Starting A Business Selling on eBay, Tips, Tricks & Suggestions Mac & PC Users Episode 101

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ok and welcome to it!
welcome my name is Andrew Hill
I'm part of Hill Brothers Studios We're a 2 man company
and in this video series
of podcasts or whatever you want to call it I want to just
tell you all about how we run our business
we've been selling on bay as a company since 2003
right now we have over two thousand things listed on ebay
I do work at my home so if you hear kids running around
or pounding on the door you that kinda stuff just go with me here
what you see scrolling across the bottom of the screen those are all of the
that we have selling
and I want to take you through
the processes
of some of things that I've learned on how to make
bay selling
as fast and as streamlined as possible
I don't enjoy selling on ebay
I'll tell you right now
but I did learn quite a few things on how to make it better
it can be profitable but
it is a lot of work
anyway let's get to it
there's a few things that you want to do
so selling on ebay
like I said we've
been selling since two thousand three
we have almost nine thousand feedback right now com
and we are power sellers as well
so what I want to talk to you about is the are the programs that I use and the things
that I've learned
i'm down to a point where I can list almost a hundred things today
and I don't get to do that everyday
just because there are other aspects of the business
but i'm going to show you everything from inventory
how to keep track of your inventory to what programs to use to list
and shipping processes. Now I also use a Mac which
it's not the best set up for selling on ebay
but I just like the mac so this is how I've been able to find things
to work
the first thing is you have to decide if your if you're just going to be kind of a small-time
eBay seller
this video is
well this program probably isn't for you
small-time more I mean by that is maybe
one or two things a month
although you will find tips
we we deal with high volume
and we sell we sell anything and everything
from thousand-dollar printer parts of the way down to hannah montana
pencil sharpeners
we really run the gamut
just never think something won't sell on ebay
because if it exists somebody probably wants to buy it
so let's get started here
the first thing
if you are
wanting to start an ebay business and you have to find
we buy products at public auctions
and there's lots of websites
out there that sell pallets of
store returns
if you live locally to these places that is the best because then you're not paying shipping
and you get to actually see the product
but buying things at auction in bulk
is one of the best ways to
get inventory
look up the local classifieds we're here in utah
and if you go to
let me show you here
okay so here we go
and your area where you live probably has a site like this
they have a classifieds section I don't know if you can see this very well but they have a classified
craigslist might also be helpful
and then
right here in announcements there's a link that says auctions
so you have storage shed auctions
all of these different liquidations
constable sales all of these places are places that you can get
some really good products
for pretty cheap
there you have it, that's that's one of the resources but really just do a local auction
and you'll be able to find something i'm sure
so once you have your inventory and one of the things that we learned in doing
okay so one of things that we learned in doing this
it's worth knowing what it is your buying and a lot of times at auctions you don't have much
time to research
so we if if we didn't have
and this wasn't our business we wouldn't have iPhones but getting a
smartphone that has web browsing capabilities
it's a must
if you're going to do this at all seriously
okay so once you have your inventory
and you have to realize that if
you're going to be selling something on eBay you can't just
become a wholesaler
any company
that sells a product
you can't just become a wholesaler
and then expect you can make
fifty five percent if they are giving you 50%
fifty percent discount
because eBay typically
well always has fees
but typically you're going to be paying fifty percent
on a lot of things unless it's a high-end in demand item
so once you have your inventory you have to find something
cheaper than fifty percent below wholesale
and that market exist that's out overstock dot com exists
and that's also place you can look to purchase
inventories at
even on e-bay you can find pallets of inventories and break it down
but that's not the best avenue
necessarily it's not a bad one but it's not the best one
anyway once you have your inventory um... then you need to list it
that's where most of your time will be consumed the other half of your time
is answering questions
about the item and shipping
but once you get to the listing
okay so once you get your
inventory you're going to need to list it if you're going to be doing any high
listing there's a few different programs you can use
eBay makes one if you have a pc so go to
and then you go to
you'd be interested in I believe
how to sell
now there's an application called turbo lister
and um... ok tips and tools
Let's just do a google such as I find that works faster anyway even when you're trying to find
something on their site
turbo lister
okay so here we go eBay seller tools
okay so turbo lister is a great program
if you have a
but you know if you have a mac it's not going to be very helpful
