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Dominoes, dominoes, dominoes...
Probably more dominoes...
So here we have exactly 1,000 dominoes; you put 5 on the small weighing machine
There, now it's 1,000! You need to wait a bit - 1,000.
Welcome to CDT 2012!
Can we get to 105,000 today?
Ladies and gentlemen, before we can start the event, I want to announce a few safety rules.
For safety reasons, we ask you not to run around, cross the barriers or jump, which is probably obvious.
Please keep all loose things that might roll in any way in your pockets, and except for out friends from the press, we ask you not to use any cameras,
because they could make irritating sounds. The event will be viewable on YouTube afterwards.
And please put your cell phones to silent mode, or off. Thank you.
Damn it! What do you mean, you can't come?
Well, we can't start the show without you! How is that supposed to work without the special guest?
"so what?"
And you can definitely not come?
Yeah, so we will start without you now.
Okay! So first of all we're terribly sorry for the delay, you could already see that we have some complications with our special guest...
Anyway: Welcome to CDT 2012 - 200,000 dominoes! Thank you.
So here I am too, a little late (I had to do a hectic phone call).
I also want to welcome you to CDT 2012. Also, I want to add that our team was founded in 2007 and we had our first event in 2008.
So this is already our 5th anniversary, and of course we want to celebrate that with a particularly awesome event and show.
In order to show you what happened in the last years, how we grew to this big team and how the last events were,
in order to give you an impression of all that, we have edited a short video
a view back on the last years. That will be a nice "appetizer" for today's falldown. Here we go.
As we've just seen, one important part in each event is the "Challenge" - a gap that has to be filled while the dominoes are already toppling.
and Simon will now tell you what that is in this year.
Niclas already said what the Challenge is: a gap that has to be filled while the chain reaction as a whole is already going on.
If that gap is not filled on time, a part of the domino parcous will not topple.
In our case, we wanted to bring together the thrilling aspects of domino and the thrilling aspects of a circus, and the result was the concept you see here:
The Challenge consists of these two posts between a tightrope has been strained, and the task is that while this marble run here -
- this green/yellow/red thing where the marble rolls through - is going on, two builders have to fill the gap.
The have about 45 seconds for that and it is a pretty tricky deal to build on these wires.
If that doesn't work, this final field showing a tightrope dancer will not topple - about 20,000 dominoes in total.
It's quite a difficult task. - Indeed, and we now have two building teams, so two pairs of builders that are our favourites for this task;
we will now appoint the building team that will have the honour later. And it is...
Alexander Stumpf and... - Tobias Demuth!
Okay, so we don't want to just send them to their place, but first talk to them a bit.
Let's see how they feel after this decision.
Could you hand me that?
Alex, please test if it works...
Okay, so you just found out you will have the task to fill that gap. How do you feel - I mean, you probably suspected it,
since the choice was just between two teams. What do you say?
- Well, my hands are already sweating... I hope the dominoes won't slip out of them later!
- And you, Tobi? - I'm insanely nervous...
At last year's CDT, the Challenge didn't work; we still set a new record, but it was quite a shock.
What do you two say - is the Challenge more difficult than last year, and will you be successfull? Do you feel good?
I do think it is more difficult, building on two tightropes, and of course it's a new challenge each year.
But we are 100% motivated and of course we're going to do it!
We wish you success, good luck!
The two now somehow need to get into that cage, that arena in which they will be building. That's basically a challenge by itself...
I think that won't be a problem, but I would like to ask you for complete silence to make sure that there will be no accident here.
So, first part of the Challenge completed... and I think the other part will work fine, too.
So if you see that Challenge and think about it, you might think that is the hardest part of the building and the most difficult one.
But let me assure you: The rest of this, what we built in the past week, wasn't exactly easy either.
There were quite some terrible moments... for example, this wall here which is 7 ft high, crashed twice.
And in order to show how hard all of this was, we have prepared another video. You will see the mentioned wall moments there, too... here we go.
So now we've seen the work that was put into this; we now want to give you an overview on the whole setup.
We will start here; there's the crowd standing in line for the circus. They can get popcorn, too.
Then we go here to the project "Clowns"; this field is set up with a special technique, requiring every domino to be set up by hand.
The black dominoes are glued to the ground; the other dominoes topple against them, so unlike other fields, this one will not change its place or shape.
Next up is the "Animal training" project; we have an arena here with a tiger; an elephant dancing on a ball;
and the appendant hay bale. And then we already get into the back part of the hall, where Simon will continue.
Yes, and here we do not continue with this project as you might think, but instead with the "Magic" project which is standing here on the left side.
