Vlog em Portugues #2: Aprender com os erros

Uploaded by Tritone on 30.01.2010

welcome again
this video is going to be a video response to Steve Kaufmann
about the usefulness of corrections.
To me, they are indespensible, especially for us
that are learning on our own accord and don't have a professor.
I like to study alone
and even think its the best way to learn languages,
but at time I think its like studying blindly
because there's no way to know if i'm studying correctly
i don't even know if I'm making sense right now.
and you can't learn everything alone.
with books, or whatever type of resourse you may be using to study
So its necessary to have some kind of feedback
especially for all the small details of languages
Its true that to learn, you have to make mistakes
and we shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes
and let that keep us from speaking
but to perfect our fluency we also have to learn from our mistakes
so that we don't repeat them.
I think speaking without being concerned about mistakes is not productive
because that way you are going to become comfortable speaking incorrectly without improving.
For example I know many immigrants here in the U.S,
that after 10 years living here, or even more than ten years
never managed to speak very well.
Yes, they can comunicate and make themselves understood
but the quality of their english is bad and doesn't improve
I think they aren't aware of their errors because nobody ever corrected them
since its perceived as rude to correct someones english
I don't want to talk that way,
to me its not enough to talk and make myself understood
I want to speak well
So I always ask and even beg for people to correct me.
Correcting is a form of helping, even if it hasn't been asked for
and as students, I think that we should be humble
and always be open and receptive to critisism
Its more than just help, because
If I were to submit a text to a tutor or a comercial site like lingq.com
I would have to pay for every word
and its very expensive.
So if i write something or am speaking
and somebody by chance had the pacience to correct me
they are doing me a service...for free
So I'm always grateful
even if they correct me in a rude way.
Like the other day I made a post on a portuguese forum that I frequent
and somebody pointed out all the erros that I made
and said that my portuguese was macaronic
...that was the word he used "macaronic"
and I didn't get annoyed at all
I took advantage of it, and learned from all the errors that he pointed out
So, I think that the process of learning is to first try
then make mistakes and learn from your mistakes
not ignore them
and to do this, corrections are necessary and valuable.
alright...I think that for now that's it
and i don't have anything else to say
thanks for watching, make comments please
and until the next video.