but basically what this does is it cuts down
a lot of the loading times
on page two page if you're going to be listing a lot it's worth using a program
like this because it is a
downloadable application, it's not web based so you're not waiting on your bandwidth
to load the next page or the next options
before you can submit your next item
but obviously I don't have that luxury because I have a mac so here's the program
that I use
I'll pull this up here
okay this program is called Garage Sale
It's loading up here
okay and so what this program does
is this program is a stand-alone application
it has all of these templates
all of these yellow and green
things here are that you see that I'm scrolling through are auctions that I have. The ones that aren't colored at
all are ended auctions but
yellow are things that are listed without any bids
green are either bids or things that I've sold
that I have multiples of
but this program's great like I said I've I've come to the point where I can almost
list a hundred things a day
if I have all my set up, set up the way it is to be
so this program is great
to use, it doesn't take much time
to figure out how it works
there's a drop-down window here that lets you select
all different themed
all these different themed templates
for listing your items
i just prefer the clean
simple one
and then you can customize it
and then every time you select new template
it will draw from your
preset template that you have so here's
company logo
over here on the left you have the inspector and that lets you change at all of the settings
for your listing from category
to how much you want to charge
to all the advanced settings
as well as if you want this auction to automatically restart
when you want that you might have something where you have five hundred of an
item and you are selling one of the time
and so you won the auction to restart
you know that's that's only if you have an infinite supply of something that you probably
want to do that some of our products we do have
because we own the rights to or
we've produced it ourselves
so let's go ahead and
well that's that process i'm going to be going more in depth in all this stuff

and so
this video i'm just going to show you the overview and then in future videos I'll be getting down
to really good tips and tricks
on how to

really streamline your auctions and get the most for it
the next thing that I want to show you is a program
that is integrated with this Garage Sale program
and it's called Endicia, so let me select an auction that's
had a sale here, this is a coin
pull this up
this is a coin here that we've actually had minted
we did the artwork ourselves
it's a Mayan Glyph Mayan Gold
"Aztec Gold"
so here you have a sale
of an item and so
what you want to do if you want to
so let's see my brother does all the shipping so this is a bit of a
refresher course for me here
it keeps track of all your auctions here so here we go here's one ready to ship out
but these aren't updated
let me just update these actions here
this is actually the first video I've ever done
on streaming live cast so if you like it please subscribe
or whatever the
the option is
to follow my show
i will be doing a lot of tips and you know people charge for this kind of
stuff i'm not going to be charging
but I am a power seller on eBay, I've been a top-rated seller several times
and I do have a lot of
tips and tricks
okay this is hanging so will let this comeback and in the meantime
I will show you the application
that integrates with
garage sale
there's two main applications, there's Endicia
and Endicia
ok, I need to update this ok so I'm working all the kinks out here
so bear with me if you don't mind
but Endicia is a program that's like it's a stand-alone application
that is integrated with garage sale
so within one click
you can the go from
what item sold on eBay
to a shipping window that
automatically populates
all of your
to print shipping label and if you have a a thermal printer
it's automated
it really is a huge time saver, that alone is one of the biggest time savers that you
can probably ever
do is use this program here for the mac
okay so here you have
the Endicia window
and let me see if I can just kind of show you
how-to ship something
and see if we can update
downlad auction states
and so this should download some windows of things that
that have been sold
and there is a bit of a learning curve here
but once you figure that out
it really is a a great application
there is one of their
program for the mac
that I've looked at and
it looks like it looks very similar
there are pros and cons to each application but I really like a Garage Sale
the guys at tech support, any type of support that you
really respond quickly and you're talking to I believe you're talking right to the programmers
they really care about the product it's not just
general customer service person that
doesn't really care about you
that's not to say that it's not the case with the other mac program
but I really like what they've done
so we'll just wait for this to finish but anyway basically what happens is if you
you find an auction
once that's done downloading
then you
click a button that says 'ship'
and then it pulls up Endicia
and lets you well,
it automatically populates the "To:" field
you can
how you want to ship it, it will automatically populate that
it will
automatically fill in the description
and the email it's great and then you just click prepare label for printing or
print label
and like I said if you have a thermal printer
then you
