Eric Saade on Bolibompa (Kids TV Show) - Part 1

Uploaded by EricSaadeorg on 23.05.2011

A nice Friday evening for everybody at home. Now it's time for Super Friday with Ayla.
Today we have a very special super Friday guest, namely...
But... Eric, what are you doing here? you have to do a proper entry.
Close your eyes everybody...
Now you can look again. Let me introduce the evening's super star... Eric Saade.
Finally you are here.
How are you?
I'm fine and you?
Very good, it's so cool that you are here. It feels like a super-luxury-friday.
For some it maybe be a surprise that you are here, Eric.
Yes, but I like to be here. It's my first super Friday as a super guest.
Yes, and I think you fit perfectly here.
I have to show you, look here behind you.
Lots of viewers have sent in pictures of how they celebrate their Super Friday in different ways.
Cool. She looks like she has fun. Great face painting...
How do you celebrate Super Friday?
I try to be together with my family and my friends nowadays, because I work too much.
Family is the most important, and you need to take care of them.
That's true. I know what you do when you're not with your family.
Namely this!
This is so good. How does it feel to watch and hear this?
It's a big strange, of course. I see what others don't.
Like "there was a mistake" or "there I was tired and my singing not so good".
We can't see that at all. I'm so impressed.
I wonder how you manage to sing and dance at the same time?
It's like doing two things at the same time, like this on your chest.
You can try this at home.
Yes, you can try. If you can do this, you can do almost everything.
Then I can do almost everything!
If I would like to learn some of your dance moves, for example?
Then we should meet at more Super Fridays. Because it takes some time.
That wasn't a bad idea.
If I want to learn only a tiny bit, maybe you...
I could show you something now.
Yes, try it at home. What should I do?
Stamp your right foot and at the same time have your hand up here... and BAM.
Twist like this, feet inwards and twist down to the right.
Do it fast and bam-bam-bam.
Almost, and once more... five, six, five, six, seven and bam.
I will practice on this.
Maybe I can show you some dance moves too?
I think we danced so good that we deserve some snacks.
What do you think about this?
I think Ayla has read about me, because this will be empty before the show ends.
Really? You like pistachios that much?
I like them too. I have a lot of questions to you, from the viewers. Are you ready?
From Melvina, 5 years old: What color is your tooth brush?
Oi, I have two. One black and one green.
You have one for when you travel to different festivals and so?
Different "Melodifestivaler", haha
I mean Eurovision or the Swedish one.
I have one with me when I travel. I'm touring a lot and meeting my fans.
Then I stay at hotels, and bring with me another tooth brush, not the one I have at home.
I'm used to have the green one with me.
So the green is good. She also wonders if you feel nervous when you are here.
No, I'm not. I do this for you at home, the kids,
who are the most important in our society, so this is only fun.
I think you are very wise. You say so many good things.
Matilda, 5 years old: wonder why you want to be so popular?
It's not really about being popular, It's not a good expression really.
The song is about thay you want to reach your goals and be the best and number one,
for example, within pop, like I want.
So, whatever you want, the song is about heading for your goals.
To be extremely popular isn't important at all.
Like I said, he's wise.