Fitting to the title, we have included many techniques here that might appear magical at first sight.
It starts with these fields here that show the letters M A G I C - they will appear when they topple.
Next up is this wall with the "?!". I won't tell you yet how that is going to topple, as well as for the techniques that fall afterwards;
You will see it - we will also have a livestream from a camera to this screen, so you can see the close-ups.
And then we have this field, also built with a special technique. You can't see yet what it will show, too. We will have another nice effect there.
After the bigger wall with "???!" has toppled, we will go on to this project, where the first thing will be the "Acrobatics" fallwall, a wall where the dominoes will be "trickling" down.
and then the we will see the big wall toppling that crashed so often.
It was built with the so-called "ghetto technique"; and among walls with that building technique, it is the biggest one ever - the inofficial world record.
And then, as mentioned, the Challenge. A part of the black lines here will have toppled already, the other part will fall then so that the builders can prepare themselves.
And then when the marble starts running, they have 45 seconds to set up the dominoes. And if that works, we will of course have the end field as the finale.
So we still have a few safeties in the field. Most of them have been removed, but there are six left right now: four electronical ones and two gaps.
So I would like to ask Matthias to help me there... Matthias, where are you? Over there, okay.
We would like to ask you for complete silence again, one wrong move can basically destroy everything now, so it would be nice if you helped us by not applauding this time.
At the same time, we will switch on the cameras; and then we will be almost ready.
Okay, there's a bit of chaos right now... the special guest is in fact arriving... we just heard that great news,
and... if it's possible, can we get live images from outside the hall?
(translates what the clown said)
And with this hat, we can start the toppling! So I ask the headteacher Mrs Schulten to come over here so that we can set the chain reactino off.
So we can now start the countdown!
(TV reporter: Is clapping allowed or not?^^)
Thank you very much. Sadly, it wasn't quite enough in the end; but I think it was really difficult once again and that's just what can happen.
But other than that, I think it went really well! A few dominoes didn't topple, but I think it won't take us long to count them.
We will do that now. During that time, there will be live music, you can also go outside to take a break; in 10 minutes we will have a result. Thank you.
Thank you! That was Eva on the rhythm guitar, Kaspar on the bass guitar, Johanna on the cajon, and I'm Alex.
And that was Simon!
Okay, we now have the official result! Is the whole team here? Please come here everybody, the technicians as well.
Am I on? Yes, I am. Okay, the first thing we can proudly say: We do have new record.
And the exact number is... 177,414!
Ah, there's still someone missing!
Now we still need to thank some people and would like to ask you still not to go through the field so cleaning up will be easier later - yes?
Oh, right! I almost forgot that - we still have something standing there, the end field! The two Challenge builders will have the honor to topple it now.
So let's sit down here... - And the people from over there can also get here carefully, we want everybody to have the possibility to watch this.
3, 2, 1, go!
We still have some other dominoes standing and I suggest we also topple them now, the people who built them should do that.
3, 2, 1, go
So now we do get to the credits.
We want to thank: Ulrich and Sabine Frey - the janitor and his wife who have supported us and done more than they would have had to.
Then of course Mrs Schulten-Willius, the headteacher who has put this hall at our disposal each year. Without her, the 5 events wouldn't have been possible.
Christian and Maria Lamping - they have supported us by producing the dominoes.
Then of course our parents - they accompagny us during all of the year, give advice, do everything they can and made all of this possible.
Eva Wittig has completed our our team's band, and did so free of charge. So thanks that we could present such great music here.
As usual in such a situation, we forgot someone in the video: Mr Burbach, a teacher of our school who made it possible that the media took notice of this event, which of course helps us.
And last but not least - the guy who constructed the Challenge, Alex. In the end, it turned out to be a bit difficult, but that wasn't his fault.
One last thing from me: It would be really nice if you didn't go through the dominoes. Feel free to watch the project more closely, you may cross the barriers,
but don't step into - [to the headteacher:] in a minute! Sorry... - but don't step into the dominoes, that would make the cleaning more difficult.
The video of the event will be published on YouTube soon! We would of course appreciate a like or a comment, that would be nice. Thank you.
I would like to ask you to give me your attention for a few more minutes - I think a few words need to be said about these guys and girls.
When Niclas and Simon came to me in 2008 and asked for the hall, my first thought was: Well, why not -
in retrospect, it was a classic "win-win-situation", as it is called in the economy.
They boys had the possibility to set up a few more dominoes than they already had before,
the parents had them out of their houses, where they had filled the kitchen floor with dominoes!
