Ponykart Update Video #1

Uploaded by PonyKart on 13.02.2012

Hey guys, here's a little update video...
...um, to show you what we've been working on since our first trailer release...
...which was a couple weeks ago, now.
Uh, first of all, thanks for all the comments on the game.
Um, we're glad you're all excited for it, 'cause we are too.
Um, so, since then, we've moved on from Sweet Apple Acres...
...and we're hard at work on our next track in the game, which is Whitetail Woods.
Since Sweet Apple Acres was our first track in the game, it was a pretty big learning experience for us.
Um... so we've learned a lot now about we've done wrong, and how to improve it for next time.
So for starters, Whitetail Woods will be a lot longer, and it will have a lot more interesting features...
...um, such as sharp turns, jumps and they'll be more spread out throughout the tracks, so they don't take you by surprise.
There'll also be a big mountain in the middle of the track, which will help block off most of the track so you don't have any situations where we're trying to render the whole track at...
...any one time which is a problem we have on Sweet Apple Acres and it causes a lot of performance issues.
As you'll have seen from the last few pictures, our concept artists have also been busy making ideas for the track.
While we do use the show itself as a reference, of course, we do have to bend things a bit to make them suitable for racing and forming in 3D.
Once the track design is finalized, we'll begin modelling it, but until then our modellers haven't had much to do, so they've been working on some other things as well.
Some of them have been working on simple props for Whitetail Woods, which we'll be able to use, but most of them aren't finished yet, but here's some pictures of them anyway.
One thing we have been spending time on is background ponies.
Since people will be asking if their favorite background pony waifu is in the game, and since background ponies seem to show up for every little event in Ponyville...
...it would only make sense that they'd want to watch the races.
Because so many of them are recolors, it's also pretty easy to mass produce them as we need.
We'll keep adding more hairstyles over time too, so we can do more characters.
At the moment, they can only do a few different things, so, here's a little animation of them standing around.
As you can see, they have a couple little animations they go through.
Here's some of them sitting on... sitting on a stand.
And, finally, here's some pegasus flying around.
As you can see from this little demonstration, too, they will, uh, look at the kart as well, which is pretty cool.
See, they follow it quite nicely.
They'll do a lot more interesting things later when we're finished with them too.
We've been doing a bit more work on Sweet Apple Acres too, to make it a look a bit more interesting.
So, here you can see we have a nice little waving flag here.
We've also been adding some more sounds to the game, too, so we have a nice kart sound, now.
As well as some really nice, uh, ambient sound effects for things like rivers and birds.
So, that's about it for now.
Don't forget to, uh, keep an eye on our website which is ponykart.net for any future updates.
We'll try and do these fairly regularly for you guys to try and let you know what's going on.