you save a lot of time there it just prints all the postage everything on one label
and you stick it on
okay so
let me show you here
one of the things
that's helpful I have and you can do this in safari or firefox
I have these tabs here
this tab right here
is a a little action button
but as soon as I click it
it will pull up
about ten different windows and this is my product research window
and so
this window here
i have
the first thing that comes up is everything that I have listed on ebay
and I've had many instances where I will
end up duplicating
but I will have the
sometimes I'll realist things or I'll make a listing for an item that I've already
listed so
if I think I do I'll
just type in the search
here and
find out if I have it
or one of the best places I've found to research
if you don't already know exactly what it is
is on amazon dot com
one of the things that you want to get if you're going to be serious about listing on
or online selling online
so here we go
one of the things as you want to buy is one of these this is a symbol
barcode scanner
it's not plugged in apparently
but this will save you so much time if you're selling anything like
or anything with a barcode
and typically I research the product on amazon
but here's what I want to show you if you're just getting started into listing on
ebay let me put that webpage again
over here
one of my tabs
over here is the eBay Pulse and that website is
and this is a great product research tool
if you're going to find something that you have an interest in
that you want to sell on ebay you can find out what is
the most popular item
and so here's here's an example occasionally we sell
we can buy
sports memorabilia and fan apparel
and so what I do, I get to choose
which products and which teams
I'm going to buy the product so I want to know you know I might be a fan of the forty niners
but they might not be the ones that are selling so here's how you do it you go to
and then we'll go down to sports memorabilia cards in fan shop
what this does because it gives you the top ten
items that are being sold in sports memorabilia fan
category on eBay, so you have number one as baseball cards right now and this changes
depending on whatever's popular
and by the way if you're if you're watching this alive you can ask me any questions
there and i'll reply
but you can see number one is baseball cards
number three's michael jordan
so this number seven is mickey mantle
that's great but
i'm talking about
apparel sold go ahead and go to the subcategory of fan apparel and souvenirs
okay so San Francisco Giants
our number two thats the team
but the first thing people are looking for
and fan apparel at this moment
San Francisco Giants and then number one jersey so I would want to buy
a San Francisco Giants jersey
just because that's the number one item
does not mean that you're going to get the most for it if you have a choice
you can look up type in 'San Francisco Giants jersey'
and you'll see that there's probably quite a few other people selling their the San Francisco Giants jersey
and so there's more competition
so if you look further down this list any in this top ten
but I tend to deal with number two three or four
so you have Giants is number one it's first teams
st louis cardinals
green bay packers
so there's going to be
any of those items
are great but you might get more money for the exact same
style jersey
with a different team if it's not the most competitive eBay
because you'll you'll notice that some people will undercut you buy a penny
and constantly update their options
you know that's something to be aware of
and this this little eBay pulse application
which is again
this lets you research what
you might be buying
things that you know
but just across the board
over all of the bay you can see that MacBook Pro is number one
number two sunglasses number three is blackberry
and number five iPhone number six is Apple Tv so
a lot of times for the longest time XBOX 360 and Wii were number one and number
on here so
but it looks like now more more people are leaning toward a father's day gifts
fathers is coming up so
then you have on pulse as well and this is also helpful
on the right hand side
you have the largest stores by category
and so this helps to identify who your competition is if you've go down to
subcategory now which is the number one store
on e-bay
they sell literally everything but let's just say you sell
when we find something here
okay pottery and glass
okay let's say your potter
and then let's say that you do specifically glass
so now over here you see
that top five largest stores
and what this is helpful um... here should be helpful to you
is to see
what other stores are doing you can learn a lot just from watching what other
large stores on eBay do
and we'll get into that as well
but eBay pulse
is a great resource to find out
ahead of time what people are buying so that you're not going to get stuck with
a bunch of items that nobody wants
because I have a few of those on eBay
now as you can see across the bottom of the screen
now I don't know it might be
might be blocked
on the justin dot tv but we're going to have this uploaded on youtube as well
along the bottom of the screen those are all things that I've that I have listed
on ebay
I've got over two thousand things currently on e-bay
so okay so let's say
you have something that you found that you're going to list
and do you
need to list it now you've done your research bought the items
if you're going to use that program that's great if not
then that's fine you can still list through eBay's site