And for the school, it was the most awesome event of the year! So all in all, it was a fabulous idea.
It started with 70,000 - today it was 200,000. A few minutes ago, a reporter asked me: so when where they building - in the morning? In the afternoon?
My answer was: They lived at this school! They LIVED at this school,
they didn't go home at all - they slept here, they showered here, they took breakfast here, they cooked here;
the tables in our cafeteria were put together and they always sat down with 23 people and ate together.
that's a great experience - and if you remember the video that showed how the wall here crashed twice,
or also seeing how the Challenge didn't work now; something like this in these two weeks, that kind of teamwork, consoling each other, not being mad at each other -
that will teach you more than two weeks of actual school!
I had the possibility to watch this a bit during the one and a half weeks and it really affected me, I just find it really cool what they've done here.
And that's why I think we should announce the name of everyone again and also the place where they're from -
I have a almost alphabetical list here and I hope I can read Niclas' handwriting more or less... I will always call two people,
say where they come from, they can than get over here and we applaud them.
We have Jonathan Bahr from Laboe - that is in the very North of Germany - and Alexander Baron from Cologne.
Next up - there's quite a lot of Alexanders in here - Alexander Dings from Saarbrücken and Tobias Demuth from Stuttgart.
Then we have Alexander Gwosdz from Cologne and Matthias Heinzelmann from Switzerland, from Uetikon am See.
It goes on with - now I have to pronounce some Dutch, I don't think I'm good at that - with Marcel Kamps from Dedemsvaart in the Netherlands,
and Kaspar Laaser from Cologne.
Then we have Raphael Mall from Koblenz and Davy van Megen from Dorderecht.
Fabian Raspel from Mühlheim an der Ruhr and Thomas Schäfer from Cologne.
Timo Schäfers from Lippstadt and Johanna Schultz from Cologne.
Then there's Nils Schlichting from Kutenholz, wherever that may be... Nils, where is that? - Between Hamburg and Bremen.
Between Hamburg and Bremen, and Alexander Stumpf from Würzburg.
Simon Stümke and Niclas Thumm, both from Cologne - both educated here at the LFS.
Tim Weißker from Bamberg and Fabian Wiesbrock from Cologne.
And, not in alphabetical order anymore, from Cologne: Adriana Gerick, Tobias Nelles and Sebastian Frey.
I don't want to praise anyone over the others, but I want to thank one of them in particular again - Niclas Thumm.
Niclas Thumm is one of the founder members of this clique, and this year, he passed his final exams.
He now leaves the school, and it's not sure what comes next, how it will work in the next years, if he wants to go on with this - well, he definitely wants -
he definitely wants, but you never know what comes in life. He initiated and organized this for five years - representing the team, please give Niclas a round of applause.
As a thank, I want to invite you - it will be a bit difficult to realize that, Simon and Niclas will need to organize that with me:
fitting to the theme - there's a beautiful circus in Cologne right now in the Rheingauhafen, the Cirque du Bouffon, it's a bit similair to the Cirque du Soleil;
I would love to invite you there; you will need to look for a date, it will still be here until the midst of September.
I also looked up for other cities when the Circus Roncalli or the Cirque du Soleil will be there. So we will succeed to get everyone of you to visit a circus.
Of course, I hope this will go on for many years here - maybe there will be successors to you. Our hall might be too small at some point, but let's see.
Thank you for coming here, I wish all of you and particularly you guys - well... you still have to clean up...
But then tomorrow - a nice last weekend of holidays! Thank you!
Before you all leave the hall, our team just has to thank some people once again: Niclas Thumm, Simon Stümke and Thomas Schäfer.
They spent hours and hours with preparations to make this event possible - oh, and Alexander Gwosdz! Sorry.
Without them, the event really wouldn't have been possible at all. So now - have a good journey home, goodbye!
Wait, I first to need to get my hair done...
What are you doing? - Oh, right, you wanted to give me a sign, sorry...
I first need to go a bit crazy! I wasn't even loud yet.
Yeah, it was already too much for me.
Hello, my name is Niclas...
Walk slowly, not talk slowly!
You're always walking in front of me, that's not good. Although it's good that you then look a bit taller!
And as most of you probably know, we've been moderating-
So we now show you a, um...
Sorry... it's always like that with me!
Next up is a... video about the... daily life at CDT.
You grinned quite a lot, but other than that... - Dang! Oh come on, we're going to do this!
Now we have a video up about... Here's a video about... We now show a video about...
Next up is... a video... about the... - daily routine... - daily routine!
Okay... I'll do it now!
I'm telling you, we just need to change the sentence and you'll do it immediately...