Diorama Accessories - Make Magazines, Manuals, and Coffee Table Books For Your Dioramas

Uploaded by HowToMakeADiorama on Dec 28, 2010

When building your dioramas you need accessories to give it that completed look. How about
some magazines, you can’t have an office or waiting room without some magazines scattered
around. I have created scale magazines, shop manuals, coffee table books, brochures and
articles, a full page with over 70 of these items.
Here is a little video assembling some magazines.
In that third series it also has all the different food and parts boxes and stuff in there is
a whole page there I think it’s like 70 of them on there for making magazines and
things. This one here is actually going to be it’s a little parts catalog there is
a little foam board thing it’s real flexible and kids use it I guess for some kind of craft
thing I guess they call it fun foam. You can get it at like a hobby store or something
like that you just cut a piece off of it, it seems to work real good for the inserts
of these.
The regular magazines I don’t put anything in maybe a sheet of paper or something sometimes
in it and then I kinda push them together and leave them sit like that or glue them
and set them on a work bench or something. But these that are a little thicker I like
to put this in here I use a glue stick, permanent glue stick and then I just put a little glue
on it the piece in here and then put it in here and hold it together for a little bit
and that way it looks like it’s got pages and things in it I didn’t put any glue on
this one right now.
Here’s a couple of them that I just did, here’s a little parts book a Chevrolet parts
book and you can see it looks like it has pages and things in here. And these thicker
ones, here is a Volkswagen camper one it looks like it’s a big thick repair manual. Here’s
actually a Chilton’s repair manual you can see the pages and stuff in here and it gives
you little separations and things in it too.
I like that foam rubber you can use a foam board too but the foam rubber seams to work
a little bit nicer. Here is a coffee table book or like a big repair book, here’s a
coffee table book about car dealerships here’s another one about a Jeep and there is all
kinds of them different magazines there is actually one here about Motorcycles, here’s
another one, there’s probably 20 or 30 on those, here’s a Volkswagen service manual
I don’t know how good you can see these on the camera because they are small so, you
can see in my hand what size they are. Like I say they are 1:24th scale you just increase
or decrease them to whatever size you need. Here is another coffee table book I like these
coffee table books because it takes one sheet that’s in there they set, they look real
nice setting on a table.
They are a little bit bigger because remember coffee table books are always a little bigger
than what a magazine is. There are also some of them that are like the inserts of a magazine
you can see the inside pages of it you can leave them lay out like this, like a magazine
that’s open or you can actually use them as an insert in one of these if you would
like to do that and leave that open it’s all up to you what you would like to do there
are so many different options to do this.
Here’s a Buick repair book with the foam in between to make it look like it’s a manual.
Here’s actually a real thick manual so it’s all up to you want you want to do. On the
all the books I print them on gloss paper because the detail shows better on them otherwise
you’ll get them on plain paper you don’t see the detail quite as good if you are doing
a bigger scale, if you are doing 1:18th your going to see the scale a little bigger but
if you get smaller than what I’m doing here in the 1:24th scale is going to get smaller
so it’s just that you are able to see them a little bigger better that way but if you
get one that you want it to look old or something do it on the regular paper and mess it up
a little bit to make it look like it’s kinda wore out, tear a little corner or something
off whatever you want to do with it so a lot of the books that are in there are the older
style books and things anyhow so.
You can download them ready to be printed for immediate use, no waiting around for the
mailman or UPS to deliver something a week later. There available at HowToMakeADiorama.com
they are part of the third set of accessory items which also includes food and food boxes,
parts and supply boxes and also fan belt sleeves. There are over 500 items in this third set.
There is also a video and pfd of a complete build of an old style building all to help
the scale collector with their dioramas. If you would like to learn more head on over
to HowToMakeADiorama.com