but let me just show you
generic away an easy way to research an item that you're going to list on eBay because that
really is the
the place that it's going to sell so that's the place that I always look first if it's an
that other people are selling on ebay so let's just say
three sixty
okay so across the top your it says that there are nine thousand a hundred and forty-four
so let's narrow this down
first thing you want to do when you want to narrow it down
is go to completed listings, click that because what that will show you
is how much the item sold for
and then I like to sort by price
shipping and price highest first
if you're buying something you want to know at the lowest price you can get it at
but if you're selling something you want to know what the
highest price you can get for that item and it all
depends on just a few very simple variables
so then in this category we need to refine it because obviously I'm not going to sort through
14,000 xbox 360 controller listings
and I know that one xbox three sixty controller
is not going to sell for eight hundred and ten dollars
as you see that one of the highest things thats sold
and that's the other thing you, may have a bunch of listings that
are all red
that will tell you
it's probably not going to sell on ebay
but when you see lots of green on one specific item
then you know that those items sell so let's close refine this down
to system accessories
so now we're down to twelve thousand items and then controllers and attachments
and then you have
um... the condition and that's a further refined so
we'll click on used because i'm selling a used xbox three sixty controller
so that brings it down to twelve hundred seventy-nine listings a lot more manageable
and then obviously you see all of these wholesale lots
i'm just going to sell one so whats scroll down and look to see
what we can get for one
xbox three sixty controller
now once you find that the listing
once you find the listing that sold for the highest
that is the item that you are selling
what you want to do to take whatever
looks like it
helped sell that item and use it in your own listing
now a brand new one is fifty dollars so all these people are selling customized
ok, let's just pretend its customized just to speed this up a bit
so here you have this xbox controller
has been modified now
the first thing you want to do is look at what they called their listing
because that's the news of the main keywords that pull up the
the results when people type in search so you have 'seven mode modded xbox 360
controller call of duty in modern warfare 2 black ops'
okay so if you're not familiar with any of this
black ops is a game really popular for the xbox
this person
has the right keywords
for listing
but there are some other things that they can do
and I'll pull up
my page here
just to show you
some other things
a lot of the listings you'll notice that i have
are in ALL CAPS

And what that does is it makes your title bigger, it's all about being seen if you
have a
hundred search results
you what yours to be seen
so type in all caps
some of these don't have all caps just because it might be something that we're selling
that we are the only people selling
but here's a Ford Fusion Tail light for example all caps
another thing that's really helpful to make your listing bigger
some of these are mingled because these are older listings with new listings
A square shaped
will take-up more space on eBay so here you have this velcro on that we sell
by the foot
this is a square shaped image so if you've noticed how much more height your
listing gets just by having a square image verses for example the Samsung Galaxy
which is a rectangular image
you see it's narrower
than these two here
so you know that's something that will help your
listings a standout
okay so let's go ahead and click on one of these listings here
dan and dave
flourish cards now these are
playing cards really
but they are seventy five dollars a deck and as you can see we've
three decks of these and we have three more available
and so in this listing
we include our phone number
and that is a very good
practice just I just have it automatically in my template
because what that does is it's all about confidence
with your buyers you want to instill as much confidence
as you can obviously have to back up that confidence or you're not going to be
around on eBay for very long
but including your phone number
you know a lot of people don't use it to
my phone isn't ringing off the hook but it's helpful
just for the customer to know that they can call you
now in
in this case, we've listed some of these before and I did not upload it this time but
you can embed youtube videos into your
eBay listings
and so if there's a commercial or some reviewers or something that's that's helpful not even something
that you've done you can typically in embed that in your he be a listing
and it will help
sell the product
these I know sell without needing
a bunch of marketing
other than
stating what the item is
just because
the people who know about these cards are the people who want to buy them
I feel like I'm rambling now
so I think we'll go ahead and end this this broadcast and it will be up on youtube
and I will be doing some our future ones
about selling on ebay and streamlining the whole process
so that you can make some some good money on eBay
if you have any questions or leave comments, rate and subscribe
if you have any questions ask and I'll do my best to answer them
in the next broadcast but I thank you for your time and have a great day!