[ENG SUB] Flower boy ramyun shop ep. 16 preview

Uploaded by bubblybrook on 19.12.2011

translation: QueenBee1 timing: Bubbly Brook
(sorry, this part is garbled )
BA WOOL: Chi Soo left the ramyun snack shop because of us?
EUN BI: Can you live without ever seeing me?
PRESIDENT CHA: Send Chi Soo back to the States.
WOMAN: Here comes the bride.
KANG HYUK: Wife, here, here.
EUN BI: Is this ok??!!
SO YI (Lily): Hurry! Chi Soo is leaving for the States today.
CHI SOO: Even if Cha changes, you can't change love no matter how cool one is.
CHI SOO: Love should not be cool, love is here, here.
EUN BI: Chi Soo ah !!!!! �