Got a disc spinning, so you ain't interrupting nothing.
It's not like I care about the music.
What am I, a radio DJ?
Man, you look like you just seen a ghost or something.
Well, yeah.
I didn't think people still listened to the radio.
But I'm not alright.
Good to hear, I hate happiness.
So what can Bobby Ricks do for you, aaah.
Was that the end of that sentence?
Anyway, I'm Murphy.
Ah, my man with the plan, Murphy Pendleton.
Admittedly, your plan is just "get out of town in any way possible", but that's still a plan.
I'm the guy you've been making dedications to all day.
It's getting ridiculous now.
I noticed a sign outside saying you're changing the radio station's name to "We Love Murphy Pendleton"
'fraid you've got the wrong man, man.
I just make up random names to give out dedications to.
Just so happens you have a very common name.
But if there's a song you want to hear, I could...
Again, is that the end of that sentence?
You're listening to the DJ Ricks show.
We're here all day playing music by Akira Yamaoka from previous Silent Hill games.
It's basically a way of saying "Screw you" to Daniel Licht.
Here, the melodies go on and on.
This song goes out to Murphy Pendleton.
What was that?
I saw that, you just made another dedication to me!
Listen, I've been through hell and high water to get here,
luckily both at the same time, so they kind of cancelled each other out.
But the point is I don't have time for this.
Oh, sorry!
Where do you have to go?
Oh, nowhere.
But keep your voice down or we both get in trouble.
I know the library's 15 floors down, but they get really angry about this sort of thing.
You don't know who's listening.
This room is bugged.
There are microphones hidden somewhere in this room.
Thank god someone finally heard me who isn't my mum.
I've just been hoping someone...
Why don't you finish your sentences?
What is this place?
No time to explain!
Although it would save the fans on the forums some time.
If we want to get out of here, we've got to move fast.
I'll get up in a second.
You getting this far tells me we might have a chance of getting out of here.
Actually, I died a few times on the way here.
Listen, I've got a boat.
So the plan is, we sail out and set up our own Pirate Radio Station.
She's fast, really fast.
Although apparently Anne can swim faster, so there's that.
Minor problem. We don't have any keys.
I'll hotwire it, I'm a criminal.
But I'm really good at it...
Not gonna work.
Because the plot says so.
This place does strange shit to reality, man.
Even if we were to row, the oars would probably just fall apart.
There are like these rules you gotta follow.
What rules?
This is the voice of Silent Hill.
We know that you can hear us.
What's that?
The first rule is "Do not talk about the rules"?
I see.
And what's the second rule?
You want to make a dedication?
Who to?
Well, it's about bloody time.
They're coming.
Doesn't matter.
How does it not matter?
Why would they warn you anyway?
We need to get those keys.
They're on a chain that says Freedom.
No, those are my other keys.
You're looking for a chain that says Give Up All Hope.
How did you find me?
You've been broadcasting this entire conversation.
Put the gun down.
Yes, down. Sorry, my motion capture's a bit behind.
You, I need to use your phone.
If you're just tuning in, we're in the middle of a rather dramatic radio play.
Calls come in, but don't go out.
What happens to them?
Look, Anne, I'll go with you,
if you promise we go to a hospital.
I'm getting withdrawal symptoms.
What the hell's going on around here?
I don't know.
Why are you phoning me?
How am I gonna get out of this one?
Hello, we're here to end the cut-scene.
It's been going on too long.
Oh, no. We're being attacked.
I guess we'll have to go to the hospital now.
Right, guys?
God damn it.
Oh well, Ricks is dead.
Well, he might not be, but I'll still take his boat.